Metaphysical: The Afterlife

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By Paula Bianchi –

This subject has always been of great interest to me especially after my Dad and Mom passed. When I reached this pivotal point in my life, I was so grateful for my interest in metaphysics and love for past-lives and the afterlife. If it wasn’t for all the books and seminars I read and went to, I wouldn’t still have a conscious relationship with my parents because I definitely wanted more than just signs that they were around, and they wanted the same thing for me.

Every author I’ve read on this topic, has their own views
about the afterlife, and I believe all of them to be true. According to what I’ve
read, the afterlife is a vast and never-ending space that looks exactly like
what each individual person imagines, or needs it to be, but it also goes
beyond that.

Just like in life…

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