The Hip Hypnotist: Pat Collins

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By Paula Bianchi –

During the late 80’s, I went on my first girl’s road trip with my sister-in-law, Lily, my husband’s cousin, Sara, and her friend, Ann, to Reno, Nevada. It was my first time playing the slot machines and watching other people gamble. I told myself before I left that I was going to let my hair down and have fun.

We attended a dinner with a show. The alcohol flowed, and we were feeling a little goofy and having a good time. (Alan still carries a photo of me sitting at our table in his wallet.) After the show, we wandered around the casino trying to decide what to do next, when we happened upon a little nightclub. There was a large poster, next to the entrance, with a picture of a pair of eyes behind black, horn rimmed glasses, and it said, β€œPat Collins – The…

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