Lucy in the Afterlife: Justin’s Changed (Part 1)

By Paula Bianchi –

After following her son for a few weeks, Lucy was disheartened by what she had witnessed. Justin was a full-blown addict along with his new friends. She could see how he was pulling himself away from his father, Michael, and his sister, Emma. To make matters worse, she was still waiting for Remy to return. When he told her to be patient, he sure wasn’t kidding.

Every time Justin’s alarm would go off in the morning, Lucy would remind herself to be patient. Whenever she watched him getting high, she reminded herself to be patient. Each time he would lie to Michael, she tried, extremely hard, to be patient, but her patience was wearing thin.

Sitting on the couch in the living room, Lucy had given up, and she was well beyond her feelings of desperation. She had even contemplated going to heaven, so she could better help her son, but she quickly pushed that thought away because her family still needed her.

“You’re not following Justin today?”

“No.” Ava’s question was a welcomed interruption from the wave of thoughts that kept washing over Lucy. “I think I’ve seen enough of what my son and his friends are up to. With each passing day, the Justin I know keeps drifting farther away.” Lucy said, with much sadness.

Ava carefully gathered up the folds in her white, Victorian dress, and took a seat beside Lucy. They were developing a close relationship. Ava was Lucy’s sounding board, and she always showed up, when Lucy needed her the most because they were tuned into each other.

“I know how hopeless you’re feeling. It’s never easy watching your child hurt himself.” Ava pointed out.

“Justin’s stealing from our house and Michael now. I’m sure Lori has a hand in that.” Lucy stated as a matter of fact. “I can see the influence she’s having on his behavior and choices now.”

“I had heard stories about attachments, but this is the first time I’m seeing it firsthand.” Ava shared.

“I still can’t believe it’s viewed as a normal thing that spirits do.” Lucy snapped. “I would never do that to anyone.”

“I wouldn’t either.” Ava agreed.

Dobson suddenly popped into the Livingroom and startled Lucy and Ava. He seemed very adjugated.

“Lucy quick! You have to come with me. Justin and his friends cut school again, and their breaking into cars for money.”

It would seem that Dobson had taken it upon himself to help Lucy out. He would go with her when she followed Justin. At first, it annoyed her to no ends, but now she was grateful for his company. In his own way, he has helped Lucy to try to accept the worst of what she saw her son doing.

“I can’t go watch him, Dobson. I know more than any mother should ever know about their child. Watching him make all these negative choices, is heartbreaking to me, and knowing he has a spirit attached to him, who’s encouraging him to make these choices, is killing me right now.” Lucy sank back into her seat with defeat.

“I’m sorry, Lucy.” Dobson empathized. “Would you like me to keep an eye on him for you?” He asked, trying to be helpful.

“Thank you, Dobson. That sounds like a great idea. I expect a full report when you get back.” Lucy decided it was better to keep him busy instead of having him mope around the house.

Without another word, Dobson’s white orb took flight out through the front room window.

“There’s nothing I can do to help him, Ava.” Lucy couldn’t hold back her tears any longer, so she let the flood gates open and gave into her fears.

“You’ve been trying your best, Dear.” Ava wrapped her arm around Lucy’s shoulders and embraced her in a motherly hug.

“Remy told me to be patient. He said he would return.” Lucy said, between sobs. “Why hasn’t he come yet?” She wondered, as she tucked her short, auburn hair behind her ear.  “I don’t know how much longer I can wait, while Justin keeps getting worse every day.”

As Lucy started to compose herself, she began to hear a strange sound playing in the distance.

“Do you hear that?” Lucy asked, then, she realized it was music, but it sounded so foreign to her.  “What kind of music is that? I’ve never heard anything like it. It’s so beautiful and calming.”

“It’s called celestial music, and it comes from heaven.” Ava told her. “Sometimes we can hear it when we’re feeling upset, but it’s also used as a way to announce the arrival of someone from heaven.”

As soon as the words had left Ava’s lips, Lucy was surprised see Remy’s familiar golden orb drifting down through the ceiling, then, he materialized right in front of Ava and Lucy. The sound of the astral music faded away.

Lucy was going to launch herself off the couch, but Remy signaled for her to remain in her seat as he sat down in the chair next to her, and she noticed something different about him this time. She could see his glowing, white aura shimmering all around him. It moved like it had a life of its own.

“I was beginning to think you’d never come.” Lucy blurted. “What took you so long?”

“You need to remember, Lucy, that we are on two different planes of time. For me, I was gone for but a moment, while here much time has passed since we were last together.” Remy explained.

“Are you still aware of what’s going on here with my son?” Lucy needed to know how much she should tell him about what’s happened with Justin.

“If you’ll please, excuse me.” Ava stated, as she got up to leave the room.

Remy watched Ava’s retreating back, then, he turned all of his attention to Lucy and her concerns.

“I am current on all that has happened.” Remy answered.

“How can you be so calm with knowing all the negative things Justin’s doing right now?” Lucy was beginning to wonder if he ever had any intentions about helping her.

“I do wish to help you, Lucy.” Remy read her thoughts. “There is only so much I can share with you about your son and his choices.”

“Then, please, tell me what you can.” Lucy begged.

“It is up to you to ask me what you want know. I will share with you all that I can.” Remy instructed. “But first you should know, I cannot remove Lori from your son.”

Lucy couldn’t hide her disappointment, as her tears were threatening to fall again. She pulled herself together quickly though pushing down her anger and frustration. She was trying hard to regain her composure. Lashing out at Remy, would do her no good.

Lucy took a deep breath and let it out. “Okay. Then, what can I do to get Lori out of my son?” She began.

“Nothing. Everything is as it should be.” Remy replied simply.

“What do you mean by that?” Lucy tried to fight down her ire. “You’re saying my son was supposed to be a drug addict, and Lori was supposed to be attached to him?” She jumped up out of her seat because her agitation was beginning to get the best of her, and she started pacing around the room to relieve it.

“Are you sure you really want to know the answer to that?” Remy calmly asked.

“Well, of course I want to know, or I wouldn’t have asked.” Lucy stopped and stood right in front of him with her hands on her hips.

“You have finally asked the right questions.” Remy’s pale blue eyes twinkled. “Come, sit.” He patted her spot on the couch.

In my next installment of, Lucy in the Afterlife, Lucy learns more than she expected. Thanks for the visit. Hope to see you again. Bye for now.


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