Lucy in the Afterlife: The Beginning

By Paula Bianchi –

I’m very excited to share with you a new category on my blog called, Lucy in the Afterlife. We’ll follow Lucy, after her sudden death, as she makes her way through her new reality, the afterlife. She’ll discover that her new spirit world is superimposed right over the living. Follow Lucy as she learns how much the spirit world actually influences every aspect of our living world. Hope you’ll enjoy my ghost story. Oh and thanks for following me. 🙂


Lucy pushed her keyboard away under her desk as she tucked in her chair. She checked to make sure everything was in its place and ready for the next day. This was a daily theme throughout her life because she liked everything to be perfect. It was her way to have some control in her life, since, she didn’t have any in her childhood.  

After grabbing her purse and briefcase, Lucy glanced around the office building to see if she was the last to leave. She was happy to see that she wasn’t. She saw one of her bosses still plugging away at his desk. She walked over to Darren’s office and lightly tapped on his door.

“Hey, I didn’t know you were still here.” Darren said, as he waved her in.

“I just wanted to finish my closing for the Bauer case before I go. I’ll practice at home tonight, so I can really have it down for court tomorrow.” She said with as much confidence as she could mustard.

“I have faith you’ll be more than ready. Mr. Bauer is in good hands because you’re one of the best we have.” He grinned.

Lucy smiled as she tucked her chestnut hair behind her ear. She was suddenly feeling nervous and flustered. Two things a lawyer should never feel. “Thanks.” Her cheeks began to turn red as she nervously tugged at the bottom of her navy blazer. “That’s always nice to hear. I better get going before my husband begins to worry. See you after I win. Bye.” She flung her purse over her shoulder and made a hasty retreat.

“Bye and good luck.” He called out to her as she left.

Exiting the elevator on the second floor of the parking garage, Lucy fumbled with her keys as she walked to her car, until, she finally found the button to unlock her black, convertible BMW. She opened the driver’s door and tossed her stuff in the backseat before getting in herself. After starting the car and putting her seat belt on, she checked her mirrors, then turned her head to see if it was clear for her to go. Finally, her day was over, and all she could think about was getting home to her husband, Michael, and their two kids, Emma and Justin.

While driving home, she decided to stop and pick up a birthday cake for Emma to surprise her because she knew her daughter wouldn’t expect it since they were having her sweet 16th birthday party this Saturday. Lucy couldn’t believe Emma’s 16, and Justin was just a year behind her.

Lucy’s thoughts were filled with her family as she merged onto the freeway, then, changed lanes until she was driving in the third lane closest to the commuter lane. Traffic was moving pretty well for the hour, so it didn’t take long for her to notice she was quickly approaching her exit. She turned on her turn indicator, then glanced over her right shoulder to see if it was clear to change lanes.

There was a semi-truck blocking her view, so she slowed down a bit and waited for the semi to pass. When it was clear, she moved over behind it and saw that the right lane was clear too. She left her indicator light on while she looked one more time over her shoulder as she steered her car into the right-hand lane.

Suddenly, Lucy found herself standing in the foyer of her house. She felt very confused and disoriented. She had no recollection about how she’d gotten there. Looking down at her hands, she wondered where Emma’s cake was, and she realized her purse and briefcase were missing as well. When she tried to search her memory for answers, she drew a blank, so she decided she must have left them in her car.

Just as Lucy turned to retrieve them, the front door opened. It was Michael coming home from work. “Hi, Honey. I beat you home.” Lucy said, in a cheery voice.

Michael closed the door and proceeded to walk right past her into the kitchen without even glancing her way. “Michael? Michael!” she called after him.

Lucy followed him to the kitchen. He was getting a bottle of wine and two wine glasses ready for them. “Oh, I really need one of those tonight. I have to work on Mr. Bauer’s closing arguments for tomorrow. I still get so nervous for closing arguments.” She said.

“Mom!” Emma yelled from her room.

Before Lucy could reply, Michael yelled back, “No. It’s Dad. Mom’s not home yet.”

“What do you mean I’m not home yet? I’m right here. Look at me!” A feeling of panic started to overtake her as she waved her arms up and down. Why can’t he see me? She wondered.

Emma joined her father in the kitchen. “Do you know when she’ll be home? I wanted to ask her if we could get our nails done before my party.”

“Here! I’m right here.” Lucy cried out again.

“Is she working late tonight?” Emma asked.

Michael pulled out the left-over spaghetti from the refrigerator, then, placed the pot on the stove to warm it up for dinner. “No she’s not. She should be home any minute now.” He said, as he turned the stove on. 

“You guys! Why can’t you see me? I’m standing right here in front of you.” Lucy said, while she stood right in front of their faces.

At the sound of the front door opening, Emma yelled, “Mom?!”

“Nope.” Justin said, when he entered the kitchen. “What’s for dinner?” He asked.

“Hello! Are you guys pulling a prank on me? Well, that’s enough of that. Look at me!” Lucy was practically dancing in front of them, and they still had no reaction.

The phone rang, and Michael answered it. “Hello.” Then, there was a long pause and Lucy could see the color drain from his face. “Where is she now?” he asked. “I understand, Officer. Thank you for calling.” Michael hung up.

“What is it, Dad?” Emma asked. She knew by the way her father was acting that something terrible happened.

Tears came to his eyes. “Your Mother was in a terrible accident on her way home from work. She didn’t make it. She died on impact.” Michael grabbed Emma as she started to sink to the ground sobbing. Justin joined them on the floor, as they wept uncontrollably.

“I’m not dead! I’m right here.” Lucy said, as she squatted down beside them.

“I’m afraid they’re right, dear.” A voice said from the doorway.

Lucy quickly looked over her shoulder and saw a beautiful woman, in her early forties, standing there dressed in a white, Victorian dress with her dark brown hair up in a poufy bun of the times.

“What do you mean they’re right? There’s nothing wrong with me.” Lucy stood up and approached this mystery lady. “Who are you anyway?” she asked.

“I’ve lived here with you ever since you moved in. My name is Ava. I’m so sorry to tell you this, but you definitely died, Lucy.”

Lucy turned to look at her family in a heap on the floor crying over her and knew she could never leave them. “But I don’t remember dying.” She quietly whispered.

In my next Lucy in the Afterlife article, Lucy meets the ghosts who have been living in her house. I hope you’ll follow along with Lucy’s story as she discovers there is a life after death. Thanks for the visit. Bye for now.


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