Lucy in the Afterlife: Kat’s First Day (Part 2)

By Paula Bianchi –

“Shhh.” Kat put her finger to her lips to quiet Lucy, then, she motioned for her to go outside, so Lucy followed her out the front door and half way down the street, until she finally stopped under a tree between two houses.

“That negative energy wasn’t there five days ago.” Kat declared. “Where did it come from?” She asked.

“It’s a spirit we call, greasy Carl.” Lucy began. “He came through a Ouija, that Emma used at her friend’s house, pretending to be me. Afterwards, he followed her home. Ben was able to push Carl out of the house, but he never really left. He’s been lurking around the house waiting for a chance to get back in.

“Then, a couple of nights ago, I encouraged Emma to use a pendulum to talk to me. It started off great. I was in control of it, until suddenly, Carl was there, and he pushed me away. Now, he’s hiding from Ben, and he’s not alone.” Lucy felt such a sense of relief sharing this story, and she wasn’t quite sure why.

“No. He’s not alone.” Kat agreed. “Carl has a poltergeist with him, and he’s controlling it.” She said, to her new ghostly friend.

“A poltergeist?” Lucy vaguely remembered seeing something about this kind of manifestation on the ghost shows she watched with Emma. “Is that a ghost?” She speculated.

“No. They’re made of pure energy, and they’re usually created by the living from our negative thoughts and feelings. Especially if the person, is gifted like me.” Kat smiled a modest grin. “Most of the time, this type of energy is created by teens, who are going through puberty, and because their thoughts and emotions are all over the place, they can unknowingly create what is known as, a PK manifestation.” She explained.

“Yes, I’m familiar with those because Emma created one right after my death, and it looked like a misty gray cloud.” Lucy shared.

“Well, Carl has highjacked that cloud. It no longer belongs to Emma because Carl is charging it with his own negative energy. Now, it belongs to him.” Kat warned.

“Can you help us get rid of both of them?” Lucy asked, staring directly into the most beautiful pair of emerald green eyes she had ever seen.

“I believe I can.” Kat assured her, as she unconsciously ran her hand up and down the strap of her brown purse. “There are things I can do to make him leave, then after he’s gone, I’ll teach your family how to get rid of the poltergeist.”

“Thank you so much.” Lucy said, her voice was full of gratitude because hearing that was like music to her ears. She wished, with all of her heart, that she could give Kat a big hug, then out of the blue, and much to Lucy’s surprise, she suddenly felt a deep connection to the beautiful, short, red head standing in front of her, and she had no clue why.

“I’ll go to the store and the cleaners before I stop by my house to pick up some things I’ll need.” Kat shared, as she started walking back to her car. “I think Emma should help us get rid of Carl, since she was the one, he followed in the first place.” She added.

“I don’t want Emma anywhere near that greasy slime.” Lucy declared. The tone of her voice made Kat come to an abrupt halt.

“If my feelings are correct about your daughter, she needs to take control of her abilities now, or she’ll create another PK manifestation to replace the one that was stolen from her.” Kat tried to convey the importance of what she was saying.

“What if he hurts her, or even worse, what if he attaches to her?” Lucy’s concern could not be denied.

“I understand your fears, but I truly believe that this is why I’ve come into Emma’s life.” Kat replied. “I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be your daughter’s mentor.” She smiled in the most comforting way.

“Will you do your best to protect Emma?” In that moment, Lucy’s fears melted away because deep inside, she knew Kat was right, but she just needed to hear some kind of reassurance that her daughter would be all right.

“I’ll be right by her side. Besides, you’ll be there with us, so you can help me protect her too.” Kat reassured her. “Now, I have a question for you.” She paused for a moment as she stared at Lucy. “I’m being told you have psychic abilities too.” She shared.

“Who told you?” Lucy looked all around them, but she didn’t see anyone there.

“My spirit guide, Rose, but she’s not physically here. She’s in heaven.” Kat explained.

“So only you can hear her?” Lucy tried to understand.

“Yes.” Kat answered, though she seemed a little distracted as she was obviously listening to someone. “I have a woman here who tells me she’s your guide. She says her name is Sondra.” She said, with a little glimmer in her eyes.

“That’s her name!” Lucy was floored. “What else is she saying?”  

“She’s telling me we were supposed to meet because we have a lot to teach one another.” Kat grinned, as she tossed her purse into her car.

“Really?” Lucy didn’t know what to think. Considering her present circumstances though, she was up for anything.

“Yep.” Kat walked around to the driver’s side of her vintage, light-blue, 240Z and got in. “I’ll be back in a little bit, and we’ll go over our plan for Carl. See ya soon.” She started her car and began to pull away, but for some reason, she suddenly stopped and turned her head calling out the window, “I’ll see you too, Dobson!” She pointed to the empty space next to Lucy before she left.

Without any warning, Dobson materialized next to Lucy surprising the hell out of her.

“Whoa!” Lucy drifted back from the shock of seeing him standing there. “Were you here the whole time?” She never felt his presence.

“How did she know I was here?” Dobson puzzled, while he shoved his hands into the pockets of his blue jeans.

“At least I don’t have to explain everything to you.” Lucy floated towards the backyard. “We can’t talk about this in the house with Carl around.” She said, as Dobson followed her.

“I know. That’s why she told you to come out here.” Dobson understood the importance of keeping Carl in the dark.

“So, how are we going to tell Ava and Ben? I’ve never seen them leave the house.” Lucy pondered.

“You’re right. They never leave this house.” Dobson responded in the saddest tone.

“We have to let them know that Kat’s going to help us get rid of Carl and that black cloudy poltergeist.” Lucy couldn’t keep herself from smiling. Help had arrived just like her grandmother said it would. She felt in awe and her face was glowing because of it.

“I think we can let them know Kat’s helping us without going into the details of how.” Dobson pointed out.

“That won’t be very hard because we really don’t know how she’s going to do it.” Lucy chuckled.

Dobson kind of laughed too remembering Kat didn’t say what she had to get from her house. “Are you okay with Emma helping Kat?” He asked.

“I don’t know what it is about her.” Lucy stated, very calmly. “I feel nothing but trust for her, so yes, I’m happy that Kat’s going to teach Emma how to use her abilities.” She answered, hoping her daughter would embrace her heritage like Lucy should have.

“Aren’t you afraid Carl will try to do something to her when they make him leave?” Dobson’s concern was undeniable because it was obvious that he had a crush on Emma.

“I have my fears, but what matters is, Kat believes she can help. I’m trusting that and you should too.” Lucy said, realizing that Dobson had feelings for her daughter.

“Okay. I’ll trust her.” Dobson relented. “I’m not going anywhere though. I want to be right there in case Emma needs me.” He declared.

“I want to be right there too.” Lucy agreed. “Do you know where Ava and Ben are hiding?” She asked, as she bent over to brush Dobson’s dirty blonde hair out of his eyes with her fingers. It made her a little sad though because she missed being able to touch her family.

“They always hide in the basement.” Dobson said, as a matter of fact.

Within a blink of an eye, they both materialized in the basement together.

“Ava! Ben!” Lucy called out.

Both Ava and Ben appeared, out of nowhere, in the dark, musty basement.

“What happened?” Ava asked, full of concern, while Ben just stood there waiting for an answer.

“Kat said she’s going to help us!” Lucy exclaimed, then, she was suddenly taken aback by the look of fear on their faces. “What is it? Don’t you like Kat?” She asked, trying to figure out this enigma.

“We like her just fine, but we’re afraid she’s going to make us leave too.” Ava said, quivering at the thought of it.

Ben nodded his agreement. He put his arm around Ava’s shoulders and gave her a little squeeze as a sign of solidarity.

“I don’t think she’ll make you guys leave.” Lucy tried to give them some piece of mind. “When Kat gets back, I’ll ask her if what she’s going to do to make Carl leave will make us leave too.” She really hoped it wouldn’t.

“Hey!” Dobson interrupted them. “Do you feel that?” He shuddered.

A dark, heavy energy fell upon them in the basement, and it crackled with electricity all around them.

“That bitch ain’t making me go nowhere.” Carl’s disembodied voice filled the room. “This is my house now.” He cackled.

Ben was scanning the room for just a glimpse of greasy Carl, so he could tackle him out of the house for the last time, but he knew Carl would never allow himself to be vulnerable again because he knew how strong Ben was.

“What’s the matter?” Lucy taunted him. “Are you afraid of Kat?” She was trying her best not to show any sign of fear just like her grandma told her to do.

“Why should I be afraid of her?” Carl said, in a menacing way. “I’ve got my little friend.” He boasted.

The crackling sound in the room became louder as the electrical charge grew stronger, until it took the shape of a rather large black cloud that was swirling and undulating over their heads. It was quite menacing.

Lucy looked at her ghostly roommates, and it bothered her to see any ounce of fear in them. Except for Ben, who acted as if he was taking it all in with stride.

With the sound building and overtaking the room, Lucy wrapped her arms around Dobson and Ava. She nodded, looking up towards the room above, encouraging them to follow her, where promptly, they all popped into the living room together, but the swirling black cloud followed them, and it looked like it was extremely angry as it spun around the room knocking some pictures off the wall and magazines off the coffee table.

Lucy and her roommates were all huddled together in the center of the room because they were afraid to move.

As the black cloud picked up its momentum, it shredded through the foyer before it moved into the kitchen, where Lucy could hear, the cabinet doors opening and stuff being tossed out all over the floor.

Suddenly, without any warning, all the chaos came to an abrupt halt at the same exact moment Kat slipped her key into the door knob. When she entered, she was shocked by the site that greeted her.

“Oh my!” Kat exclaimed, as she surveyed the terrible mess that was left behind by the resident poltergeist. “This haunting is a lot more complicated than I thought.” She said, tucking her strawberry blonde hair behind her ear.  

Come back next Tuesday to see how Lucy, and her new psychic friend, Kat, deal with this terrible poltergeist. Thanks for the visit. Stay safe. Bye for now.


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