Lucy in the Afterlife: My Guided Tour (Part 2)

By Paula Bianchi –

When Lucy and Keith materialized, they were standing in front of the local bar in the town where Lucy’s parents lived. The town was old, so some of the buildings around her, where in disrepair. This bar, on the corner of the street, seemed to be in the most need of repair, and you could feel it was an historical building. A standing witness to decades of energy happening within and all around it.

If Lucy thought the park was full of spirits, she was surprised to see their numbers had quadrupled, with most of them hanging around the bar.

“Why are all these spirits gathering here?” She asked Keith.

“Shall we enter, so I can show you?” He pointed to the door. “I can explain it better when you see it for yourself.”

The spirits parted as Keith and Lucy walked towards, then through, the door. Nothing could have prepared her for what she saw. Her first instinct was to turn and run, but Keith took her hand, and just the feel of it, calmed her. She felt his energy making her own grow in strength.

“Are my eyes playing tricks on me?” Lucy asked, as she scanned the hopelessly crowded room.

But it wasn’t the living, taking up so much space because, from what Lucy could see, there were five to ten spirits hovering around each living person. What was really weirding her out though, was seeing how these spirits attached themselves to the living.

Lucy focused in on a man at the bar, who was obviously drunk. When she looked closer, she could see the color of his aura seemed murky and full of holes, where she could see a spirit attached to him. In a hole on his shoulder, she could see a male spirit’s head popping out. Another spirit was attached to his back and all she could see was that spirit’s back hanging out, while still more spirits were popping out of his knee and hip. Plus, he had at least ten other spirits hanging around him.

“I’m afraid they’re not.” Keith answered flatly. “There are many reasons why earthbound spirits choose to attach themselves to the living. What you see here, is one of the most prevalent reasons. Addiction.”

“This is all because of addiction? But, we’re dead. How can we still have addictions?”

“Many of us choose to hold on to the life we had, which includes our bad habits.” Keith began. “Just like in life, we’re drawn to energy that’s like our own. A lot of people who are addicted, will carry that with them into the afterlife because they didn’t learn, while they were alive, how to overcome it.”

“Okay. I understand that. Now, please explain why they attach to the living.” Lucy’s next thought was if she was normal for not wanting to attach to anyone.

“Let us leave this place first, then I’ll explain.” Keith took Lucy’s hand, and their orbs shot up through the ceiling. They flew for a short distance, until, they materialized in the town square, which was located across the street from a strip mall.  

Right away, Lucy felt a difference in the energy around her making her feel more relaxed. They took a seat on a bench next to a fountain.

“The reason spirits choose to attach to the living are numerous.” Keith continued. “They attach to addicts, so they can continue to ‘feel’ like they did when they were alive. These spirits gravitate around locations like: bars, places where drugs are being sold and used including homes, and on the streets. They lay in wait, until they sense a person who has the same energy with holes in their auras, then, they hang around that person waiting for the moment, when they can attach themselves.

“Now, not all of us choose to attach to the living. We can get on fine without them, but the ones who do choose to, are exercising their free-will to do so. Is it right? No, but it’s always about free-will.”

“That was my next question.” Lucy chimed in.

“I know.” Keith smiled at her as he twisted each end of his brown mustache.

“What happens to the people we attach to?” Lucy was most curious about this aspect.

“This all depends on the intent of the attachment, and the energy behind it. Spirits with a positive energy, try to influence their living host to do positive things for themselves, but the ones with negative energy, try to influence them to do negative things. Then there are those spirits whose energy is so low that they try to influence just the right person to do evil things. These spirits often work hand in hand with the demons on Earth.

“Demons are the most powerful, negative entities, who are always looking to grow their numbers. They try to possess as many of the living as they can, and they also try to collect us.” Keith looked at her with much concern. “But there are ways we can hide from them.”

“So, that guy in the bar, tell me about the spirits around him. Did any of them have evil intent?” Lucy was feeling a little alarmed about the whole demon thing. To survive in her new reality, she knew she was going to have to learn how to hide.

“No. Those around him only wished to continue with their addiction. They were biding their time waiting for the moment when a new hole opens up in his aura, so they can jump in. Once they’ve attached, they all become a voice in that man’s mind, trying to keep him addicted.” Keith said.

Lucy glanced across the street at the liquor store just as a man, carrying a bag with a bottle inside, came out. Before the door could close, she watched as the spirit of a woman took a running leap and dove into the man’s back. The site of it made her flinch.

“Do all of the living have attachments?” Lucy asked, while thinking how unfair it was to the living.

“Most, I’m afraid, do.” Keith answered. “The only ones who don’t have an attachment are the people who meditate to strengthen their auras, but even some of these people can still have attachments because of like energy.”

“You mean I have them too?” Lucy looked all around her.

“Yes. You had three, but they left when you died.” Keith informed her.

“Who were they?” Lucy was shocked by this revelation. “When did they attach to me?” Her mind began to spin with memories of thoughts she always knew were not her own. The ones she had to do battle over, while she was in college.

“I was told a male spirit attached to you while you were a new born in the hospital. The other two female spirits had each attached to you after the birth of your daughter, then your son, also while you were in the hospital.” Keith answered.

“How do you know all of this about me?” Lucy wanted to know.

“Remy sent me.” He replied. “I’m one of many he plans to send to help you.”

Hearing this, put a huge smile on Lucy’s face, but it was suddenly wiped away, when, a terrible thought occurred to her.

“Do Michael and the kids have attachments too?” Lucy was truly beginning to worry now.

“Yes, and I’m afraid Justin’s in danger of acquiring one more as we speak.” Keith said, with a tone of worry in his voice.

Lucy jumped up off the bench. “Who’s trying to attach to him?” She demanded to know.

“I’m told it’s by a spirit who already lives in the house. Her name is Lori.” Keith told her.

Without saying good-bye, Lucy launched herself into the sky. There was no way she was going to let that girl attach herself to Justin.

Come back next Tuesday to see if Lucy can stop Lori. Thanks for the visit. Hope you like following Lucy. Bye for now.


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