Metaphysical: Automatic Writing (part 3)

Sorry no Lucy today because of technical issues with my computer, but I will post my next installment on Friday, so stay tuned.

Today’s reblog is dedicated to my Mom. Happy belated Mother’s Day, Mom. 💜😊🌷

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 By Paula Bianchi –

After my father died, my Mom had a really hard time being here without him. She was very vocal on the fact she was ready to go be with him. My sister and I didn’t make it easy on her either because we were at odds and did what we could to avoid seeing each other. Because my Mom and Sister lived together, Mom understood why it would be better if we just went out to breakfast each week. She liked the idea of getting out of the house for a while.

I looked forward to our visits, and her stories of her
life. She always wondered about her Dad after he left her and her mom when she
was 6yrs old. She never saw him again. She often wondered if she had a sibling
somewhere. I would sit and listen to her reminisce about…

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