Recommended Reading

Here’s a list of all the books I’ve read, and the meditation tapes/cd’s I used.

ANDRES, Lisa – Gifted: A Guide for Mediums, Psychics, and Intuitives

BELANGER, Michelle:

Haunting Experiences

The Ghost Hunter’s Survival Guide

The Psychic Energy Codex

BERTOLDI, Concetta – Do Dead People Watch You Shower?

BOSTIVICK, Miriam – The Conquering Soul

BROWNE, Mary T.:

Life After Death

The Power of Karma

BROWNE, Sylvia:

Afterlives of the Rich and Famous

All Pets Go to Heaven

Astrology Through a Psychic’s Eyes

Blessings From the Other Side

Book of Angels

Book of Dreams

Conversations with the Other Side

End of Days

Exploring the Levels of Creation

God, Creation, and Tools for Life

If You Could See What I See

Lesson’s for Life

Life on the Other Side

Mystical Traveler

Past lives, Future Healing



Psychic Children

Secrets & Mysteries of the World

Spiritual Connections

Temples on the Other Side

The Mystical Life of Jesus

The Nature of Good and Evil

The Other Side and Back

The Secret History of Psychics

The Truth About Psychics

Visits from the Afterlife

BURPO, Todd – Heaven is for Real

CAPUTO, Theresa:

There’s More to Life Than This

You Can’t Make this Stuff Up

CAUDILL, Maureen – Suddenly Psychic

CHADWICK, Gloria – Discovering Your Past Lives

DAY, Laura – Practical Intuition

DENNING & PHILLIPS – Practical Guide to Psychic Self-Defense

DILLARD, Sherrie – Discover Your Psychic Type

DUBOIS, Allison:

Don’t Kiss Them Good-Bye

We Are Their Heaven: Why the Dead Never Leave Us

DYER, Dr. Wayne W. – Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

EADIE, Betty J. – Embraced by the Light

EDWARD, John – Afterlife Answers from the Other Side

EYNDEN, Rose Vanden – So You Want to be a Medium? A Down-to-Earth Guide

FIORE, Dr. Edith:

The Unquiet Dead: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession – Detecting and Removing

You Have Been Here Before: A Psychologist looks at Past Lives

GAREN, Nancy – Tarot Made Easy

HARRA, Carmen, PH.D. – Everyday Karma

HAY, Louise L. – You Can Heal Your Life

HICKS, Esther & Jerry:

The Law of Attraction

Money and the Law of Attraction

HOLLAND, John – Psychic Navigator

KREITER, John – Create a Servitor: Harness the Power of Thought Forms

LINN, Denise:

Sacred Space

The Secret Language of Signs

LUNDAL, Jon Andre – Third Eye Awakening: Five Techniques to Awaken the Third Eye Chakra

MARTIN, Joel & ROMANOWSKI, Patricia:

Our Children Forever: George Anderson’s Messages From Children on the Other Side

We Are Not Forgotten: George Anderson’s Messages of Love and Hope from the Other Side

We Don’t Die: George Anderson’s Conversations with the Other Side

MITCHELL, Janet Lee, PH.D. – Out-of-Body Experiences

MONROE, Robert A. – Ultimate Journey

NEWTON, Michael, PH.D.:

Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives

Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives

Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression

NORVELL, Anthony – Mind Cosmology

PARKER, Craig Hamilton – What to do When You are Dead: Living Better in the Afterlife

PECK, M. Scott, M.D. – In Heaven as on Earth: A vision of the Afterlife

PROPHET, Elizabeth Clare:

Access the Power of Your Higher Self

Violet Flame


Signs from Pets in the Afterlife

Wake Me Up!

We Need to Talk

RENARD, Gary R. – Your Immortal Reality: How to Break the Cycle of Birth and Death



Afterlife Connections

Psychic Development

Spirit Guides

ROMAN, Sanaya & PACKER, Duane – Opening to Channel: How to Connect with Your Guide

ROSENTHAL, Norman E., M.D. – Transcendence: Healing and Transformation Through Transcendental Meditation

SANDERS, Pete A., Jr. – You Are Psychic!

SNEED, Sondra – What to do When You’re Dead

STRIEBER, Whitley:

Breakthrough: The Next Step


The Secret School: Preparation for Contact

Transformation: The Breakthrough

STROIA, Emily – Talking to Spirit: How to Become a Medium & Connect with the Afterlife


Earthly Purpose

Finding Your Answers Within

Past Lives, Future Loves

Predestined Love

Reinventing Yourself: A Metaphysical Self-Renewal System

Sedona: Psychic Energy Vortexes

The Oracle Within

Unseen Influences

You Were Born Again to be Together

List of meditation tapes and CD’s by Dick Sutphen:

Astral Projection: A 74-Minute Course

Develop Psychic Intuition Zapper

Healing Force: Using Your Mind to Help Heal

Higher-Self: Altered-State Explorations

How to be a Better Receiver

Psychic Development: A 74-Minute Course

SUTPHEN, Tara – Meditation CD’s found at

Akashic Records Meditation

Automatic Writing (my favorite)

Past Life Release

Shaman Journey

Spirit Guide Meditation

Vision Quest

SWEDENBORG, Emanuel – Afterlife: A Guided Tour of Heaven and It’s Wonders

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to: Life After Death

TOLLE, Eckhart – A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

VARGA, Josie – Visits from Heaven


Adventures of the Soul

Ghosts Among Us

Unfinished Business

Wisdom From Your Spirit Guides

WEBSTER, Richard – Astral Travel for Beginners

WEISS, Brian L., M.D.:

Many Lives, Many Masters

Messages From the Masters

Only Love is Real

Same Soul, Many Bodies

Through Time into Healing

WILLS, Pauline – Visualization for Beginners

WILSON, Paul- The Calm Technique Meditation without Magic or Mysticism

WOOLFOLK, Joanna Martine – The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need

ZUKAV, Gary – The Seat of the Soul