Lucy in the Afterlife: Wandering Spirits (Part 1)

By Paula Bianchi –

“I’m so happy to meet you.” Lucy gave her guide a big hug. The instant connection she felt towards Sondra was undeniable like she’s known her forever.

“I am here earlier than we planned, Lucy, because the current circumstances have changed.” Sondra took a seat on the couch and motioned for everyone else to take a seat as well. “Remy felt sending me now would not alter your chart by that much.”

“Are you sure you want us to stay too?” Ava asked, for herself, Ben, and Dobson, before they took a seat.

“Yes. Of course, you can stay. What I have to say will also benefit you.” Sondra gestured again for them to take a seat.

“Will you be able to help us with Carl?” Lucy asked, since she knew he was outside waiting for a chance to come back in. She could feel it.

“I can help, but not in the way you would wish me to.” Sondra answered.

“So, you can’t make Carl go away?” Lucy sounded forlorn.

“No. I am afraid I cannot, but I can teach you how to protect this house, from the likes of him, so he would not be able to come back in.” Sondra shared.

This made Lucy perk up in her seat eager to learn whatever Sondra wanted to share. She glanced at Ava, Ben, and Dobson, and she could see the feeling was mutual.

“Tell us, Ben,” Sondra began, “what were you thinking just before you finally built up enough energy to push Carl out of the house?”

Ben was thoughtful for a moment before he answered. “I was wishing God would help me get him out.”

“How did you feel after your wish?” Sondra inquired.

“I suddenly had a burst of energy, and I knew I could push him out. Heck, I felt like I could of pushed him out of the country if I wanted.” Ben chuckled to himself.

 “You did the right thing at the right moment.” Sondra’s ultra-green eyes twinkled with amusement, as her beautiful, ivory face lit up the room. “When you ask for God’s help, He sends spirit guides, helper spirits like your family or friends, and angels to help you, but there are some instances where we cannot intervene because of lessons that need to be learned and free-will.”

“Wait a minute, so you’re saying that even though I’m dead, I’m still working on my chart?” Lucy felt a little perplexed.

“Yes. All of us are working to perfect our charts, including myself or anyone else you have encountered here.” Sondra revealed.

Lucy stabled her thoughts as she tried to absorb what Sondra was saying.

“Why is it I don’t remember having a chart or working on it with you?” Lucy pointed out this big piece of missing information.

“Because of free-will, our memories, of the afterlife, are erased from our minds, but our higher-self always remembers.” Sondra laced her fingers together and laid her hands in her lap waiting for the next question.

“But, wouldn’t it be better if we remembered what was in our charts? I mean, it could save us from a lot of heart ache.” Lucy wasn’t seeing how this was beneficial to us in anyway.

“Exactly! Who would want to come here knowing the heart ache they may have to endure while being here?” Sondra pointed out. “The whole idea, about reincarnation, is to do better than you did the last time you were here, and free-will plays such a significant role in everything including your life between lives.”

“Okay, but what about Carl?” Lucy was beginning to catch on to what Sondra was sharing, but she didn’t understand how this relates to Carl.

“Carl is a wandering spirit who is stuck in the negativity he created during his lifetime on Earth. He used his free-will in a negative way, and now, he is afraid to crossover out of the fear of facing the consequences of his choices.” Sondra explained. “The only reason he ended up here was because of Emma using her friend’s Ouija board.”

Now, Lucy fully understood what Sondra was saying. Instead of learning his lessons, Carl used his free-will to remain earthbound, while being stuck in the negativity of his past. Because of this, he wanted to continue wreaking havoc on the living and on the earthbound spirits around him.

“Earlier, you said something about teaching us how to protect this house, so Carl, and others like him, can’t get in. How can we do that exactly?” Lucy looked at the others, who had been very quiet through all this, and she knew they were thinking the same thing.

“It is very simple really.” Sondra twirled her lonely blonde curl, that fell across her neck, around her finger. “Because of all the negativity on this planet, we all have to take the time to surround ourselves with the white light of the Holy Spirit, which is God’s positive energy, for protection from those who mean us harm.”

“So, you’re telling me to pray?” Lucy couldn’t believe it was that simple to keep Carl out, but it wasn’t the first time she was told how powerful her thoughts were.

“Pray, meditate, or connect to. However, you wish your intent to be.” Sondra smiled. “But it would also be extremely helpful if the living, in this house, asked for God’s protection too.”

“How can they ask for protection when they haven’t got a clue to what’s going on?” Lucy interjected.

“They will learn from you.” Sondra calmly related.

“Me?!” Lucy wasn’t sure if Sondra knew what she was talking about. “But they can’t even see me.”

“There are ways for you to still communicate with your family, and Emma is on the path to do exactly that. You just need to be a little patient, Lucy.”

A sense of calmness came over Lucy like a warm shower as she stared into Sondra’s green eyes. She could sense that everything was going to be okay.

“Are you talking about all those books Emma’s been reading?” Lucy concluded.

“Precisely!” Sondra exclaimed, then she got up and put her hand out to Lucy. “Come with me. I would like to show you more wandering spirits, and I will explain what it is that they are looking for.”

Lucy turned to her ghostly roommates. “I’ll be back. Stay strong, and don’t let Carl back in.” She instructed, and they nodded with agreement.

With that being said, Lucy and Sondra changed into orbs, then took off through the front door. They were flying so fast that Lucy had a hard time focusing on anything, until suddenly, they came to an abrupt halt in the sky.

Lucy found herself hovering over a nearby town, and they were right above the heart of it. Looking down from this perspective, she could see a great number of spirits mulling around, here and there, in every shape and size you could imagine.

As she gazed off into the distance, Lucy saw a steady flow of spirits gravitating towards one particular two story blue house.

“Why are they going to that house over there?” Lucy asked, pointing at the group of gathering spirits.

“Let us go and find out.” Sondra answered succinctly.

They quickly flew over to the house where the spirits were gathering. Lucy was surprised to see the spirits make way for them to enter the house.

Once they were inside, Sondra asked, “Where, in this house, do you feel your energy being drawn to?

Lucy closed her eyes and asked herself, “Where should I go?”

Instantly, Lucy felt a strong pull of energy coming from the second floor.

“I feel we need to go to the first bedroom at the top of the stairs.” Lucy shared her impression.

Without a word, Sondra guided her through a cluster of spirits on the stairs, and Lucy took note that the auras around these spirits was a light grey compared to the much darker spirits she had seen at Stacy’s house, but she did catch a glimpse of a few dark ones here as well.

The door to the bedroom, that Lucy felt drawn to, was open. When they entered, Lucy saw a little boy, who was about eight or nine, sitting up in his bed hugging his knees to his chest as he rocked back and forth.

Lucy could feel his fear, and she could hear him screaming in his head, “Go away! Go away!” To all the spirits who were trying to get his attention.

Suddenly, Lucy noticed another female spirit guide, who was dressed just like Sondra, hovering over this little boy.

The two guides acknowledged each other with a nod.

“This is Helena.” Sondra introduced Lucy to this beautiful guide with brown hair and blue eyes. “She is Cameron’s guide.” She said, pointing to the frightened boy on the bed.

Lucy watched as Cameron began to cry, and it just about broke her heart, but what made this scene the worst, was seeing all these spirits standing around his bed yelling over each other to be heard.

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