Lucy In The Afterlife: A Pleasant Surprise

By Paula Bianchi –

Michael threw the door open to Emma’s room. “Are you okay?” He asked, as he ran in. “What happened in here?” He stopped in his tracks as his attention was drawn to the mess in her room because it was so out of character for her.

When Michael finally focused on his daughter, he could see the fear in her eyes as her body quivered from head to toe. He rushed to Emma’s side and hugged her tightly to him.

“Please, honey, tell me what happened.” Michael stroked Emma’s auburn hair and rocked her back and forth ever so slightly.

Lucy and her ghostly roommates hovered above the scene below. They were still in shock from watching such a powerful surge of dark energy wreaking havoc in the room.

“I’ve never been so scared in my life.” Emma squeezed her father a little tighter. “I felt some kind of heavy energy in my room, so I jumped into bed and pulled the covers up over my head.

“Suddenly, I heard the sound of things getting knocked over all around me, then something crashed to the floor followed by the sound of ripping paper. When it all stopped so abruptly, I could feel it was no longer in my room.” She pulled away to look her dad in the eye. “I swear, Dad, I’m telling you the truth. I didn’t do this.” Tears began to well up in her eyes as she waited for his response.

Grasping both of her shoulders, Michael looked directly at Emma and said, “I believe you.” And smiled. “With everything that’s been going on around here lately, how can I not believe?”

Lucy tuned into her daughter, and she could feel Emma relaxing a bit with relief, then, she tuned into Michael, and she could hear all of his skepticism melting away.  She knew this was a turning point for them to growing closer and bond over these paranormal events in their home.

“I was talking to her, Dad.” Emma pulled away from him.

“Who were you talking to, Honey?” Michael asked.

“To mom.” Emma jumped up from her bed to retrieve the pendulum from her jewelry box and the book from the floor. “With this.” She dangled the pendulum in front of him.

Michael took the gold pendulum from her and held it for a moment or two.

“I remember this. Your mom said her grandmother gave it to her.” Michael played with the chain and pinched the orange bead at its end. “There was talk, within the family, that your great grandmother was psychic.” He handed the pendulum back to Emma.

“Mom never told me about that.” Emma’s voice was filled with disappointment. “Was mom a psychic too?” She asked.

“She never really said anything about that, but she was extremely close to her grandmother.” Michael stared up at the ceiling directly to where Lucy was floating.

For a moment, Lucy thought he could see her, but she quickly realized she was mistaken, then because of their conversation, she was filled with thoughts of her grandmother.  

Out of nowhere, golden sparkles began to rain down through the ceiling, and they swirled around the room until they all gathered together and manifested into Lucy’s grandmother. She looked quite stunning.

Lucy had seen pictures of her grandmother when she was young, but they sure didn’t do her justice compared to how she looked now in her white Grecian dress and gold sandals with the laces crisscrossing up her legs, and her shiny reddish-brown hair was swept up in a Grecian style hair do.

“Grandma! You look so young and beautiful!” Lucy exclaimed, before giving her a big hug. It felt so good to be with someone from her family again. “Why are you here?” She asked.

While Emma was in the middle of telling Michael about what had happened with the pendulum, Lucy decided to guide her grandmother down into the living room, so they could have a moment alone. She was pleased to see that her new friends hadn’t followed them.

“I’m here because you were all talking about me, sweetie.” Grandma glided over to the couch and sat down, only to hover above it, then she patted the adjacent cushion for Lucy to join her.

“I’m so happy to see you.” Lucy reached over and hugged her again.

“I’ve been watching you, and I wanted you to know that I think you’re doing a great job.” Grandma patted the back of Lucy’s hand.

“You do?” Lucy sounded so surprised. “I think I’m doing terrible.” She sunk back into the couch with defeat. “Justin’s hooked on drugs, and he’s got a spirit attached to him. Emma misses me so much that she has created a PK manifestation, plus she’s trying to contact me through a Ouija board and a pendulum, but when she did, it opened a door to a dark spirit who won’t leave.” Lucy tucked her short reddish-brown hair, which runs in the family, behind both ears. “I’m sorry, Grandma, but I’m having a hard time seeing anything great about all of that.”

Grandma sat there for a moment just gazing at Lucy so full of love. She was the epitome of calm, and the energy that radiated all around her made Lucy tingle. Intuitively, she knew that her grandmother’s frequency vibrated at a much higher level than her own and wondered if it had anything to do with the fact that she lives in heaven.

“Yes. That is exactly why.” Grandma said, reading Lucy’s thoughts.

“So, that’s what I have to look forward to?” Lucy asked, as she was beginning to second guess her reasons for staying.

“That and so much more.” Grandma answered, with a dreamy wonder that made her aura shine brighter.

In that moment, for the first time, Lucy felt an inner longing to go to heaven like it was calling to her, but as she began to imagine herself being there, a vision of her family pushed those pictures away.

“There’s a part of me that wants to go with you, but the part that wants to stay is bigger. I just feel like it’s what I’m supposed to do.” Lucy said, as she straightened her spiritual spine with conviction.

“If that’s your choice, I support you, Lucy.” Grandma placed her hand on Lucy’s knee and gave it a squeeze. “You have always been a wonderful wife and mother in life and in death.”

An energy that could only be described as love, shot through Lucy, then wrapped around her like a warm blanket surrounding her and charging her own energy causing her vibration to elevate.

“Is there anything you can do to help me get Carl out of the house for good?” Lucy sounded very hopeful.

“No, I can’t, but there are others who can, and that’s all I can say about that.” Grandma answered.

“Why can’t you tell me more?” Lucy asked.

“We all have to abide by certain rules on the other side. Never under any circumstances are we to interfere with anyone’s lessons or free will.” Grandma informed her granddaughter. “But I can help you to discover what you need to learn about yourself. You just have to ask me the right questions, or I can’t answer them.” She explained.

“So, I can’t ask you how to help Justin, Emma, or Michael?” Lucy was beyond disappointed.

Grandma just sadly shook her head no.

Lucy thought for a moment. She wanted to put to good use the bulk of her time with her grandmother. Finally, the right questions came to her.

“Are you psychic, Grandma?” Lucy felt this was a good place to start, and she could tell by her grandmother’s reaction that she was right.

“That’s my girl.” Grandma’s smile lit up the room. “Yes, I was and still am a psychic.” She answered simply.

“Am I psychic too?” Lucy put it out there because there was always a part of her that wondered if she was. There were too many instances in her life where she just knew what the outcome of some of her cases would be, or the times when she could ‘see’ people’s true colors.

“What do you remember about your childhood, Lucy?” Grandma inquired.

Lucy scanned her memories and realized a lot of them were hidden from her. Forcing herself to break through to the memories of her past to when she was around five years old, she was instantly greeted with a terrible vision of spirits coming in and out of her bedroom at all hours during the night. Many of these spirits frightened her out of her sleep, and the sight of some of them freaked her out because they were still in their death state.

“Keep going.” Grandma encouraged her.

When Lucy complied, she found herself sitting in her grandmother’s kitchen helping her  make a pumpkin pie and telling grandma about the spirits who were bothering her during the night.

“Do you remember what we did to make them go away?” Grandma asked, trying to guide Lucy to her answer.

Lucy pushed her recollection further until a scene unfolded of her grandma teaching her a prayer to recite each night before she went to bed. Then, she could remember Grandma lighting something on fire and spreading the smoke around the house as she asked for all the spirits to leave and never bother Lucy again.

After grandma was done, she gave Lucy a bunch of different colored crystals and said they would protect her and keep all the unwanted spirits away. She remembered feeling so relieved that the spirits were finally gone.

“Why couldn’t I remember that?” Lucy wondered. “So I was, a psychic?”

“Yes, you are.” Grandma answered, with a mischievous grin.

“How come you never told me about what we did back then?” Lucy felt she should have known.

“I wanted to, but you never came to me and asked. I guess we did such a great job at protecting you that you were never bothered again, so you had no reason to ask.” Grandma pointed out. “By the time you were heading off to college to become a lawyer, you had a clear path of where you wanted to go in life. You never gave any sign of interest in embracing your heritage, but Emma may want to. Sadly, Justin is more than capable as well, but his addiction is drowning out his abilities.” She explained.

With all that’s transpired, this news about her daughter didn’t surprise Lucy in the least. Learning that Justin had abilities, now that was a surprise.

“Since you mentioned our heritage, am I to assume that psychics run in our family?” Lucy wondered if her mom was psychic too.

“Yes, they do. It’s been passed down through our Irish lineage for many generations. And yes, your mother is psychic too, but she blocked it out after she married your dad because he’s such a skeptic, and she just wanted to keep peace in the family.” Grandma shared.

“Why didn’t mom ever tell me about this?” Lucy pondered, then out of the blue, a thought came to her. “Does that mean mom could possibly see me if I went to their house?” She felt a sudden urge to go there.

“Is she capable of seeing you? Yes, she is. Will she allow herself to see you? Now that’s a different story.” Grandma shrugged.

“I’m not sure I understand what you mean.” Lucy puzzled.

“At some point, a few years after you were born, your mother and father had a huge fight about her abilities which caused your mother to turn off her psychic switch.” Grandma’s voice was filled with sadness.

“What did they fight about?” Lucy wanted to know.

“Your father wanted to invest more than half of their savings with someone, a friend of the family, who said he could double their money, but right away, your mother had a premonition about this person stealing all of his investor’s money and moving to Mexico. She tried her best to make him believe her, but to no avail, then six months later, it came true, and they lost the money they worked so hard for.

“Your mother, feeling validated, reminded your father of her premonition, and he silenced her. Told her to never bring it up again and said he never wanted to hear another word about premonitions or abilities because it was all hogwash.” Grandma finished.

“Is it possible for me to help Mom turn it back on?” Lucy asked.

“Anything is possible, only, don’t get your hopes up because it’s been years since she has used her abilities. You have to approach her with patience.” Grandma instructed. “I’m afraid it’s time for our visit to come to an end, but I’ll be back.” She stood up to leave.

“You have to go so soon?” Lucy was enjoying their time together and never wanted it to end.

Grandma nodded and spread her arms out for one last hug before she left.

Without hesitation, Lucy dove into her arms and soaked up as much loving energy as she could before her grandmother left.

Suddenly, the energy in the room shifted making it feel as thick as split pea soup.

“Aww. What a touching site.” Carl’s disembodied voice bounced around the room.

“That’s him. The spirit I told you about. What should I do, Grandma?” Lucy began to shake.

“First, never let him know you’re scared.” Grandma whispered, as she slowly began to shrink in size.

“Wait! You can’t leave. I need you.” Lucy pleaded.

“Help is on the way.” Grandma said, before she completely disappeared from sight.

Lucy looked around the empty living room for any sign of greasy Carl, but she couldn’t see him anywhere. She floated through the thick energy towards the foyer.

As Lucy reached the doorway, Carl’s evil laugh echoed all around her.

Come back next week for more of my continuing story of: Lucy in the Afterlife, to see if Lucy can rid herself from greasy Carl.Thank you for your time and your visit. I appreciate both. Stay safe and be well. Bye for now.


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