Metaphysical: The Afterlife

By Paula Bianchi –

This subject has always been of great interest to me especially after my Dad and Mom passed. When I reached this pivotal point in my life, I was so grateful for my interest in metaphysics and love for past-lives and the afterlife. If it wasn’t for all the books and seminars I read and went to, I wouldn’t still have a conscious relationship with my parents because I definitely wanted more than just signs that they were around, and they wanted the same thing for me.

Every author I’ve read on this topic, has their own views about the afterlife, and I believe all of them to be true. According to what I’ve read, the afterlife is a vast and never-ending space that looks exactly like what each individual person imagines, or needs it to be, but it also goes beyond that.

Just like in life, you have the free-will to choose where you want to be when you cross over. Some souls may choose to remain on the Earth plane holding themselves here for a reason of their own making. They join the unending number of souls, both negative and positive, that occupy the same space as we do while we’re living here. Some may choose to interact with us in a positive way and others may wish to make our lives a living hell. This is why we should all make a conscious effort to spiritually secure our houses and our auras from any unwanted spirits who pass by and feel the need to mess with us or just tag along in our lives.

We’re all born to die. It’s the circle of life on this planet. This mind game follows us throughout our lives. We can either fuel it with positive thoughts or screw with our heads by sinking into worrisome thoughts about how, why, and when we’ll die.

No matter how it happens, we’ll all experience the same feeling of popping out of our bodies and looking down at our empty shells. I was very fortunate to be in contact with my Mom 3 hours after she died through my psychic friend, Lexi. Mom described what had happened to her when she died. She said it was just like I told her it would be. She popped out of her body and was looking down at it, when she noticed a bright light coming from her closet. She turned to look at it, and she noticed a line of people waiting for her in the light. I knew Lexi was talking with my Mom because of her description of who Mom wanted to see when she passed. First in line was her own dad, (who she hadn’t seen since she was 9 yrs. old), then her husband (my dad), mom, and sister. I never told Lexi the order of the people my Mom wanted to see when she died, but that was exactly what Mom always told me when she was alive.

I later found validation of this when I was going through her stuff. I took a stack of yellow legal writing pads that she loved to write in. I was thumbing through the pages when I found a short note from my Mom to my sister. It said, “Tell Paula I saw a bunch of people coming out of my closet last night. She’ll want to know.” I got goose bumps when I read it with the familiar feeling of being wrapped up in the energy of a spiritual hug. This also proved to me there was a process to dying. She was seeing people before it was time for her to join them. I believe while she slept, they were counselling her and calming her fears about death.

I can see my Mom so clearly in my mind, with her fifties style haircut and red lipstick. She gives me flashes of pictures of the afterlife and what she’s doing now. For the whole first month after she passed, I kept seeing visions of her and my dad dancing, which was something they loved to do when they were here.

There has been more than one occasion where I tried to contact Mom, with my pendulum, but my dad or spirit guide would come because, according to them, she was too busy to visit. My first thought was, what could she possibly be doing?

During my next Automatic Writing session with Mom, I asked her what happened after she died. She showed me, like a home movie on a screen, how the people who met her in the closet guided her to the other side. They all looked like balls of light gliding through a park like scene toward a large group of people who were watching them come closer. Just before the balls of light joined them, they turned into human form again. I could ‘see’ my mom running forward to embrace all the people who gathered there to greet her. It was her homecoming party.

After she showed me her arrival on the other side, she spoke of how she had to attend a class to get re-acquainted with the afterlife. She explained how some souls need to go to resting areas because they’re having a hard time letting go of their physical lives and for other reasons that would be too much to share. Those souls who were negative to the point of being evil, are ushered away to a level in the afterlife that matches their own negative energy. This is why many of these souls choose to remain earthbound. Souls who were murdered, never have to see their murderers in the afterlife. Especially if they were harassed relentlessly in life. 

I asked her why she didn’t come the last time I used my pendulum. She told me she was working and couldn’t leave her tasks. I asked what job she was doing. Her answer was, “Many.” She went on to explain that sometimes she helps souls cross over, or she works with others trying to elevate the energies on Earth to keep us and the Earth safe. She said they combine their energy to try to get us to “choose” not to start wars or kill off our animals and planet. She expressed her happiness in having so many different things she could do now, and she felt so gratified to be busy again. The time had come for me to leave, so I gave her a big hug, then slowly counted myself up and awake.  

Every time I dreamed of a visit with my mom or dad, I learned more about what they were doing now. They were both avid readers and couldn’t wait to show me their library. It was a grand Romanesque building that shined in the sunlight. When they took me in, I was shocked to see the inside look as if it went on forever. They both told me this was their favorite place because it contains every book, magazine, newspaper, or document ever written, since the beginning of time. Even the lost books of Atlantis are there.

I asked them about celebrities on the other side. They explained that they’re pretty much left alone because they have their own work to do, but some of them still love to perform, so the singers and musicians give concerts. Comedians still do their stand-up acts. Actors rejoice in putting on plays. They described these events as something of the likes we’ve never seen because of the number of souls who come to watch far exceeds any attendance we’ve experienced here.

Both my parents shared with me that everything in the afterlife is fueled by our thoughts. You think of a place, and bam, you’re there. You think of your house on Earth and there it is right in front of you. Anything you can think or dream of, appears before you, or you can materialize in any place you want. There are unlimited things you can see or do.

My parents said they could hear my thoughts now that they were in heaven. They were also aware of my purpose for being here. I can ‘feel’ them steering me towards the path I’m supposed to be on. I know my guides are there with them because they won’t let them share my purpose with me. I have to discover it for myself. It sure makes me want to go to another Psychic Seminar. Maybe then I would finally find out why I can’t recall a past-life. Is the time finally right for me to put all the pieces together? There could be a chance that writing this blog is my purpose, or it will lead me to it. I guess I just have to wait and let things unfold as they may.

In my next Mind Games article, I want to talk about being mean. Thank you for sharing your time with me. Bye for now.

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  1. I really like reading this article that I saved it. It gives me assurance that things will be okay when it’s my time to be called back. I know my guides are helping me to move forward to keep experiencing and discovering new things. And the funny thing is, when I do have a thought about someone or something and a vision, it comes to life. Just the other day I was at a party, and I went outside to get some fresh air on the veranda with my glass of wine. Right in front of me was a white building with the numbers 8385. And I was thinking where have I seen those numbers. I realized that I was looking at a business that specializes in flooring for our home next year. It was like the Universe knew what I was thinking.

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    1. Wow. 😊 I love it when I get validated after ‘seeing’ something like that because there’s always a part of ourselves that doubts what’s coming through. Stay grounded and in the light. Thanks for the visit. 😀💜🌷


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