Lucy in the Afterlife: Lori’s Story (Part 2)

By Paula Bianchi –

When Lori’s mom instructed Lucy, with her beamed thoughts, she turned around and saw the storage building, where she said to meet, on the left side of the property. Without any hesitation, she floated through one of the walls.

For a storage building, it was very organized and neat. Lucy scanned the interior for Lori’s mom, when, she finally spotted her in the back of the 16’x16’ room, and she quickly joined her.

“We can speak freely here. I don’t know why, but he never comes in here. I think it’s because this is where both Lori and I died, and he was responsible for our deaths.” She gave a little sigh. “Please, tell me about my daughter.”

“Hi. My name is Lucy. What’s yours?” Lucy felt introductions should come first.

“I’m Ellen, and the man that knocked you out of the house was my husband, Bob. Now, where’s Lori?”

“Lori’s at my house, which isn’t that far from here. She told us she died in a car accident. Is that true?” Lucy wanted to know if Lori had lied to them.

“No. She died from a drug overdose, in this building, after her father beat her for trying to protect me and her sister, Chrissy. Lori and I always took the brunt of his anger to draw his attention away from my youngest.” Ellen explained. “We always joined forces to keep her safe, and Lori did her best to protect me from him too.” A single tear rolled down her bruised cheek.

“Did you know Lori was doing drugs?” Lucy was curious to know.

“Not until after she died.” Ellen’s gaze fell downward as her grief began to show. “Chrissy told me about how Lori chose to deal with the abuse she endured day after day, then, Lori told me herself after I died too.”

“How did you die, Ellen?” Lucy had a feeling she already knew the answer.

“One day, Bob was in a fit of rage, and without Lori being here, he began to hit Chrissy without mercy. I stepped in-between them, so he could take it out on me instead. I told Chrissy to run and this infuriated him.

“Chrissy listened to me, and when Bob and I heard the front door slam, he became a monster. He kicked and punched me so hard and so many times, I began to feel numb as I laid in the middle of the kitchen floor, which was splattered with my blood.

“He stopped suddenly and announced he was going to get his gun and finish me once and for all. After he casually walked away, I summoned all my strength and managed to get myself out into the storage building, but it was his work shop back then. I died right here, where we’re standing, coughing up blood from my internal injuries.” This memory caused Ellen to begin coughing into her hand, and when she pulled her hand away, it was full of blood, but only for an instant.

“Bob came out, with his gun, and found me dead. He went into panic mode because he knew Chrissy was probably telling the police about what he had done to her, so he took a few steps out of the building, put the gun in his mouth and blew the back of his head off.” Ellen finished her gruesome story.

“Did you see Lori right away?” Lucy asked, while trying to get this terrible image out of her head.

“Yes, I did. I felt horrible that she had to watch the death of her parents. I was so happy to be with her again. We tried to stay in this building as much as we could, but when we realized that Bob’s spirit was still in the house, Lori and I started taking turns going in because we knew he was still trying to get to Chrissy, but Lori disappeared one day, and I haven’t seen her since.” Ellen started to wring her hands with worry.

“I met Lori on the day that I died. I ended up at home with no memory of how I got there. I still can’t remember.” Lucy shook off a flash of memory, of seeing herself driving in her car on the freeway.

“I just found out that Lori followed my fifteen-year-old son, Justin, one day as he walked past your house, on his way home from school, a couple of years ago. She followed him because he started using drugs.” She paused for a minute. “But the reason why I’m here, is Lori has attached herself to my son, and I was hoping you’d come to my house to help me get her out.” Lucy braced herself. She had no idea how this information was going to be received.

Ellen sunk to the ground. “I’ve never left here before. Will I be able to come back?” She asked. “I can’t abandon Chrissy. Bob keeps trying his best to hurt her.”

“I’ll bring you back myself if that’s okay with you.” Lucy reassured her.

“Alright. I’ll go with you.” Ellen got up and looked to Lucy for guidance on how to proceed.

“Now,” Lucy took her hand, “close your eyes and just think fly.” An image, in Ellen’s thoughts, of Peter Pan filled her mind, making Lucy smile. Maybe there were a few perks to being dead after all, she thought. She pulled Ellen up and through the roof, and she could feel her excitement to be flying above the trees and houses.

The sun was just peeking above the eastern horizon as they reached their destination. Lucy dove, towing Ellen behind her, through the ceiling of her two-story Victorian home straight into Justin’s room where he still laid asleep in his bed.

Standing next to her son’s bed with Ellen, Lucy began to relate how Lori had attached herself to Justin through a hole, on his back, in his aura .

“I’ve heard about how spirits can attach themselves, but I don’t understand why Lori would want to do that to another soul.” Ellen’s voice was heavy with sadness.

“From what I’ve learned so far, she did it because she still wants to feel how she did when she was using drugs.” Lucy tried to explain. “Once she attached to him, she can influence my son to keep getting high.”

Lucy could see this news was not sitting well with Ellen. The lost look on her face spoke volumes, then, it was like a switch went off inside of her. Lucy watched as Ellen bent down close to Justin’s back.

“Lori Ann! You get out of this boy this instant!” Ellen screamed.

At the base of Justin’s neck, Lori slowly began to inch her way out of the hole in his aura, until, Lucy could see her head, shoulders, and arms hanging out.

“Mom! What are you doing here?” Lori’s eyes showed her disbelief.

“I can ask the same thing of you. Why did you leave me? You know that monster is still after your sister.” Ellen started wringing her hands with worry again.

Lucy wanted to jump in so bad, but she had a feeling she should wait to see what Ellen could do first.

“I left because I didn’t want to be around ‘him’ anymore. It felt like I escaped from hell, and I’m not going back. Chrissy will be fine.” Lori flatly told her. “You can leave too, Mom. You don’t have to stay there.”

“He’s just waiting for a chance to hurt her and you know it.” Ellen chided. “And what about this boy?Why are you attaching yourself to him?”

“After I finally got up the courage to leave our house, I saw this boy walk by, and there was just something about him that drew me to him, so I decided to follow him to his house. Anywhere would be better than living with a monster.” Lori was trying her best to get her mother to understand her choice.

“Later I realized, I was drawn to him that day because it was the first time, he got high. Being around Justin, makes me feel good. I finally feel free. No more Bob, to haunt me.” Lori smiled at the thought of no longer being around her tormentor because he was still trying to hurt her.

“Please! Listen to me. We have to get back to protect Chrissy. Come with me now.” Ellen sounded desperate.

“You can go if you want, Mom, but I’m never going back, and you can’t make me.” Lori began to sink back into Justin.

“Leave my son alone! Get out! Go!” Lucy yelled at Lori, but she kept sinking farther into her son.

“I’ll leave when Justin asks me to go.”  Lori said, before her head disappeared from view.

Feeling so defeated, Lucy slumped down on the bed thinking; How will I ever get her out of Justin?

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t help you.” Ellen apologized. “I wish I could have talked her into leaving with me, but she’s right about one thing, it sure does feel good to be away from Bob.”

When Lucy looked up at Ellen, she saw a familiar orb floating down from the ceiling behind her. It floated a couple of feet above the floor for a moment or two, then, Remy materialized before them.

Lucy jumped up right away. “Lori’s still in Justin. What do I do now? Bringing her mother here didn’t help at all.” She said with exasperation.

“I am sorry, Lucy, but I did not come to speak with you.” Remy explained, then, he turned to Ellen. “Are you ready to come with me now?”

Come back next Tuesday to see how Remy helps Ellen. Thanks for your visit. Bye for now.


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