Lucy in the Afterlife: Kat’s First Day (Part 3)

By Paula Bianchi –

“Lucy!” Kat called out, before she stepped over the threshold into the foyer, making sure not to step on any broken glass, then, she turned to see them all huddled together in the Living-room. “Are you guys okay?” She asked.

“Yes. We’re fine.” Lucy answered, as she drifted a few feet into the air, so she could see the scope of the damage the swirling black poltergeist left in its wake. “We’re so lucky you came back when you did because all this,” she gestured towards the mess, “stopped the second you put your key in the door.” She shared.

“Do you know what triggered it?” Kat asked, while trying to reposition the bags of groceries she was carrying but gravity was winning. “I have to put these down. Come with me.” She said, as she quickly navigated her way through the mess into the kitchen.

“Carl was listening to us in the basement and heard me say you were going to help us get rid of him.” Lucy explained, while she, and Dobson, followed Kat into the kitchen, leaving Ben and Ava to disappear from view.

Kat made it to the counter just in the nick of time before she dropped her packages. She surveyed the room and every cabinet door was opened. Some of the contents, of which, were strewn across the kitchen floor.

“Well, I can see he wasn’t very happy to hear that.” Kat began to put the groceries away in the fridge. “This poltergeist is more powerful than I thought. I could have sworn it was still a work in progress.” She said, as she closed the drawers and cabinet doors that were in her way.

“This is definitely worse than the misty gray cloud Emma made.” Lucy noted. “Can we still get rid of it?” She whispered.

“Shh.” Kat stopped her again. “From now on, no more talk of them in this house.” She whispered back.

Both Lucy and Dobson nodded their agreement.

“I’m going to load the washer and dryer, then, I’ll get to work on this mess.” Kat said, leaving the two of them to wait until she returned.

“Hello!” Emma’s voice called out from the foyer.

Lucy quickly drifted into the laundry room. “Emma’s home.” She told Kat.

“Hello! I’m in the laundry room!” Kat called back.

“What happened?” Emma asked, when she joined them.

“Emma wanted to talk to you about the things that have been breaking around the house.” Lucy shared.

“I believe what has happened is exactly what you wanted to talk to me about.” Kat said, with a twinkle in her beautiful green eyes. She grabbed a couple of brooms and a bucket and handed the extra broom to Emma.

“How did you know I was going to ask you about the broken stuff around here?” Emma asked, while taking the broom.

“I’m psychic.” Kat stated, walking past her.

Both Emma and Lucy followed Kat closely into the foyer, with Dobson following right behind them, and she went straight to work cleaning up.

“So, what’s breaking our stuff?” Emma quickly jumped in to help.

“From what your mother has told me…”

“You’re talking to my mom?” Emma interrupted her. The sound of awe and envy in her voice was undeniable causing her eyes to well up with tears. “Where is she?” She asked, gazing around the house.

“Tell her I’m right here.” Lucy was so happy. Finally, after everything she’s been through since she died, this was her crowning moment. To be able to have a conversation with her daughter again, was more than anything she could’ve ask for.

“I see her right there beside you.” Kat answered, pointing to where Lucy was standing.

In the excitement of the moment, Lucy’s energy began to charge making her aura shine brighter. She reached out and put her arms around Emma and squeezed her tightly.

“Whoa! I can feel a tingling energy all around me!” Emma exclaimed. “Is she hugging me right now?” She really needed some validation about this energy she kept experiencing.

“Yes. She is.” She answered, dumping the last of the broken glass, into the bucket.

“I knew it was her, but to actually hear you confirm it, makes me trust my gut even more.” Emma declared.

“We have to warn her about you know who.” Lucy was happy for the reunion, but the negative energy, lurking around the house, was more important.

“Let’s go outside and talk.” Kat told Emma, leaning her broom against the wall, before she led Emma out the front door and down the street away from the house.

Lucy and Dobson followed them.

“Why couldn’t we talk in the house?” Emma inquired.

“I didn’t want the negative energy hearing our conversation. We don’t want to give him a reason to lash out again.” Kat explained.

“So, who’s in our house?” Emma asked, full of concern.

“Well, you have four spirits in your home, which includes your mom, then recently, after you used a Ouija board, a negative spirit followed you home.” Kat began. “Your mom said his name is Carl.

“I haven’t seen him yet because he’s hiding from me, the reason being, he’s aware that I know how to make him leave. I may not be able to see him, but I can still sense his presence.” She grinned. “And he’s not alone.” Her voice sounded a little ominous.

“Who’s with him?” Emma was sensing the seriousness of what this negative energy possessed making her a little hesitant to ask.

 “This Carl guy has taken over, what I believe to be, a PK manifestation you had made without knowing it.” Kat tucked her red hair behind her ear. “Now, he’s charging it with all of his negative energy, turning it into a full-fledged poltergeist that only he can control, and he wants to use it to do his own bidding.” She explained.

“I created a what?” Emma looked dumbfounded.

“This is where it gets interesting.” Kat leaned in a bit. “The emotions of your grief, plus your own psychic abilities, created a psychokinesis manifestation.” She explained. “Did anything ever break in the house when you were sad or upset?”   

 “I’m psychic?” Emma seemed a little shocked to hear she had abilities, but she pushed it aside for the moment. “Yes, some things happened, while, I was mad or upset.” She began. “My mom’s favorite figurine broke in the foyer, when I was upset with my friend, Mark, then there was this other time Justin and I were fighting in my room, and the door suddenly slammed shut by itself.” Emma recalled.

“Have you ever seen any spirits before?” Kat was fishing. She wanted to see exactly what Emma was capable of.

“I remember, when I was younger, playing with a little boy in my room. He wore a long sleeved, red and black, plaid shirt and blue jeans, but he never told me his name. He was just always in my room, until one day, he disappeared.” Emma said, with a tinge of sadness in her voice. “When he left, I convinced myself that he was my imaginary friend.”

Hearing this, made Dobson stand tall and puff his chest out.

“Well, he didn’t disappear. As a matter of fact, he’s standing on the other side of you.” Kat pointed to where his apparition was. “His name is Dobson, and I know he was around 9 yrs. old when he died.” She shared.

“Tell her I’m holding her hand.” Dobson slipped his hand into Emma’s.

“My hand feels so cold right now.”  Emma shivered.

“That’s because Dobson said he’s holding it.” Kat smiled.

“All this time, I thought you left, Dobson.” Emma said.

To everyone’s surprise, Dobson suddenly materialized in front of Emma.

“I can see you!” Emma jumped back from the shock of seeing him again. She was totally amazed, but in her head, she was wondering if it was real.

Lucy was surprised too. Not so much about Dobson revealing himself, it was more because she never realized Emma possessed such an awesome ability. It made her wonder if Emma would be able to see her too. This was something she definitely wanted to discuss with Kat.

“Hi, Emma.” Dobson lowered his gaze to stare at his feet. “I’m sorry I left without saying good bye.” He shoved his hands into the pockets of his blue jeans.

Looking over at Kat, Lucy wondered why she had such a big grin on her face. “Why are you smiling like that?” She whispered.

“Because, your daughter’s abilities are stronger than I thought.” Kat whispered back.

“No worries, Dobson.” Emma reassured him. “I’m just happy to see you’re alright. Do you still hang out in my room?” She wondered.

“I hate to break up your reunion.” Kat interrupted, causing Dobson to disappear. “But we need to test your new found abilities. I feel you should help us get rid of Carl and the poltergeist because according to your mom, Carl followed you home from your friend’s house. By using your friend’s Ouija board, you opened the door for him to attach to you, so it only stands to reason that you need to be part of the energy that pushes him out.” She explained.

“I don’t know how to get rid of him.” Emma said, full of doubt.

“I believe everything happens for a reason. Our paths crossed, so I could teach you how to use and manage your abilities.” Kat surmised. “Do you feel up to learning more about yourself and what you’re capable of doing?” She asked. “If so, my first lesson is: You need to learn how to trust yourself more.”

Lucy was extremely happy with this new turn of events. To say that she felt proud, would be an understatement. She just couldn’t contain herself any longer. She had to show Emma exactly how proud she was, so she wrapped her energy around her daughter again.

Instantly, Emma began to rub her arms. “I feel that tingly feeling again. Is that my mom?”

Kat nodded. She understood how important it was to validate Emma’s feelings right away. This was the first part of her schooling, helping her to understand what she feels, hears, and sees.

Tuning into Kat in that moment, made Lucy realize how fortunate Emma was to have Kat in her life. Knowing that her daughter was being guided down an enlightened path, helped with the regret that she felt for pushing her own abilities away. Best of all, Lucy would learn everything right along with her.

“Hi, Mom.” Emma held back her tears. “I miss you so much. I’ll recognize you from now on.” Her tears could no longer be contained spilling out over the rims of her eyes to trail down her cheeks.

“Hi, Sweetie pie. I miss you too.” Lucy wished Emma could hear her.

“I think I heard her.” Emma’s face lit up.

“What did she say?” Kat was testing her.

“She said, ‘Hi, Sweetie Pie’. She always called me that.” Emma’s tears began anew, but these tears were different. They were tears of excitement because she finally got what she wished for. To talk to her mom.

“Was that all you heard?” Kat pushed her to sense more.

“I think there was more, only, it was kind of muffled, so I couldn’t understand what else she was saying.” Emma tried her best to decipher her mother’s words in her head.

“That’s okay.” Kat reassured her. “You’re right. She called you sweetie pie. The part you didn’t hear was when she was saying she missed you too.” She validated.

“I sure wasn’t expecting anything like this to happen to me today.” Emma said. “But I was very excited to talk to you about the stuff breaking in our house because you said you were a ghost hunter, and on top of that, you’re also a psychic.” She marveled.

“I must admit that I was drawn to your father’s ad for a housekeeper. Now, I know why.” Kat tugged at the bottom of her dark green blouse. “To help you get rid of your ghost problem.” She smiled.

Suddenly, Michael pulled his car into the driveway and looked at them with a puzzled expression on his face.

“What will your dad think about all of this?” Kat asked, as she waved to Michael.

“I believe, after he received a sign from my mom, he’s more open to the idea of spirits and the afterlife than he used to be.” Emma speculated.

Come back next week, to see how Michael reacts to his daughter being psychic. Thanks for visiting. Bye for now.


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