Metaphysical: Past Lives

By Paula Bianchi –

My interest in Past Lives started when I stumbled upon a book called: Many Lives, Many Masters, by: Brian L. Weiss, M. D. It’s about a psychotherapist, Dr. Brian Weiss, and one of his patients, Catherine, discovering the key to her healing during one of her hypnotherapy treatments, when surprisingly, she found herself experiencing a past-life that seemed to be the root of her problem.

When she returned for her next visit, she said she felt better with this new understanding of what may have happened, in the distant past, and that it seemed so real what she’d experienced. Dr. Weiss decided to continue her treatment with past-life therapy. Catherine recalled many past lives (too many for me to recount) and with every recounting, her problems disappeared.

The book goes even further, when Dr. Weiss was introduced to the Masters, who are highly evolved souls living on the other side. While Catherine was in-between past lives one day, she began giving messages from the Masters. He didn’t see that coming, and he was very intrigued by the messages they were giving him. They told him about life and death, birth and rebirth, recited spiritual poetry, and gave him lessons about the dimensions after death. Some very deep stuff.

Reading Dr. Weiss’ book, started an insatiable need in me to read more on the subject. On the back of his book, there were reviews from other authors who’ve written on the same subject. The first review was from Dr. Edith Fiore, Ph.D., author of, ‘You Have Been Here Before’. She also uses past-life therapy in her practice. I found the concept very interesting because of my own phobia.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a deep seeded fear of getting lost, so much so, that Alan has to drive me to any new place I have to go to, be it for an appointment with a doctor or some kind of tests I have to get done, he takes me there first, so I know where I’m going and won’t get lost.

I finally worked through this with my therapist, but deep down, I know my fear was carried over from a past-life. This was the seed that was planted causing my desire to recall a past-life at the psychic seminars I attended, or even on my own when I used Dick’s CD.

I talked a lot about this with my friend, Cricket, and we came up with our own conclusion as to why I’m afraid of getting lost. We think I must have died in a past-life after being lost, or maybe I was responsible for a group of people or even my family, and because of me, all of us became hopelessly lost. Whether it’s true or not, it gave me a sense of closure which helped me with my phobia. Now I have Google maps, so I no longer feel afraid of getting lost, until, it directs me to the wrong location, then I can feel my phobia start to rise again.

There was one more review on Dr. Weiss’ book, that lead me to Dick and Tara Sutphen. He wrote: ‘Past Lives, Future Loves’, ‘You Were Born to Be Together’, and ‘Earthly Purpose’. These books recount people’s past-life memories, and the last title tells the true story of a group reincarnation. It was so fascinating to me. Dick and Tara have played a major role in my spiritual growth. Because of his books, I was led to their newsletter “The Valley of the Sun”, their meditation CDs, their psychic get-a-way’s, and all of it opened me up spiritually, especially, Tara’s Automatic Writing CD.

One day while I was at the book store, I was searching for my next metaphysical book, when this one name of an author kept jumping out at me. Her name was Sylvia Browne. When I picked the book up and turned it over, there was her picture, and I remembered seeing her on a TV show called: People are Talking. I watched her give readings to members in the audience, so I knew she was psychic. Now I wish I could tell you the name of that first book, but I have read so many of her books that it’s making it next to impossible for me to remember which book I started with. The book I want to talk about here is: Past Lives, Future Healing.

All of Sylvia’s books ring true to me. I can clearly envision the thoughts she’s conveying through her writing. In this particular book, she writes about how we’re all eternal beings and this life that we’re living right now, is a small step in our never-ending journey toward our own greatest potential. With each new lifetime, we try to correct our mistakes from our past lives. Our health and relationship problems may have roots from our unresolved past lives as well. Some of these issues could be: irrational fears (like me being afraid of getting lost), strange phobias, unexplained illnesses, and also the partners and friends we choose.

She recounts the experiences of how some people, who received past life therapy, were able to let go of phobias they’ve had all their lives once they discovered the root of their problem. Others who had suffered from health issues, found relief from their chronic illnesses or physical ailments and injuries. People have transformed their lives by gaining a clearer understanding of their previous lives. 

I’ve read countless books on this subject, but sadly, I had just sold them all before I started my blog, so I don’t remember the authors or the titles of their books. I regret that now.

Reading all these books, made me think differently about my life, and the people I share it with, also the people I come into contact with every day. I learned to let go of the people who didn’t want to be a part of my life anymore. I have a deeper understanding of why these people needed to move on with their lives without me because I was no longer a part of the lessons they needed to learn. I understood why it doesn’t matter what family or friends think about me. I’m not defined by the labels others put on me because that’s just their opinions, which aren’t always true. These people were in my life for a reason, and I embrace the lessons they taught me and wish them nothing but the best.

Do you have any strange phobias? Are you suffering from a chronic condition with your health? Is there someone in your life who tests you to the core?  The answer to this stuff may be in what you’re carrying with you from life to life. Could it be time for you to finally find the answers? Now you can see why I was on a quest to recall a past-life, but the universe must have something else in store for me. Maybe someday, I’ll get my wish and finally recall one.

In my next metaphysical article, I’ll talk about ghosts and spirits. I appreciate you stopping by for a read. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. Bye for now.


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  1. Well I do have anxieties sometimes. I have problems sleeping when I’m anxious about certain events, the what if’s issues. Or if I’m excited about a future event. I don’t know why my nerves get all rattled. Has to be someone from my past life that has given it to me. I do get the part where you have to let go of people who no longer serve you. I have a story about a girl I went to college with a couple decades ago. We were friends and we were in the single boat, in the dating scene. We’d always have problems with the people we dated. I had to let her go later when she was constantly checking up on me. I felt like we were in competition and I didn’t like it. When I had left her, a couple years later I met a guy and I married him. She had a bit of negative energy that I needed to cut off so that I could improve my dating life and eventually marry. She’s on my fb contact but I don’t talk to her very much. Our lives have changed.

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    1. People come in and out of our lives for a reason. It’s up to us to figure out the lessons they bring. For you and this girl, it was her negativity that was bringing you down. She taught you not to be like her. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. 😊💜🌷


  2. I wonder about genetics 🧬. And is there a difference between genetics and energy you carry from the past. Maybe the same thing. I was considering social anxiety and my work with social phobia. These things were not unique to me. They came from both sides of my family…

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  3. Past life regression is one of the most powerful tools in my arsenal. I watched my daughter, who was 16 at the time, get freed from a fear that my husband and I could not connect to this life.

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