Lucy in the Afterlife: The Investigation (Part 2)

by Paula Bianchi –

Kat’s team quickly went into action. They all ran into the dining room to look at the footage from the cameras that were placed in each room. After they rewound the footage, the camera, in Emma’s room, revealed the source of the loud thud.

“Did you see that!” Dobson tugged on Lucy’s navy jacket.

Lucy nodded. She couldn’t believe she was going to witness a ghost hunt in her own house.

As they watched the scene, from Emma’s room, unfold before them, they could see something moving through the laser grid towards the book case, then suddenly, the book case tips over all by itself, but the top of it fell against the nightstand by the bed causing all the books to fall to the floor with a thud.

“Everyone, grab your equipment and let’s pair up.” Kat said, while picking up a digital recorder and an Ovilus. “Emma, Michael, and I will investigate Emma’s room. Julie and Megan, you two go upstairs and check out the attic. Scott and Nick, you guys can cover the basement.” She instructed, then, she grabbed one of the two-way radios. “Don’t forget one of these.” She held the radio up. “Now, turn off the lights and let’s get to work.”

Emma and Michael followed Kat upstairs to Emma’s room.

Once they were in the room, Emma wanted to clean up the book mess, but Kat stopped her. “We can do that later.” She said.

Kat motioned for Emma to sit with her on the bed, while Michael chose to stand by the doorway.

Lucy and Dobson followed them into the room, and when they did, their presence disrupted the laser grid of green light points causing some of the dots to disappear as they passed through them.

“Did you see that?” Michael asked, as he stepped closer to the bed.

“Yes, I did.” Kat smiled. “That was Lucy and Dobson coming into the room.” She informed them.

“What did you see?” Emma had missed the disappearing dots.

“Some of the dots disappeared.” Michael answered.

“Wait right here.” Kat jumped up and ran down the stairs, and when she came back, she was carrying one of the SLS cameras Lucy had watched them unpack.

“What’s that?” Michael asked, before he took a seat next to Emma on the bed.

Kat turned off the laser grid and joined them. “This is a SLS camera. It maps out people and ghosts with a stick figure over them.” She turned the camera on and pointed it towards Lucy and Dobson on the other side of the room.

Michael and Emma gasped when they saw two stick figures, one was taller than the other, clearly on the screen.

“Is that Lucy?” Michael asked, with wonder.

Lucy waved at him causing the taller stick figure, on the screen, to do the same.

“Yep. That’s her.” Kat said, grinning ear to ear. “And the shorter one, is a little boy named Dobson.” She shared. The sound of happiness in her voice was hard to hide because it always gave her pleasure proving to the living that their loved ones still exist, only in a different form.

“Hi, Honey.” Michael waved to his wife.

“Hi, Mom.” Emma waved too.

Lucy waved to her family again. The happiness she felt at being seen charged her energy with excitement causing her to jump up and down with joy. “They can see us, Dobson!” She exclaimed.

“Where’s Dobson?” Emma asked, when Dobson’s figure suddenly disappeared.

Dobson couldn’t help himself. He just had to take a look at the screen, so he had quickly drifted over to take a peek. “I can see you too, Lucy.” He giggled.

Michael watched Lucy’s stick figure jumping up and down and blowing him kisses. “This dark spirit that you’re hunting for,” he sounded so serious, “can he hurt Lucy?” He asked, before he blew a kiss back.

“If he wanted to, he could push her out of the house, but this kind of entity loves to feed off of the negative energy from the living and the dead. Some will pin point your health issues and make them worse, or they can use their energy to cause you to have unexplainable health issues you never had before.” Kat said, as she continued to point the SLS toward Lucy and Dobson, who’s stick figure, just popped back into view.

“I’ve been having some terrible nightmares lately. Could he be doing that too?” Emma asked.

“Oh yes. He’s definitely capable of doing that.” Kat answered. “He can also put negative thoughts in your head, throughout the day, whenever he feels like it.” She warned them.

Out of nowhere, the sound of something crashing to the floor above caused them all to practically jump out of their skin.

“Kat, come up to the attic.” Julie’s urgent voice startled them as it boomed through Kat’s two-way radio.

“We’re on our way.” Kat responded, then, she quickly grabbed the laser grid and her digital recorder along with her SLS. “Let’s go.” She said, before she swiftly turned to leave, and everyone in the room, followed her out.

When they joined Julie and Megan in the attic, they saw what had caused all of the commotion. A tall stack of boxes, which held Christmas decorations, had toppled over causing some of the boxes to burst open and scatter their broken contents across the wooden floor.

“Julie had just walked by those boxes before they fell.” Megan shared. “But I caught it on my video recorder.” She said, excitedly.

Everyone gathered around Megan as she rewound the footage for them to see. As they watched the footage, you could clearly see the tall stack of boxes sitting exactly how they were left, suddenly, after Julie passes by them, every box in the stack gets knocked over and crashes to the floor.

“Funny how that happened just as you were talking about that dark spirit.” Michael commented.

“That’s ‘exactly’ why it happened.” Kat emphasized. “Carl knows why we’re here now, and he’s not happy about it at all.” She shared, as she tucked her red hair behind her ears.

Michael’s eyes widened for a moment. He was clearly taken aback by this gesture.

Lucy immediately tuned into Michael to figure out his reaction, and all at once, she was totally aware of why he reacted that way. When Kat had tucked her hair behind her ears, it reminded him of how Lucy used to do the same thing. Since the first day he met her, he liked the way she tucked her hair behind her ears. This memory made his eyes begin to water, but he promptly pushed the tears back and regained his composure.

“I have something else to show you.” Julie said, then, she motioned for them to follow her as she walked to the back of the attic. “I found a bunch of random stuff hidden behind the furniture back here.” She pointed the stash out then stepped aside for them to see.

“Tell them I’m so sorry for taking their things.” Dobson pleaded.

“Apparently, Dobson took all of that stuff from you guys because he’s apologizing for it.” Kat relayed his message.

“I didn’t know spirits can take stuff.” Emma said, just as her gaze fell upon Justin’s paraphernalia box, and she wondered if her dad had noticed it too.

“There’s the razor my dad gave me.” Michael pointed out. “And there’s my missing ties! I’ve been looking everywhere for those.” He bent over to touch his ties. “What’s this?” he asked, as he picked up Justin’s box.

The color drained from Emma’s cheeks because she knew this meant her brother’s secret was going to be revealed.

Lucy was thrilled to see that Michael had found their son’s paraphernalia box. Michael having possession of Justin’s secret was such a relief.

“Please, tell him that box belongs to Justin.” Lucy told her.

Instantly, Kat was aware of what was inside of the box. “Lucy wants me to tell you the box belongs to Justin.” She repeated, Lucy’s words.

Emma’s breath caught in her throat because her father was going to learn about all of Justin’s deceptions and lies. Part of her was glad he was going to find out, but the part that loved her brother more than anything, wanted to speak up in his defense.

Michael grasped the lid and began to lift it, but before he could open it, Kat’s two-way radio came to life again.

“Hey, Kat, I think you guys should come down to the basement. Bring a laser grid and the spirit box.” The sound of Nick’s voice filled the attic.

“Copy that. We’re on our way.” Kat turned to Julie and Megan. “Do you have the spirit box with you?” She asked, as she turned to leave.

Lucy was disappointed to see Michael slipping the box into his pants pocket without opening it. At least he had it now she thought. Sooner or later, he would open it.

“Yeah, we have it.” Megan answered.

“Good. Let’s go.” Kat said, as she led the way downstairs, to the basement, where Nick and Scott were investigating.

Walking down the last few steps into the basement, its musty smell swept across their faces, and it seemed much darker than the rest of the house. Using her flash light, Kat found Nick and Scott on the far side of the empty, cavernous room, standing under a broken window.

“What happened?” Kat asked.

“This window suddenly broke while we were discussing how to remove this dark entity.” Nick answered. “I know it’s not a demon, but it is growing stronger.” He shared.

“I agree with you.” Kat said. “And it’s his new poltergeist friend who’s making him stronger.” She shared. “Megan, please turn the spirit box on. I’ll set up the laser grid.” She instructed.

Michael stepped closer to Kat. “Are you going to be able to make this guy leave?” He asked.

Instantly, the spirit box answered with a creepy laugh causing everyone’s hair, on the back of their necks and on their arms, to stand up from their goosebumps.

Emma grabbed her Dad’s arm and held on tight. “I can feel him.” She said, with much trepidation.

“It’s true, Carl.” Kat called him out. “The time has come for you to leave this place. You’re no longer welcome here.”

“You leave!!!” Carl’s voice echoed out of the spirit box, and when it did, the last three windows in the basement shattered into the room sending shards of glass flying everywhere.

Just then, Scott grabbed his cheek, after one of the razor-sharp pieces of glass flew by his face and sliced it, when everyone ducked down in an attempt to protect themselves from being cut.

Suddenly, an eerie stillness fell upon the room.

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