Lucy in the Afterlife: Misty Gray Cloud

By Paula Bianchi –

“Why do things keep breaking, Dad?!” Emma exclaimed.

“This is becoming a bit concerning.” Michael noted before he went to fetch his slippers from his room.

“What’s going?” Justin asked, in confusion.

“Maybe if you were home more often, you’d know.” Emma glared at him as she passed by to get something for her feet, so she could help her dad clean up all the broken glass in the foyer.

Lucy stood to the side watching this whole scene unfold with her spirit guide, Sondra, and her ghostly roommates Ava, Ben, and Dobson. She assumed that all of them had witnessed the misty gray cloud that had broken the four glass shades of the light fixture hanging from the ceiling, but after reading her family’s thoughts, she knew they didn’t see anything.

While Michael and Emma raced down the stairs to clean the mess, Justin turned around and started to head back to his room without a word.

“Justin! Get your butt down here and help us clean up this mess!” Michael yelled.

The first thing Lucy noticed about Justin was how much weight he’s lost, also, his eyes were a little sunken and bloodshot from lack of sleep. She could feel his disconnection from his family as he grudgingly joined them in the foyer. It was obvious that his addiction was beginning to get the best of him. When will Michael see it too? She wondered.

“Let us retreat into the living room and have a seat.” Sondra suggested.

“They didn’t see the misty gray cloud.” Lucy said, pointing to her family, who were busy cleaning up, in the foyer.

“You are correct.” Sondra validated. “But as it grows, it will take on a more solid form, which can be seen by the living.”

“So, what is that thing?” Dobson couldn’t take it anymore. He was extremely curious to know.

“It is called a psychokinesis, or PK, manifestation, and they are created by the living. In most cases, peoples’ emotions are usually the seeds to this phenomenon, especially for those who possess psychic abilities.” Sondra shared. “Once created, they can take on a life of their own as they grow and absorb the energy around them, which causes them to become more solid in shape and form. Most of them aren’t evil, but they can do bad if they can absorb enough negative energy.”

“Can that thing do anything to us?” Ava sounded very concerned.

“Not in its present form, but once it has a solid shape, and a mind of its own, it can charge itself with all the negative energy from the living and the dead.” Sondra informed them. “Once this negative evil entity takes on a life of its own, it becomes what many refer to as a poltergeist.”  

“You said the living creates those things, but who…?”

The answer came to Lucy before she could finish her sentence. It was Emma.

Sondra smiled and nodded after reading Lucy’s thoughts.

“Emma made it, but how?” Lucy needed all the facts now, especially since she knew this was leading to a new revelation about her daughter.

“Your daughter is very gifted, Lucy, and she is on the cusp of learning what she is capable of.” Sondra’s calm demeanor rubbed off on everyone in the room.

Searching her memories, Lucy quickly brought to mind a few curious incidents that happened while Emma and Justin were growing up. Because they were just nine months apart in age, they were very close.

On the day that Lucy dropped Justin off at school, to be tested by his new Kindergarten teacher, Emma, who was going into the first grade, was hanging out with Lucy in the kitchen coloring, while they waited to pick Justin up.

Lucy glanced at Emma’s paper and was surprised to see that she had filled the page with the letter M and the number 13 over and over again. When they went to pick up Justin, the teacher informed her that Justin knew all of the letters in the alphabet except for the letter M, and he knew all the numbers except for the number 13. Emma just smiled. Lucy was floored.

Another time, when the kids were a little older, Emma was too sick to go spend the night at their cousin’s house, so Justin went without her. While she was eating dinner with Lucy and Michael, she suddenly became very scared and upset.

“What’s the matter?” Lucy asked. She could see how upset Emma was.

“Justin’s afraid of an orange cat!” Emma exclaimed.

When Justin came home, he shared his story of being afraid of an orange cat that was sitting outside, on the ledge of the window, staring at him. Lucy was amazed.

The next incident that came to mind was when the kids were 10 and 11. Emma was helping Lucy with the dishes, when suddenly, she stopped what she was doing and exclaimed, “Justin’s reading my diary!” Before she ran up the stairs, to catch him in the act red handed.

As more and more of these memories flooded through her mind, she realized Sondra was right about Emma, then a thought occurred to her. Would she have figured this out if she was still alive?

“No. You would not have known.” Sondra read Lucy’s thoughts again. “Because your death, was the catalyst to opening Emma’s psychic abilities. You have become her connection to the afterlife.”

“How did she create a PK manifestation?” Lucy leaned forward with curiousity.

“From her emotions.” Sondra stated plainly. “Since your passing, Emma has been riddled with grief causing her to become very depressed and leaving her feeling quite alone.

“Because of this excessive emotional turmoil, coupled with Emma being in puberty, she unknowingly projected this excessive negative energy outward causing this intense energy to take on a life of its own.

“If this energy is left unchecked, it will become a full-fledged entity, and it can learn to act out on its own without any further influence from Emma, but right now, it is still under Emma’s control.” Sondra finished.

“I’m not sure I understand how she’s controlling it.” Lucy said, while her fellow housemates had the same questioning look on their faces.

“What was Emma doing when the figurine flew across the room and broke against the wall?” Sondra asked.

“She came home very upset and ran up the stairs, then, she slammed her door shut.” Dobson answered.

“What was she doing when the ceiling light shades shattered?” Sondra smiled in a knowing way.

“She was crying in her room.” Lucy confirmed.

“Emma’s pent up emotions are lashing out through her newly formed PK manifestation.” Sondra explained.

“But what about the glass shade that broke in the kitchen, when Ben was trying to push Carl out of the house?” Lucy pointed out the discrepancy.

“Emma had no hand in that occurrence. In that instance, it charged itself with the negative energy from their fight to break that light.” Sondra paused for a moment, then, she continued, “It is very important now for you all to remain calm because you can unknowingly cause this manifestation to grow. It will suck up all the negative thoughts and feelings around it, which is why I am very concerned about Justin.”

“Are you saying it’s going to go after Justin?” Lucy was kicking into her mama bear mode wondering how she would ever protect her son from this, when she couldn’t even protect him from the spirit girl, Lori, who attached herself to him.

“No. I am pointing out that in his current preferred lifestyle, he can charge this manifestation with his own negativity because his mind is not in a very good place right now.” Sondra began to twirl the lonely blonde ringlet that fell over her shoulder from her curly, swooped-up, Venusian hairdo.

“Is there anything we can do to make Emma’s manifestation go away?” Lucy had a feeling she already knew the answer.

“There is nothing you can do on your own because the key to this dilemma lies with Emma, but she can only free herself before it takes on a life of its own. After witnessing her creation this night, I am afraid she may be running out of time.” Sondra’s brows creased together with concern.

Great. Lucy thought. After she died, she has felt nothing but helpless when it comes to her kids, and she hated the fact that there’s nothing she could do to help them.

“That is not necessarily true, Lucy.” Sondra grinned, as she read Lucy’s thoughts yet again. “There are many ways you can help now. You just have to learn how to help them in your spirit form by sending signs and clues, to your family, as you try to steer them towards their solutions.” Sondra stood up and her aura began to shine brighter. “The time has come for me to leave you.”

“Wait! You haven’t shown me how to send signs to my family yet.” Lucy jumped up in protest.

“No need to worry, Lucy. I leave you in the capable hands of your next teacher.” Sondra pointed to Dobson before she suddenly changed into an orb and flew out of the house through the living room window.

Lucy turned to Dobson, who was sitting there in shock, with his mouth hanging wide open.

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