Mind Games: Hate

By Paula Bianchi –

Our planet is governed by two primary emotions: love and hate. It goes without saying which of these emotions we should embrace while we’re living here. The ying and yang of these emotions is what draws us here to Earth because they make it one of the most challenging planets to live on. Learning our lessons here, makes it more appealing to those souls who want to advance at a quicker rate, but there’s one flaw that stands in our way of quickly advancing here. The law of free-will.

When we’re living on the other side, we never have to deal with, or feel, any kind of negativity because we live in the light of God. We plan and map out our next life from a place where we only feel love and respect for one another. It’s not until we join with our Earthly bodies that we feel this negative energy, and we learn more about it from the world around us.

There are many examples of hate here, like, when we hate a place or thing. We may hate things about ourselves, or the actions that we’ve taken in response to our fight or flight instinct, but these kinds of hatred aren’t the ones I want to write about. The kind of hatred that is the most concerning for me is the toxic kind. The hate we feel towards someone who is different than we are. The hate that feeds racism and wars.

It takes a lot of concerted energy to hate someone. Sometimes when you first meet someone, you can feel an instant aversion to that person. You don’t know why, but you just hate them. Most of the time, when we encounter these negative thorns in our side, it’s up to us to learn the lesson they’re presenting. This kind of hate is to be expected, and it’s up to us to rise above the negativity from these people. The true problem comes from when we feel superior or above someone else.

That’s the toxic kind of hate that comes from those individuals who go out of their way to inflict pain or suffering on a person, or people, that they hate. They just hate you because you’re different from them. This kind of hate is in every culture. No one is immune because there’s good and bad in everyone of us. We just have to choose to love instead of hate.     

It bugs me that we live in a society where one race of people believes they’re better than all the rest, and they use their hate, that’s associated with racism, to grow their numbers of like-minded people, so they can push their hate out into the world. The sad part about this kind of hatred is it can start wars and extend our conflicts throughout our world.

Social media has been used as a tool to spread this hate-energy, allowing them to bring more like-minded people together who look down their noses at the different races that live in our world.  I feel nothing but empathy for the people who are persecuted over the color of their skin, or the clothes that they wear, or for their religion, or ethnic background. (I can take it one step further to include homosexuals, transgender people, people who are overweight, and people with disabilities, and etc., but that would be an article all on its own.)

I watch videos of these women calling the cops to report people of color who are just trying to live their lives. I’ve seen clips of people harassing people from other countries for speaking their native tongue and told that they have to speak English here. So what if they’re speaking a different language. Does it bother you because you want to eavesdrop on their conversation? Are you so insecure that your mind game tells you they’re talking about you? And even if they were, so what. Just walk away.

Why do we keep repeating the sins from our past? There has to come a time where we rise above all this hatred and squash all the conflict it causes because we need to do better. We should expect more from ourselves, as a society, to treat each other with respect and dignity. We’re all human beings who want to experience a good life and live in peace, so we can pursue our dreams and learn the lessons we’re supposed to learn.

Sadly, hatred is like a weed, and it can grow faster than the flowers of love we plant. This is why we need to tend to this emotion and cut it back when it grows to keep it from spreading. It saddens me when I cross paths with ethnic people, or people of color, and they won’t smile at me unless I smile first.

Speaking about our race war, has never been easy, but we simply can’t keep sweeping it under the rug anymore. If you peeled back the skin of every human being, we’d all look the same. God created us in his image, but he put us in different packages with a large array of wrapping papers, ribbons, and bows because he wanted us all to be different and unique.

Hate is a powerful word. It creates havoc and sets the stage for a lot of misery. Horrendous things have been done to others by people who were driven by hate. People who live their lives by pushing their hate on others, will have to experience the hateful things they’ve done to others in their next life, where they’ll have to be the object of someone’s hate, but we can skip that by choosing not to hate anymore while you’re here now.

Living with hate, is a difficult mind game. It can take a lot of effort to gain control over it. The first tool you’ll need against hate is; empathy. Learning how to put yourself in another person’s shoes, and allowing yourself to feel their pain, is the first important step. You’ll never learn without it.

The next thing we need to stop doing is judging people, and to remember that nobody on this Earth is perfect. If we were, we would be God. Stop focusing on and looking for the things you hate. Challenge yourself to find the things that you do like. Focusing on the positive, will bring more positive into your life. Where your thoughts go; your energy flows.

If you want to get an ‘A’ in life, choose to be kind and respectful of everyone and never bully anyone. This also includes being kind and respectful of all animals, the rain-forest, and our planet. We all need to stand up for each other no matter what color we are, so we can all live in peace.

In my next Metaphysical article, I’ll talk about psychics and mediums. Thanks for the visit. Bye for now.

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  1. This so-called race that boils down to color distinction, that is merely presence and absence of melanin, a chemical that is formed on skin from sunlight.

    How on earth, people relates melanin to hatred ! Perhaps, they should think “chemically”, not “emotionally”.

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