Metaphysical: Psychic Seminar (part 2)

By Paula Bianchi –

When we returned from our lunch break, it was time for our chakra link meditation. Dick instructed us to find a partner for this meditation because we couldn’t choose the person we came with. Cricket and I were sitting by a friendly married couple, so we asked if they’d like to try this out with us, and they said yes. Cricket and the wife paired up, and the husband and I sat together.

Dick talked us through the familiar beginning of his meditations, then asked us to visualize a purple light coming from our crown chakra and picture it going into your partners crown chakra linking you together. Next was a dark blue light from your third eye chakra into theirs, and last was a paler blue light coming from your throat chakra into theirs to complete the link. To my dismay, I see nothing, then I remembered Dick saying we should ask to see a part of their day. In my head, I asked to see a day at his work. Nothing. So, I say, hit it.

Bam! Suddenly “I see”, I’m in a bright office with a wall of windows at my back. I realized my view point was coming through his eyes, so I looked down and see he’s wearing a long-sleeved white shirt with a navy-blue tie. His pants were black, and his black shoes looked brand new. He was sitting behind an “L” shaped desk with the short side to his right, and the long side between him and the office door.

Now I take a closer look at what’s on his desk. Everything looked very organized. I see he has a computer screen, with a key board, on each side of his desk. I see he goes back and forth from one to the other throughout his day. I can feel his frustration when people keep coming in and out of his office giving him more to do or just to ask questions. But there’s one thing he does, throughout his day, that I can’t figure out. I see and feel him pushing his chair back, then he reaches down for something and picks it up, then puts it down, and rolls back under his desk. All day long he does this.

At this point, Dick wakes us up. He tells us to share what we saw with each other, so I let the husband share first. He said he saw we owned a black truck and a boat. We owned, at the time, a maroon minivan. No boat. He said I loved to water ski. A big no there; I can’t stand it. He said I had 2 kids. I have 3. I felt bad for the guy that he didn’t get anything right. Then I started wondering if everything I saw was true. Oh well, I thought, here goes.

First, I described his office to him, and he nodded his head. Next I described the shape of his desk and what’s on top of it. Now he had a look of wonder as he nodded again. I described what he was wearing, and the frustration he felt over people coming in to ask him questions or give him more work. His jaw kind of hung open when he nodded this time. I ended with saying, “I don’t know why you’re doing this, but I see you constantly pushing your chair back and reaching down for something, and you do it many times throughout your day.”

His jaw just about hit the floor, and when he recovered, he said, “We can’t keep our coffee on our desks.” He looked very impressed.

The wife was impressed by Cricket too, but I can’t remember what Cricket told her and neither can Cricket. She just remembers she got it right.

I was so happy I finally experienced something, and it was spot on. There was no hiding my excitement. It was so awesome.

That concluded the first day of the seminar, but one of the participants, who knew Tara and Dick personally, wanted all of us to try something he’d heard of doing when it’s dark. We all decided to give it a go, but we needed to go buy a baseball cap to participate.

After the dinner break, we all came back with our caps. They gave us an empty thread spool, a 10 to 12-inch wooden dowel, and wooden clothes pins. We glued the stick length wise along the clothes pin and glued the spool to the other end of the stick, then painted the spool with glow in the dark paint. Next, we all drove down the road to a hiking trail.

Dusk was nearing its end, as we all gathered at the start of the trail. We put our caps on and clipped the clothes pin to the end of the bill. The idea was to watch the glowing spool at the end of the stick, while we hike down the trail, and when you do, we should see spirits or aliens (I can’t remember which) with our peripheral vision.

We all set off down the trail as the night grew darker. We had flash lights with us to recharge our spools and keep them glowing. As other people passed us, they would take a second look at our group wearing hats with sticks clipped to them. Cricket and I giggled. We must have been quite a site to see.

We hiked for a while, and I tried my best to be serious about what we were doing. I focused on the glowing spool and paid close attention in case I saw anything in my side view, but neither one of us saw anything. Nobody saw anything. We all hiked out and drove back to our hotel and called it a night.

I’ll continue, next time, with part 3 of my psychic seminar article. Bye for now. 

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