Lucy in the Afterlife: Validation

By Paula Bianchi –

“Did you see that? She could see us.” Dobson bounced around the foyer full of excitement.

“She winked at us.” Ava said, with disbelief.

“I really liked her, Dad.” Emma’s voice interrupted their discussion. “Maybe we should have Kat investigate our house, so we can figure out what’s going on here.” When Michael didn’t respond, Emma touched his shoulder, “Dad?” she said, and gave him a little shake to bring him out of his revere.

“Come in here for a moment.” Michael snapped out of it and guided Emma into the living room where they each took a seat on the couch.

“Are you okay?” Emma was beginning to feel a little concerned about her dad.

“Something very strange happened to me in my office tonight, just before Kat arrived, that I can’t explain away.” Michael ran his fingers through his black hair. “I’m not sure what to make of it, but I hope it was real.” His voice trailed off, but his face was still aglow with his paranormal experience.

“What happened, Dad?” Emma’s curiousity was piqued because she had never seen her father act this way before.

Lucy sat down in the chair across from Michael and Emma, while Dobson, Ava, and Ben decided to hover above the unfolding scene below.

“When you first told me, you thought your mother had given you that necklace,” Michael pointed to the gold ‘L’ hanging from a chain around her neck, “I honestly didn’t believe you, honey, but I do now.” He spun his wedding ring around his finger and tears began to gather in his eyes.

Recognizing what her father was feeling, Emma reached over and took his hand. “It feels wonderful doesn’t it?” She whispered to him.

Michael nodded before he whispered back, “It does.”

Not wanting to waste an opportunity, Lucy floated over and gave them both a hug.

“Do you feel that, Dad?” Emma asked, as the hair on the back of her arms stood straight up.

“I feel my heart racing again.” Michael shared with some concern, as he took a few deep breaths to try and calm it.

“That’s Mom.” She smiled and gave his hand a squeeze. “Now, when I feel that tingling feeling all over my body, I picture Mom giving me a hug. You feel it in your heart, so don’t forget that feeling because it has nothing to do with your health. I’ve read about this in one of my metaphysical books.” Emma instinctually knew her dad was becoming more open to this than he had ever been before. “Did she give you a sign?” She asked, but judging from the look on his face, she already knew he experienced something very profound.

“While I was in my office,” Michael began, “I noticed our wedding rings sitting on my desk in front of our wedding photo. That’s when I asked you if you had gone through your mother’s jewelry, or if you, had been in my office. After you said it wasn’t you, I went back into the office and sat down holding our rings and staring at our picture, when suddenly, our song started to play on the CD player.” He looked at his daughter waiting to see if she thought he was going crazy or something.

Lucy couldn’t believe this was finally happening. For the first time, since her death, she felt a connection with her husband and daughter causing her to feel a new energy surging inside of her, and it was unlike any she had ever felt before.

Without saying a word, Emma gave Michael a big hug, then, she pulled away to look him in the eye and said, “I believe you.”

“I can’t believe how much I needed to hear you say that.” Michael’s shoulders relaxed as he let out a sigh of relief. It felt good to be validated. Now, Lucy could feel how he wished he would have been more supportive of Emma’s experience.

“Monday can’t get here fast enough for me. I have so many questions to ask Kat. She may be able to find out why things are breaking around here.” Emma got up to retreat to her room but hesitated for a moment. “Just remember, what you experienced was real, Dad.” She said, before she turned to leave.

“I will.” Michael affirmed. He stood up and walked, with a little pep in his step, towards his office, but just as he reached the foyer, Justin came running down the stairs in a hurry.

“Where are you going?” Michael asked, reaching his arm out in front of Justin stopping him in his tracks.

“I’ve got a date.” Justin answered, as he tried to move past his dad.

“Really? With whom?” Michael stopped him again.

“I’ve been seeing a girl from school.” Justin said, with an exasperated sigh.

“I’m going to need a little more than that please. What’s her name, and what grade is she in?” Michael crossed his arms across his chest.

“Geez, Dad, you’re making me late.” The sound of a horn honking in front of the house punctuated his statement. “See.” Justin tried to walk by.

“I’m sorry,” Michael stopped him again, “but you’re not going anywhere until you answer my questions.” His voice dripped with stern authority.

“Her name is Heather, and she’s a junior. Now, can I go?” Justin stood there, staring at the floor, waiting for his dad to verbally release him.

“You didn’t say where you’re going.” Michael was trying to look Justin in the eye, but his son kept avoiding any prolonged eye contact.

“First, we’re gonna get a hamburger or something, then, we’re gonna hang out at her house for a while.” Justin said, as his eyes darted from the ceiling to the door to his feet, then back to the door again.

Michael was quiet for a moment. Lucy reach out to connect with him, and she finally heard what she’s been waiting to hear. He had concerns about how their son was acting.

“Okay, but be home by 11:00.” Michael stepped aside.

“But there’s no school tomorrow. How about 12:00?” Justin asked, finally looking his dad square in the eye for a fleeting moment before he quickly looked away.

In that short moment, Michael saw it. Justin’s pupils were dilated so big that you could barely see any color but black in his eyes.

“11:30 then and no later.” Michael compromised, as he made a mental note that he was going to find out about what was going on with his son, but he knew now wasn’t the time, so he let him go.

“Okay.” Justin said, grudgingly before he left without another word.

 Lucy stood there with Michael staring at the front door.

“What do I do now, Lucy?” Michael asked out loud. When he was met with quiet, he scoffed at himself for asking.

“You’re doing it!” Lucy yelled, just as Michael turned and walked away to his office. “You’re paying attention now.” She called out to his retreating back.

“He knows about Justin!” Dobson exclaimed.

Ava, Ben, and Dobson gathered around Lucy patting her on the back for what she had accomplished.

“You did it.” Dobson beamed. “They saw your signs, and Michael is wondering about Justin.”

“All of that with Justin was an added bonus. I sure hope Remy and Sondra were watching.” Lucy tugged at the bottom of her navy blazer. She had never felt this level of energy coursing through her before. This one moment of her spiritual time, was the most fulfilling she’s experienced so far because all she ever really wanted was to let her family know that she was okay, but knowing Michael was on to Justin, was definitely the icing on the cake.

“I’m certain they saw everything.” Ava squeezed Lucy’s arm. “You feel different. There’s an energy around you that wasn’t there before.” She noted, before she pulled her hand away.

“I do feel different. Lighter is the only way I can describe it.” Lucy proceeded to fly around the living room. “And recharged!” She giggled, as she darted here and there with lightning speed.

“I can’t wait for Kat to come back.” Dobson stated. “I want to talk with her because I know she can probably hear me.”

To Lucy’s surprise, Ben nodded his agreement, so she floated down to stand next to him.

“You like Kat, Ben?” Lucy asked.

“I sure do, Miss Lucy. There’s just something about her.” Ben seemed to be in awe of the new housekeeper.

“Maybe she can help me with Justin.” Lucy was thrilled with the thought of this possibility. “I’m going to hang out with Emma for a while. I’ll catch up with you guys later.” She told them before she disappeared from view.

Popping into Emma’s room, Lucy floated over to one side of the room and decided she should hover up by the ceiling because she wanted to stay out of Emma’s way.

From this vantage point, Lucy watched as Emma sorted through Lucy’s jewelry. All of the necklaces and bracelets were spread out across her bed to make her job a little easier. She had already hung up the display hooks on her wall, and she was in the process of hanging the jewelry back on them.

Lucy surveyed the room and noticed a rather long cardboard box sitting on the floor. The picture on the side took away the mystery of what was inside. It was a short black bookcase. When she looked around the room, she understood why Emma needed of one.

Books were shattered here and there making Emma’s room look like it was in a bit of disarray. There was one book, in particular, that was screaming out to Lucy. It sat under the jewelry hooks on the wall, which were partly filled with necklaces.

Moving closer to the book, so she could see it better, Lucy read the simple title: The Pendulum, and on the cover, was a picture of a thumb and forefinger pinching a single gold chain with a weighted gold ball hanging from the end of it. The chain was attached to the top of the ball, and the ball came to a point on the opposite side.

Suddenly, Lucy remembered owning a pendulum, and she quickly searched through the jewelry hanging from the hooks. Sure enough, there it was. She had kept it all these years because her grandmother had given it to her, when she was young. Then, a thought occurred to her. What if she could talk to Emma through the pendulum? Just the idea of it, filled her with so much joy, but how was she going to get Emma to use it.

A plan came to Lucy rather quickly, so without any hesitation, she approached the pendulum, hanging from a hook, and sent as much energy as she could to make it fall down on top of the book below.

The pendulum began to shake causing it to slowly slide off the hook and bounce with a loud ‘thud’ off the book to land quietly on the carpet.

Emma spun around to see what had caused the noise. Her eyes searched the scene looking for anything that might be out of place, then, she spied the gold pendulum sitting next to a book bearing the same name. She walked over and picked it up. Pinching the chain under an orange bead, she held up the cone shaped pendulum in front of her then glanced down at the book.

“Do you want me to use this, Mom?” Emma said, looking up at the ceiling, then, she pressed the pendulum to her chest, while, a beautiful smile lit up her face.

Come back next Tuesday for my next installment of: Lucy in the Afterlife, to see how well it goes for Emma and her pendulum. Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again soon. Bye for now.


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