Metaphysical: Psychic Seminar (part 3)

By Paula Bianchi –

The next morning, we gathered in the meeting room to discuss many metaphysical things. At last, it was time for our last past life regression meditation. This time Cricket and I sat on the floor with our backs leaning against the wall. Maybe if I was more comfortable, I’d finally see a past life, I hoped.

Dick counted us down again. When he got to the part where we looked down to see what we’re wearing, I see nothing. This time I was more than just disappointed. I was a little pissed off. My eyes flew open. I spent the rest of the meditation watching everyone else have past life memories. I remember Tara looking at me in a questioning way, and I just shrugged my shoulders.

Finally, Dick woke them up, and Cricket smiled. She remembered another past life in the 1800’s. This time she was a woman dressed in a long white cotton dress, and her hair was up in a poufy bun. She was standing on the large porch of a Georgian style plantation home where they grew tobacco. When she tried to see what state she was in, she could clearly see the outline of a state, but she couldn’t say which one it was. Next she sees herself standing with a group of free slaves, who gathered there for her important announcement. 

Due to her father’s sickness, she told them, she would be taking over running the plantation. She was promising she would continue to pay them for all their hard work. Cricket said it felt so real and familiar seeing that plantation home and standing on its porch. Later, on the flight home, Cricket saw the same outline of the state on the back of the seat in front of her. It was Tennessee. She did some research and discovered that Tennessee did indeed have tobacco plantations during the 1800’s.

People were moving about the room sharing their past life memories, and I overheard some of them. I guess I gave off a “don’t ask me” energy because people just walked right by me.

Once we were all settled in our chairs again, Dick announced we would be doing a healing circle around one of the participants. This woman was diagnosed with cancer, and Dick wanted us to do a healing circle to help her. She sat in the middle of the room with a circle of people around her touching her shoulders, then the rest of us would touch the shoulder of the person in front of us, who was touching her, and so on until we were all linked together. I was standing on the outer edge of the circle, when I felt Dick put his hand on my spaghetti strapped shoulder.

He led us in a healing meditation, where we all imagined sending her a healing white light to cleanse her body and heal her sickness. I could feel the energy we were sending. My whole body was vibrating with it, and Dick’s hand grew hotter and hotter on my shoulder. I concentrated on this energy and sent it down my arm to flow through the person I was touching. I imagined our combined energy was flowing and filling her to the brim with white healing light.  We all concentrated this healing energy for a while, then Dick counted us up again.

After we all sat down, Cricket noticed I had a deep red handprint on my shoulder where Dick had placed his hand. Others noticed too, and we were kind of tripping about it, then it was time for lunch.

During this extended lunch break, Cricket and I had some spare time to shop in some of the small metaphysical shops of Sedona. I bought a clear quartz crystal necklace with seven chakra stones down one side of the crystal, and I was so happy to find a ring with a dangling crystal hanging from it. It was just like the one Cricket had that I loved so much.

When we came back a couple of hours later, we could still see a shadow of his red handprint on my shoulder. It was odd that it was still there after more that a couple of hours. As a group, we had covered and shared many of the things Dick wrote about in his books. We were nearing the end of the seminar, and the last meditation we were going to do would open us up to experiencing Psychometry. The act of holding an object that belongs to someone, and receiving information about that person through the energy that is left on the object.

We paired up with our friendly married couple again, but we switched partners. The husband gave Cricket a pocket watch to hold, and the wife gave me her earring to hold. We both gave them a ring to hold.

While we all held our objects, Dick counted us down and instructed us to perceive as much information as we could until he ends the meditation. I was excited because I thought it was going to be just like the day before, but when I said, “Hit it,” nothing happened. I take a few deep breaths and say hit it again. Nothing. Just when I can feel that my thoughts are about to wander, I hear a voice say, “Lily. Think of Lily.” Why was I hearing my sister-in-law’s name? I hear, “Just talk about Lily.” So, I sat quietly through the rest of the meditation. When we awoke, I let the wife go first. Sadly, she didn’t hit on anything regarding me or my life.

Now it was my turn, so I just shared some of the things I knew about Lily. I described some of Lily’s life experiences. I told the wife about how people take her for granted and are never grateful for the things she does for them. I told her she was a nurturer who loved to mother those who were in need. I told her she has a hard time saying no, sometimes, to the requests of others. I was right on all the points I touched upon. It felt surprising to me the way the information came through this time. Here I was expecting this vision like I had the day before, but instead I received some simple spoken instructions.

Cricket was right with her impressions about the husband too. The moment she held the watch, she knew it didn’t belong to him because she could clearly see an elderly man dress in a blue uniform from the civil war. He was very proud of how he looked in it. He was telling her the watch belonged to him. Suddenly, she could see an office, in the husband’s home, with a wall of books. She also saw books around the room stacked up here and there. She sensed he was doing a lot of research for a book he was writing. She kept hearing the book was about the civil war in honor of his grandpa. She felt this book was very important to him. He’d been working on it for a long time now. The husband said she was right about all of it, but he didn’t hit on anything about Cricket from her ring.

I guess we left a lasting impression on this couple because they gifted Cricket with a chunk of meteorite, and they gave me a natural quartz crystal before we all said our goodbyes. We had so much fun attending this seminar. It was going to be hard leaving the ‘energy’ of Sedona, AZ. I felt charged the whole time we were there. We were sorry to see it end, but we learned so much being a part of this inner exploration of ourselves. I was capable of more than I ever dreamed of, but don’t mention the past life thing. Still leaves me feeling kind of bummed.

In my next metaphysical article, I’ll share the story of the last seminar I attended in Sacramento, CA. This time with my hubby.  Bye for now.


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