Mind Games: Figuring out the game.

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By Paula Bianchi –

It was during my time dealing with my cancer, when I started thinking of a way to deal with all the emotions raging through me. I knew my attitude was the key, but the battle in me was always leaning on the side of despair. Of course, depression began to seep in. The fear of the unknown took front seat as I tried to guide myself through the unthinkable.

This moment, and how I dealt
with it, would define me for the rest of my life. It set the stage for how I
was going to deal with what life has to throw me. I became more aware of my
inner voice, and the conscious effort it took to try to stay upbeat and choose
the positive. As a way to take myself out of the emotion of my problems, I started
thinking of my thoughts…

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3 thoughts on “Mind Games: Figuring out the game.

  1. thank you for sharing your experience and thought process
    rationale reasoning and my higher self were not what I turned to-wards
    going through the illness and treatment that I found myself overwhelmed with
    I choose to the stoic route about everything
    the healing process I have been going through has been painstaking

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    1. It’ll be worth going through all that pain when you come out the other end healed. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ Sending light -n-love and healing energy your way. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. πŸŒΊπŸ˜€


      1. The healing process is a whole so very different process from the illness stages and stoic stand off position
        Healing opens up so many doors to the past it is incredible how much one can stuff behind closed doors
        … until a certain point in time

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