Metaphysical: Spirits/Ghosts (Part 1)

By Paula Bianchi –

After my encounter with our ghost, I became obsessed with them. I started reading every kind of ghost book I could find which lead to reading books written by mediums and psychics. I would go to see some of them with my friend, Cricket, hoping to connect with my relatives on the other side, and she was hoping to connect with her husband.

My biggest obsession is watching ghost hunting shows or any show that has to do with hauntings. Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures were the first ones I started watching which led to The Dead Files (my favorite). I watched Paranormal State and really liked the people on that show. Two of the psychics featured on there went on to establish themselves apart from the show. Chip Coffee had his own show, “Psychic Kids”, and he’s been seen on “Kindred Spirits”. I’m such a fan of these shows. I’ve been bugging Alan to go to one of their fan events. I want to meet Amy Allan and Chip the most, but also the people I love watching as they investigate haunted places.

The other psychic, Michelle Belanger, wrote a book, one of many, that every ghost hunter should own called: The Ghost Hunter’s Survival Guide. A must read for any would be ghost hunter. She teaches you how to protect yourself from any spirit you may come in contact with. I use her techniques all the time. I love it when she pops up on any of the new ghost shows.  

Of course, watching these shows made me want to try hunting ghosts for myself, so I joined my daughter-in-law when she wanted to investigate the back unit of the duplex she was moving out of because she felt like someone was there. She shared with me that she had had dreams of a woman asking her where her husband’s cousin is, who’s the previous owner’s grandson. She was (my sister-in-law) Lily’s mom. She had passed away in the front unit.

My daughter-in-law asked her sister, who was doing some ghost hunting with a group she formed, to come and help her investigate. Her sister brought a friend along with some recorders and flash lights. We sat in each room and asked questions. When we reviewed the tape, there were a couple of messages, but we couldn’t understand them.

Next, we went into the garage. My daughter-in-law and I climbed up into the storage loft. It felt different up there. I had a strong urge to leave, so we quickly asked a few questions, then got out of there. When we reviewed the tape, we had a clear EVP of a man’s voice saying, “Get out!” It gave me the chills.

When I told Lily about our investigation, she told me that a man, who used to live in the front unit, had been in an accident while driving home from work. He was decapitated upon impact, so his death was quick and sudden. He probably doesn’t even know he’s dead because he continued on his way home and has stayed there ever since.

My 2nd and last investigation was in the house next door to my mother-in-law’s. It was empty and the owner left a key, so mom could let the painters and carpet cleaner’s in to get the house ready to rent.

Over the years, I’ve heard my mother-in-law recount a story of hearing a man’s voice saying, “Hello” in the house and in the backyard as she opened the gate. A couple of times, when she was visiting her friend, who lived in the house, she heard a music box playing on its own.

Because I knew the house was empty with a possible ghost living there, I asked if I could investigate the house with Alan. Mom gave him the key and off we went. The house smelled of paint and gave the appearance of being fresh and new. It was a small house, so it didn’t take me long to explore each room. I stopped every now and then to see if I caught any messages, but there was nothing. As we’re getting ready to leave, I asked the ghost if he had anything to say before we left. This time I caught something. A man’s voice stating clearly, “No.” Alan heard it too, then we left.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I had often thought about the two ghosts who were trapped here by their own accord. What a miserable existence. To live in a constant state of your demise, or to feel like you’re not worthy enough to cross over, or any other negative frame of mind you may die in, is sentencing yourself to live in a hell of your own making. That’s why I like, The Dead Files so much. Amy tells the people how to get rid of any unwanted spirits.

So, one day with this in mind, I was waiting in the car for Alan staring at the house next door. A thought occurred to me to pray for the man inside and send him light and love. I asked if it was possible to send any loved ones or friends to come and show him how to cross over to the other side. Then, I spoke directly to the man inside the house. Aren’t you tired of being here? I asked him. I explained I brought a lot of people here to show him the way home. I told him how beautiful it was there, and that he’d be busy all the time. In my mind’s eye, I imagined him smiling and leaving with all the people.

A few months went by, and I never really thought about it anymore, until my psychic friend, Lexi, went with me to Mom’s for a visit. We were standing on the porch and Lexi was looking at the house next door. I told her mom said it’s haunted. I never told what I had done, or about my EVP. She stood there for a moment or two, then she smiled. She said when I told her the house was haunted, she didn’t feel it. What made her smile was the spirit of a man popping in, from the other side, to tell her he says thank you so much. He said he’s so happy he listened to you.

Lexi looked at me and asked what I did. I said I prayed for him and ask for his loved ones to come and help him cross over. She told me it worked and he was so grateful that I did that for him. I liked hearing that I helped him and it felt good knowing it worked.

After that experience, I tossed around the idea with Lexi that we become ghost hunters, but we would release the spirits who were trapped here. We talked about it for a while, then one day I was working with my pendulum and my dad came through. I asked him if Lexi and I should become ghost hunters. The pendulum swung hard and fast along the ‘No’ line. I could tell he was being very serious. A flash of a thought popped into my head warning me of spirit attachments. I decided to listen to my dad and dropped any thoughts of ghost hunting. Now I was on a quest to learn about spirit attachments.

In part 2 of Spirits/Ghosts, I’ll talk about these attachments. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your time. Bye for now.


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  1. An interesting read. In my experiences there are ghosts / spirits that leave certain smells like floral (ie.Diana), feathers, point you towards messages or even when you find a penny or a dime (pennies from heaven ). I’ve found a dime in a car after another fortunate event where I found a small pearl in an oyster. Those spirits feel comforting. Other spirits give you the feeling of goosebumps and your hairs sticking up. There are happy spirits, sad ones and evil ones. Their moods depend on how they left the physical realm.

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    1. Very true. I’ve smelled cigar smoke from my grandpa, and flowers from my grandma. I’ve asked my mother and father to send me dimes, and now I find them all the time.


  2. Dangerous Territory here… Most psychics in the media have long since lost at least a large portion of their gifts, if they ever had any. Even Sylvia Browne has had several colossal misses in public cases. It’s a well known rule in the spiritual community that using your powers for profit will cost you them. Nevermind almost everything on TV is fake nowadays.

    Michelle Belanger I know is the real deal. She’s also an extremely powerful psychic vampire. Be wary of her. Psi Vamps operate under a completely different set of rules than mundies or even normal psychics and mages. Ergo what works for her MIGHT not necessarily work for you. Dion Fortune’s “Psychic Self Defense” has been the gold standard for over a century in defending against spiritual attacks. I’d highly recommend it if you’re going to keep chasing ghosts. Ironically, the only thing that “Psychic Self Defense” missed the mark on is psychic vampires. They were a new discovery in Fortune’s time though.

    Ghosts do not operate under the same rules as other spirits though, and while some are benevolent, others are extremely dangerous. I had one attack our car years ago as we drove near the house it dwelled in. Left physical damage to the car also. The car completely fell apart within a couple of months. That despite shielding from two of us who knew what we were doing.

    Smells, noises, etc… aren’t necessarily ghosts either. Thought forms and psychic residue CAN manifest in those manners.

    Spirit attachment… Ghosts gradually devolve over time unless they feed on the life force of the living. In my experience, they’ll do their level best to convince you they’re benevolent also in order to put doubt in your end and cut down on your chances of ending the attachment.

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    1. Love your comment. 💜 Whenever I read a ‘how to’ for anything spiritual, I put my own energy into it and change the words to fit me. I always knew she leans in ways that are beyond me, but I enjoyed 3 of her books. Now spirit attachment I’ve witnessed and have been reading about for a while now. Thanks for the visit. 😊💕

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      1. Psi-Vampires are a whole different world. Michelle is one of the most clever ones out there. She does TV so she can feed off the attention energy. If you ever read her “Psychic Vampire Codex”, her views on humanity as beneath even cattle should scare you.

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  3. Very interesting, and a subject I love to hear about. I’ve had many experiences too, ever since I was a kid. I’ve posted quite a few of mine, including strange happenings here in our own house.

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  4. Paula, very interesting and touching that you knew the way to help the man Trapped in the empty house next to auntie Irene’s. Your prayer was so simple and direct and you used the light and People from the other side who could help him. I’m impressed with the power of your prayer.

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