Metaphysical: Talking to the Dead

By Paula Bianchi –

This is a subject that’s very near and dear to my heart. I guess you could say I’m a little obsessed with it ever since I was a little girl, and my favorite cousin introduced me to his Ouija board. I was hooked.

The idea that spirits are all around us intrigues me. Spirits, like my mom and dad perhaps, can be standing over my shoulder, right now, watching me write this article, or they may tag along with me while I’m grocery shopping, going to the bank, maybe even going with me to Disneyland. Who the heck knows because we can’t see them, but it is possible to sense them if you learn how.

Wanting to talk to the dead, is nothing new. People have been doing it for centuries. In many Native American cultures, each tribe has a Shaman, or medicine man, who’s in contact with the spirit world so he/she can help their tribe.

The Aborigines in Australia have had a deep connection to the spirit world ever since they first walked on their native soil. Their daily lives are so intertwined with the afterlife that it would seem like they’re living in both worlds at the same time.

Both of these cultures, and many more, induce altered states of consciousness to achieve their connection to the afterlife. The most common way for a human to enter the spirit world is to ingest hallucinogenic plants such as: Coffea Arabica (coffee), Camellia Sinensis (tea), Nicotiana Tabacum (tobacco), Cannabis Sativa (marijuana), Erythroxylum Coca (cocaine), Papaver Somniferum (opium), and Lophophora Williamsii (peyote).

Many believed that by using these plants as a gateway to the other side, they gained wisdom and knowledge from the spirits they encountered during their vision quests. Most of the time the information that is given, was in the form of a sign or a vision that needs interpretation.

Now, because everyone is unique and on their own path of learning, each sign or vision is personally tailored for whomever is seeking their answers in life. Like connecting to your spirit animal. Not everyone will have the same animal because we all have different spiritual needs, and our spirit animal will reflect that.

During the 1840’s, a religious movement called, Spiritualism, began. It was based on the belief that the spirits of the dead exist, and they have the ability, and the inclination, to communicate with the living. They also believed that the afterlife, or spirit world, is seen as a place where spirits continue to learn and evolve beyond anything, we can accomplish here on Earth.


From these two beliefs, one being that contact with spirits is possible, and the other being that spirits are more advanced than humans, Spiritualists were led to a third belief that spirits are more than capable of providing knowledge about moral and ethical issues, as well as sharing with us the nature of God.

Spiritualists didn’t believe there was just a heaven and a hell. They believed that heaven had many levels leading to God, with the first level being here on Earth, and each of us are working our way up the levels until we finally reach God’s level of being.

I’ve read many metaphysical books that agree with these beliefs about the spirit world. It seems to ring true for me too. Out of everything I’ve ever watched or read, this way of looking at it always stood out for me.

Now a days, we can watch psychic mediums on TV, and read their books, while we find ourselves feeling amazed at what they can do. I have spent a lot of time watching these psychics. Some of my favorites are: Kim Russo, Theresa Caputo, Tyler Henry, and Matt Fraser, to name a few. I’m in awe of their abilities, and I love watching them connect to the other side giving messages from spirits to their loved ones because all we really want to know is if our loved ones, who are in heaven, are okay, and if they are aware of what’s happening in our lives.

Another one of my passions is, watching ghost hunting shows. I love the equipment they use especially the Ovilus. The SLS camera that maps out someone’s body, with a stick figure of a person, is another one of my favorites, but my all-time favorite is the Ghost Helmet because wearing it gives you the ability to actually see ghosts. It was featured in a show called; Ghosts of Morgan City episode 7 entitled, Man in Black. Check it out.  

I also love the psychics on these ghost shows like: Sarah Lemos from the Ghosts of Morgan City, Lorie Johnson from the Ghosts of Shepards Town, Cindy Kaza from The Holzer Files, Chip Coffey & Michelle Belanger from Paranormal State, and Chip Coffey again from Psychic Kids. The best part about Chip’s show was watching as he helped these kids take control of their psychic abilities, so they wouldn’t be afraid anymore.

Out of all of the shows that I watch though, there is one that I never miss and that’s; The Dead Files. Amy Allan is my favorite psychic. A lot of what she sees and describes from her walks around these haunted places, I use in my ghost story series; Lucy in the Afterlife. The types of spirits that she sees has inspired many of the happenings in my story. Watching Amy, has made it easier for me to describe negative entities and their reasons for haunting a place. I just love watching her and would love to meet her one day.

Out of curiosity, there are many of us who dabble in different ways of communicating with the dead like: holding Séances, using Ouija boards or pendulums, doing automating writing, meditating, working with Tarot Cards or any other kind of divination cards, and Scrying (mirror gazing).

Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t warn against the dangers of contacting the dead because many of us use these ways of communication without placing any kind of protections around ourselves to keep the negative entities at bay.

Sometimes, just the way you word a question, can open a can of worms you don’t want to deal with.

When psychics go to work, they spend a lot of time placing some kind of protective shield around themselves. If you don’t do this, you open the door to malevolent spirits who want to mess with you or those you love.

Using a Ouija board or a pendulum, is like picking up your phone, dialing any random number and hoping someone nice will answer, but the opposite happens. The person who answered is mentally deranged and now he knows where you live and who you love. You’ve become his target. The worst-case scenario is you’ve contacted a demon and have now given him access to you.

The Ouija boards I used when I was young turned dark. They started swearing at us and predicting terrible things would happen to me and my friend. I realize how lucky we were that these entities didn’t stick around after we got rid of our boards.

During the past five years, I’ve been working with a pendulum to stay in contact with my parents. Before I pick it up, I meditate and pray for protection from negative spirits. I learned the hard way though that even with prayers of protection, a spirit with bad intentions can still get through because of your line of questioning.

Just recently, while I was working with my pendulum, my questions about someone who was close to my molester opened the door for him to come through my pendulum. I immediately felt the shift of energy around me especially when my pendulum acted so strangely coming to an abrupt stop like it hit a wall.

I really didn’t know it was him until after I told my psychic friend, Lexi, about what had happened. She informed me, through my mother, that it was my molester, and my parents were the ones who stopped him from talking to me causing the pendulum to stop so abruptly. The whole thing was so freaky.

After that happened, I didn’t trust the pendulum. I wondered if I was really talking to my parents and spirit guides this whole time, and if I have doubts, that energy can interfere with my connection.

When Lexi found out that I was leery of using my pendulum again, she taught me how to cleanse it, and it worked. I can feel the familiar energy of my parents and spirit guides. I can feel their protection, and I welcome it.

Talking with the dead should never be taken lightly, and we should take precautions to keep ourselves and our environment safe from anything negative lurking around waiting for us to open a door for them to enter and attach to you.

Spirit attachment is real and very common, but there are books out there that can help you remove these attachments. The one I like is called: Entity Removal, by Rise’ Harrington & Bryan Jameison Dorget.

Even after so many centuries of trying to understand and learn about the afterlife, we still know very little, and we’re left to fill in the blanks with our imaginations. Before anyone touches any tool to speak to the dead, they need to do their homework and learn the right way, through prayers of protection, for talking to the dead.

Hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for the visit. Stay safe and be well. Bye for now.


Picture courtesy of Pexels.