Treatment: It’s so worth it!

This reblog of my article, “Treatment: Go Get You Some!”, is about the process I went through, during my treatment, that sent me on a path I never would’ve imagined going. It truly set me free and allowed me to share my story with all of you. Have a good read. 🙂

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By Paula Bianchi –

The thing about Treatment is you have to be willing to face your fears, and the unpleasant things that happened to you when you were young. It’s for that very reason people run away from it. They don’t want to confront their past especially if it causes them any pain. They know treatment will make them face what they’ve been running from, and many can’t cross that line. They get trapped sometimes in a loop of self-abuse as a way to have some control over their lives. They get bogged down with negative dialog in their heads causing them to make negative choices.

An example of this is addictions. These people know quitting their vise is what it’ll take to get better, but they refuse to give up their lifestyle to achieve it making the people who love them throw up their hands as they give…

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2 thoughts on “Treatment: It’s so worth it!

  1. Does that mean treatment had a start & an end & you’re done now?
    I’m glad to hear your husband is / was so great, & that he was a big part of your recovery too. Love the butterfly & flowers picture

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