Lucy in the Afterlife: Wandering Spirits (Part 2)

By Paula Bianchi –

“Can’t you guys help him?” Sondra felt so sad for Cameron having to deal with her unseen world, but she also wondered how he could hear these specters.

“I was attempting to do just that before you two arrived.” Helena answered. “Now, with Sondra here, it will be a lot easier than if I did it on my own.” She smiled at her comrade. “But the right moment has not arrived yet.”

Suddenly, Cameron called out. “Please, God, please make them go away.” He pleaded.

Helena’s eyes twinkled as her aura, and Sondra’s, grew brighter, then, Lucy watched these two guides as they turned to face each other. They clasped both hands and bowed their heads in prayer. She heard them asking for God’s help to surround Cameron with the white light of the Holy Spirit.

To Lucy’s amazement, she watched as a bright light descended from the ceiling. It slowly began to wrap around Cameron like a warm blanket, until every inch of him was surrounded and covered by a brilliant, white light.

Cameron must have instantly felt the positive energy surrounding him because he suddenly calmed down. He lifted his head and looked around his room. He seemed a little confused by the sudden silence. Without knowing what was happening to him, the white light, that surrounded him, began to grow and spread out away from him.

Lucy marveled at what she was seeing because as this bubble of light grew and expanded in the room, it was pushing all the wandering spirits out except for one short, elderly, oriental lady who was left sitting next to Cameron on his bed. This older woman was hugging and comforting him, and he seemed to sense that she was there.

“Who is that woman?” Lucy asked.

“This is Cameron’s grandmother from his previous life here on Earth in China. They were very close during that lifetime, and she knew he desperately needed her now, so she came right away to help him.” Helena answered.

“Why would all those spirits come here to scare him like that?” Lucy sure didn’t like this aspect of the afterlife. The living has enough to deal with without having to deal with the dead too. She understood they had the free-will to choose to do this, but she would never be able to accept that.

“They come because they know Cameron can hear them.” Helena shared. “Some of these wandering spirits have unfinished business here that they feel he can help them finish, while others just want to get a message to their families that they are okay. In some instances, it is not uncommon for some of these spirits to attach to the living, but without any evil intent. Some may feel they are helping the host they are attached to.

“Then you have those who don’t know they are dead, and Cameron is the first person, they have come across, who can see and hear them. Lastly, there are uthe worst kind of wandering spirits, which are the negative ones who want to attach to him because of his sensitivity to them.

“These negative spirits are the predators of the earthbound and living worlds. They seek out the souls they can control, so they can continue doing harm to others, through their living host, because their evil intent makes them happy.” Helena looked at Sondra who smiled and nodded in agreement.

Cameron finally snuggled into bed and whispered, “Thank you,” before he drifted off to sleep.

Seeing him so serene, made Lucy feel very grateful for this outcome. She watched as his grandmother continued to stroke his hair. The only energy this woman gave off was loving, comforting, and kind.

“You came on the night of Cameron’s biggest lesson, here on Earth, for his future life as a psychic medium, Lucy.” Helena shared. “Because of what happened tonight, Cameron will learn to expand on his abilities to protect himself from the dead.”

“How?” Lucy asked.

“With all of those spirits out of the way, Cameron can only hear his guides’ voices. We will all work together to teach him how to manage his abilities. Now that he has learned how-to call-in protection, he will be guided to the person who will become his mentor. This person will give him confidence in his abilities, which will help him to pursue the psychic life he wrote for himself on the other side.” Helena seemed very pleased with her prodigy’s achievement this night because her pride shone brightly on her face.

Lucy could feel the importance of this milestone for Cameron. It opened doors that would lead him towards the path he had planned for himself.

“But he can also choose to use his free-will in a negative way causing him to take a different path, and if he does, this lesson can melt away, and he can miss his chance to meet this important person.” Sondra said, reading Lucy’s thoughts. “Because of this, Cameron has planned three points in his life where he can meet this person. If he fails to do so, he will stay on his altered path.”

“I hope he doesn’t do that.” Lucy said, wistfully.

“We will try our best to prevent that from happening.” Helena assured her.

“Time for us to go now.” Sondra informed Lucy.

“Thank you for your help, Sondra. You always have a knack for showing up when I need you.” Helena winked. “It was a pleasure to have met you, Lucy.” She reached out to shake Lucy’s hand.

“I’m so happy to have met you too.” Lucy smiled at Helena as they clasped hands. “I’ll remember everything you’ve taught me. Bye.” Lucy was ready to turn into an orb, so they could fly to their next destination, but Sondra laid her hand on Lucy’s arm to stop her.

“We are not flying to where we are going this time, Lucy. Our destination is a great distance from here, so we shall apparate.” Sondra wrapped her arm around Lucy’s shoulders. “Close your eyes and think about being in Las Vegas, Nevada.”

Electricity filled the air as Lucy closed her eyes and concentrated on Las Vegas. Suddenly, the charge of electricity dissipated. When she opened her eyes, she found herself standing on a sidewalk in front of the Orleans Casino in Nevada.

“There is something inside I want you to see.” Sondra said, as she guided Lucy through the doors of the casino, then into a large theater where some kind of show was going on.

To Lucy’s surprise, there were more dead people packed into the room than the living. With each living person, she could see three of more spirits who where standing next to, or hovering above, them. Grandparents, parents, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends, stayed close to their loved ones in the audience.

“Why are all these spirits here?” Lucy asked.

“They came because of her.” Sondra pointed across the crowded room to the only living person who was standing. “Her name is Tammy, and she is a psychic medium. All of the living people here came to see her hoping she would give them a message from their deceased loved ones and friends.” She told her, as they moved close enough to hear what this woman was saying.

Tammy was a short, red head dressed in stylish clothes and high heeled shoes. She adorned herself with jewelry made from many different colored crystals that sparkled under the spot light. She was speaking into a microphone, which was attached to the headband upon her head.

“I have your sister here with me.” Tammy said, pointing to a woman in the audience.

The woman became very emotional when she stood up and was handed a mic. “Yes.” She said through tears.

Lucy could see the spirit of a woman standing next to Tammy, and she thought she was seeing double.

“She’s telling me she’s your twin sister.” Tammy shared.

More tears fell from her cheeks, as the woman nodded.

“Your sister wants you to know that she’s whole again. Do you understand that?” Tammy stepped a little closer to the woman she was reading. “She’s telling me you have survivors’ guilt.”

The woman nodded. “I should’ve died in that accident too.” She could barely get the words out through her sobs.

Lucy watched this emotional back and forth as this woman’s twin was giving Tammy messages to relate to her sister.

“Your sister wants you to let go of your self-defeating thoughts because it wasn’t your time yet. Nothing was your fault. You were supposed to stay, and she was supposed to leave. She wants you to stop beating yourself up for something that was out of your control. There wasn’t anything you could’ve done that would’ve change things enough to save her.” Tammy happily related the messages that this woman’s twin was so eager to share.

Lucy could feel the healing effect this woman was experiencing as she listened to the messages from her twin.

“Are you supposed to be going to college in the fall?” Tammy asked.

“I was, but I feel like I should wait.” The young woman answered, as her tears began to recede.

“Your sister says not to wait. She doesn’t want you to put your life on hold because of her. She wants you to know she’s always going to be with you, especially when you celebrate all the successes you will accomplish during your life. She wants you to be happy.” Tammy smiled.

Lucy noticed that by the end of this reading, the woman was smiling. It seemed as if a heavy weight had been lifted off of her shoulders.

“Let us go now.”

The sound of Sondra’s voice brought Lucy out of her revere.

“Just close your eyes and think of home.” Sondra instructed.

Lucy immediately closed her eyes, then, she felt the familiar charge of electricity. After it subsided, she opened her eyes, and found herself standing in the foyer of her home with Sondra by her side.

It was well past midnight, and they were greeted by the echo of Emma’s sobs as they rang through the house causing them to rush to her room in a hurry.

There was Emma sitting on the edge of her bed, and she was wrapped up in Lucy’s robe as she cried into the pillow she was hugging. “I wish you didn’t leave us, Mom. I miss you. I still need you.” She sobbed. “I want to know if you’re okay.”

Out of nowhere, Lucy began to feel the energy in the house as it started to build up some kind of hidden power. Suddenly, the sound of breaking glass reverberated throughout the house.

Emma jumped up and darted out the door to the second-floor landing where she was met by Michael and Justin, who were still rubbing the sleep from their eyes, but they were not alone.

Ava, Ben, and Dobson had also joined them on the balcony of the second-floor.

To everyone’s horror, they could see a dark misty cloud hovering above the broken light fixture, hanging from the ceiling, in the foyer, but it was only visible for an instant before it just disappeared.

Lucy turned to Sondra. “I sure hope you can tell me what the hell that thing is.”

Come back next week for my next installment of, Lucy in the Afterlife, when she finally discovers what the black misty cloud is. Thanks for stopping by. Bye for now.


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