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By Paula Bianchi –

I guess my interest with contacting the other side began with the first card reading I watched my Mom give. I don’t know if she was psychic, but she did very well using a standard deck of cards as her tool for divination. I think it scared her when she predicted two deaths through a couple of readings that she gave to a family friend. Because of this event, she never gave readings again except for a handful of times for me.

My experience with the Ouija boards, my friend and I played with, showed me proof that we live on in a different form after we die. Looking back with all that I know now, I see we were playing with fire, and we’re extremely lucky nothing negative moved into our homes and attached to us. I don’t know whether it was because we threw them away as soon as they swore at us, or if it was our spirit guides protecting us from anything bad. I just realize, now, how serious it could’ve been.

I was often called a sensitive child when I was growing up. I would find myself feeling sad or angry for no reason, and if someone hurt me emotionally, I felt it deeply. (Being molested at the time, didn’t help matters either.) But as I look back on it now, I realize that during all that time, I was an empath. Not only was I dealing with my own emotions, I was also feeling and experiencing the emotions of my friends and family. I even felt the emotions of the strangers I would meet every day.

During my early twenties, I watched, for the first time, a psychic on a show called, “People are Talking.” Her name was Sylvia Browne. I felt drawn to her and read all of her books. I think I own almost every book she’s written. The way she describes the afterlife, just rings true to me.

My friend, Cricket, and I went to see her in a grand auditorium with a large group of people. We all watched her give a few chosen readings. Do I wish I was one of them? Of course, I did, but I understood there were too many people there for me to receive one. It’s thanks to her that I started meditating again.

Now, I know she’s got some critics out there who say she’s fake because she got some predictions wrong, but you can’t wipe out the whole body of this woman’s work because of that. Nobody is perfect in their jobs. You can’t name anyone who hasn’t messed up something or gotten something wrong with their jobs. Everyone makes mistakes. We just need to own it when we do.

Sylvia was the first of many psychics I would follow, and I’ve read all of their books over the years. I consider all them to be my mentors. I discovered that no two psychics are alike. All of them possess different notable psychic abilities. Some may be attuned to just one ability, or they can claim all of them. It just depends on the type of psychic they are.

Here are, what I consider to be, the most notable of these abilities:

  • Clairaudience – is the ability to receive information through paranormal auditory means.
  • Claircognizance – is the ability to receive psychic knowledge by tapping into intrinsic knowledge. (Just know.)
  • Clairsentience – is the ability to physically feel, which means to receive messages through emotions and feelings.
  • Clairvoyance – is the ability to perceive people, objects, locations, or physical events through extrasensory perception.  

These are the baseline abilities. With just one of these abilities, we can then see where our talents may be. One popular type of psychic is the Medium. Mediums channel and communicate with spirits. The Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo, falls into this category of psychics.

Cricket and I have been to see Theresa a few times, and we’ve also seen John Edward, George Anderson, and James Van Praagh. I watched John Edward’s TV show, and I never miss Theresa’s show. My new guilty pleasure is watching Tyler Henry. I also watched, Monica the Medium, and a couple of other shows, but I can’t remember who was on them because I think they were only on for one season.

Even if I never got a reading, I still enjoy seeing other people get theirs. Watching these mediums, has taught me a lot about what happens to us after we die. Once I got past the disappointment of not receiving a message from my Dad, I was able to have a better understanding of how those who have died never leave us.  

After watching so many different readings, I had a better understanding about how experiencing the death of someone close to us, is way harder for us than it is for them. We’re the ones who are left behind forced to live a life without them, but that’s what it boils down to. Accepting their absence in our lives, is the lesson we’re left to learn, then, it’s our mind games about this lesson that can either make or break us. The things we play over and over in our minds will either help or hurt us.

I also understand our loved one’s point of view about leaving us behind when they die. They pop out of their bodies to a different level of reality that’s comprise of pure energy. Not only can they still see, hear, and feel us, but they’re now a fully functional spiritual being with a greater understanding of why we’re all here. They try as hard as they can to let us know they’re okay. Sometimes if we’re too lost in our grief, they can’t get through to us, and it’s hard for them to witness our suffering when their standing right in front of us waving hello. They hug us and try to steer us toward a positive path or to make positive choices.

Some psychics use tools of divination to tap into the spiritual realm. Things like: The Tarot, Rune Stones, I Ching, Dowsing, Automatic Writing, and The Pendulum, to name a few, have been used for centuries. I’ve tried all but two; the I Ching and dowsing. Automatic Writing and the Pendulum, are the tools I use when I want to dial my spiritual phone for a visit with my Mom and Dad.

Psychometry is another ability a psychic may use. With this ability, they can obtain information about a person by touching an object that belonged to them. I know I’m capable of doing this from the couple of times I’ve tried. I was spot on at the Sedona seminar I attended, and when I held a baseball cap, that belonged to my daughter’s boyfriend, I describe what I felt about him and found out later that I was right.

Other abilities like, apportation, astral projection, bilocation, energy medicine or reiki healing, levitation, psychic surgery, psychokinesis, pyrokinesis, remote viewing, retrocognition, scrying, telepathy, and thoughtography, are also skills some psychics may possess.

The last thing I’ve learned on my psychic journey is, anyone can be psychic. It’s an ability we’re all born with, and it’s just sitting there, inside of us, waiting to be discovered. All we need to do is exercise our psychic muscles and practice, practice, practice, then, you need to trust what’s coming through.

In my next mind games article, I’ll talk about jealousy. Thanks for the visit. See ya next time. Bye for now.


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  1. I’ve experienced Clairvoyance many times through dreaming. This does not happen often, maybe only 20 times in my whole life. But the times it has happened I will never forget. I dreamed about objects, events, names, things I could NOT have possibly known. Each time, the message I was picking up interrupted a dream I was already having. For example. I dreamed I was walking home on a plain street. Suddenly, the street became train tracks and there was a train crash. I woke up to find out there had been a train crash and it was on the news. Another time I dreamed I was at a restaurant and someone walked in and announced to me “It’s Paul”. When I woke up, I checked my phone and Paul had texted me. (Btw, Paul was a friend who very rarely texted me) Most recently, I had a dream that I was looking at a canvas tote bag covered in a South Western pattern. I woke up having NO idea why I’d dream such a thing. That day, my friend revealed to me that she kept her mother’s urn of ashes in a tote bag with a Southwestern Motif. I can’t control my ESP/Clairvoyant abilities, they only come to me in dreams. I’ve tried many times to feel or see things while I’m awake to no avail. I’ve meditated trying to get messages, and nothing. It only happens randomly in dreams. Thanks for reading, I enjoy your blog!

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    1. Thank you, retrodee, for your comment and visit. Don’t give up trying to tap into your ability during waking moments. The more you work and practice tuning into it, the more open you’ll be when your guides present you with what you need to do to accomplish your desire to hone your abilities. I enjoyed reading your comment.

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  2. Loved reading your post.
    I’ve never been to a medium or psychic before, but have been told I have a bit abilities myself.
    I think I’ve read most all of Sylvia Browne’s books, and of course watched her on some TV shows. Excellent.

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  3. I can truly relate with having been a sensitive child. I especially had difficulty being around a lot of people all at once. Doctors had diagnosed me with a severe anxiety disorder. The rest of my issues went unexplained, like terrible migraines and vivid nightmares. It wasn’t until after I discovered I was an Empath that I learned how to cope better. I was in high school when I first learned what that meant… Although at the time I thought I was cursed. I didn’t know how to ground myself, protect against the heaviness of hardship. I used to try and watch the news but it would send me into a depression that lasted weeks. It feels like it took so long to get “stable” but I am finding my balance and learning to grow in my gifts. You are very right, we all have psychic abilities. Some perhaps more subtle than others but just as meaningful. I primarily work with oracle cards and Reiki but a Psychic encouraged me to try Automatic writing. I have only tried once so far but feel like it was successful. A book I really love, regarding the afterlife, is Journey of Souls, have you read it? So much of hit home with me.

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    1. I’ve read Journey of Souls. It’s listed it in my recommended reading. It’s one of my favorites too. That author, Michael Newton, PH. D., also wrote Destiny of Souls & Life Between Lives. I love all three! 💜 I think you’ll like them too. Thanks for the visit and I enjoyed your comment. Good luck with your automatic writing. I shared my experiences with AW on my blog if you want to check them out too. 😊💞 Sending light-n-love.

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      1. Yes! I have also read the other two! Thank you, I will definitely check out your post on AW 🙂 I need to set aside time to dive in and see where it takes me. ❤

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  4. I wanted to see Theresa this last time she was on tour in my area. How important do you think good seats are at these types of events? So cool that you have made it to see so many people!

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    1. My first thought was it’s not important, but then I remembered how they tend to be drawn to the seats in front of them and along the aisles. Great experience, but I highly recommend that you don’t build your hopes up too much because they only read between 15 to 30 people.
      The very first medium we went to see was George Anderson, and it seemed like he only read the people that were from a grief group.
      You should go experience it though. 😊👍💞


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