Metaphysical: Spirits/Ghosts (Part 2)

By Paula Bianchi –

I looked up the meanings of ghosts and spirits because I wanted to know if I was using these terms right. I discovered this: a spirit is a supernatural being, a non-physical entity such as: ghost, fairy, or angel. When you see the word ‘Spirit’ written with a capital “S”, it denotes the Holy Spirit. Now, to go by this definition, ghosts are spirits. To me the difference being, spirits reside on the other side (heaven), and ghosts are spirits who choose to be earthbound.

Ghosts have been here for as long as people have. Over the centuries, they’ve been given many names by the people who have experienced them. Here are some of the names I could find: apparition, haunt, phantom, poltergeist, shade, specter, spirit, spook, and wraith. Each name refers to the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that can be seen by the living.

During our time here, people have been trying to contact these earthbound spirits. Some cultures have based their lives and religion on their communications with the other side. To deliberately attempt to contact the dead is known as, necromancy, or in spiritism, a séance. Other means that are used to contact the dead are: Ouija Boards, Tarot Cards, Pendulums, Automatic Writing, Meditation, Divining or Dowsing Rods, Rune Stones, Rituals, Mediums, Ghost Hunting, and I’m sure there’s other ways that I’m not aware of.

All of these ways of communicating with the dead, if not done right, can lead to the spirit attachment of unwanted company hitching a ride with you for as long as they like. The fact of the matter is, we may be more vulnerable to these attachments than we know.  

When we think of hauntings, we tend to equate it to a haunted house or a building. That’s true, but it goes way beyond that. More than any of us really want to contemplate. If we were able to put on a pair of glasses which allowed us to ‘see’ spirit, we would be horrified at what we could see because they’re everywhere. On the streets, in stores, restaurants, parks/amusement parks, parking lots and garages, bars, hospitals, doctor’s office, court houses, cemeteries, any historical landmark, our beaches, planes, trains, buses, cars, and the list could go on and on. Wherever you find people, you’ll find ghosts.

Why would these spirits choose to stay here? This depends on the spirit and their lives, thoughts, and feelings before their death. They may choose to stay because of: fear, anxiety, grief, anger, trauma, guilt, holding on to earthly possessions, not ready to die, living in a dream-like state, and love. In the spirit world, we still have free will, so for some they just go to the last place they were happy in.

When we die, our guides and loved ones are there with open arms, but they can’t make us go with them. All they can do is be there for us if we choose to go with them. We may run and hide from them, or pretend we don’t see them. We may listen, but choose to stay here anyway while we wait for some kind of resolution. We can be angry with them blaming all our problems on them. Through all our childish behavior, they remain vigilant, calm, and patient, leaving us to our own accord, but popping in on us from time to time, hoping we’ll be ready to go with them.

A spirit who passes before they’re ready to cross over can feel confused, frustrated, or lonely because they can no longer interact with people the way they used to. When they feel like they have unfinished business, they’ll make sure someone will hear them. These attention seekers are most likely to obtain attention by: moving objects, playing with the lights, or making sounds by building up psycho kinesis energy causing poltergeist activity. (Not all poltergeist activity is negative though.) Why would they do this? They believe if they can only make contact with you, you’ll be able to help them with their unresolved issues or help them clear up any emotional ties that keeps them from crossing over. These spirits are drawn to people and children with abilities.

Some earthbound spirits may be trapped here in a dream-like state, and they tend to hover around the place of their death. For some, they may continue on with their daily lives, while for others, they may seem dazed and confused and become wandering spirits as they look for ways to clarify what had happened to them. These spirits can sometimes be seen in the form of an apparition or an orb. Wandering spirits tend to hang out in common areas like: hotels, restaurants, bars, theaters, and parking lots, to name a few.

There are spirits who are well aware that they’re dead. They make the conscious decision to stay because they’re not ready to go. Staying home and being around their family, makes them happy because they still feel connected to them, and the life they had together. In other instances, they just don’t want to leave their house or possessions. Some of these spirits are less likely to let themselves be known. They co-exist with the living.

Spirits who are waiting for resolution are a lot like wandering spirits, but they have a mission. All they’re looking for is some kind of resolution that’s the key to them moving on. They’ll hang out in: schools, churches, subway stations, grocery stores, play grounds, and businesses. If a spirit is murdered on the streets in an intersection, they may remain there trying to draw attention to their killer. A spirit who dies by drowning in a pool at a hotel, may be seen hanging around the hotel haunting the spot where they died. Every spirit has their reason for sticking around.

When we visit our loved ones at the cemetery, we can’t help but feel the dense energy there. Many of the earthbound spirits who hang out there, still feel connected to their bodies, and the life they lived in it. Spirits also gather in cemeteries because they’re drawn to the ‘like’ energy there.

As you can see, spirits are all around us no matter where we go. They all have their own agendas, but there are some who want to screw around with us, and they attach themselves to us without us knowing they’re there. They cause us to make bad decisions, or they drain our bodies of energy while they make us struggle in our day to day lives.

My article ran longer than I thought it would, so I’ll continue talking about spirit attachments in part 3 of Spirits/Ghosts. Hope you’ll come back and check it out. Thanks for the visit. Bye for now.

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