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By Paula Bianchi –

I figured since I’m always talking about meditation, I should write an article about it. At first, I was going to be all technical and give you a blow by blow history of what meditation is, and how long people have been practicing it. Let me just say, it’s been around for a very, very, long time.

The first time I had ever heard of meditation was when I was 11 and in the fifth grade. I read about it in, “Mind Cosmology” by, Anthony Norvell. During my first experience with meditating, I left my body and looked down at it wondering how am I supposed to get back into it. Within an instant of asking myself, I was sucked back in. I jumped up out of my beanbag chair with my heart racing. Scared the crap out of me, but it also left me curious and more than willing to do it again. I kept trying to duplicate my experience until I was 13, then, I was more interested in my friends and the trouble we were getting into.

The thought of meditating didn’t enter my mind again until I was 25 and struggling with who I was after believing all the labels that were put on me. I was introduced to guided meditations after I subscribed to a newsletter called, “The Valley of the Sun.” This is where I found Tara Sutphen’s meditation tapes along with her then husband, Dick’s. Listening to these tapes, brought me out of the dark place I had made in my mind. I wasn’t going to ever feel better unless I took control over the negative dialog in my head.

In these tapes, you hear beautiful background music which seems like something you’d hear in heaven. Tara counts you down and tells you to feel the relaxing energy move from your feet up your legs and so on until you reach your head. While listening to these tapes, I would feel like I sunk into my chair until I couldn’t feel my body anymore. Once I reached this stage, Tara would guide me through the meditation for whatever self-exploration I picked to listen to.

Listening to these tapes, made me feel stronger and more in tuned to what I wanted out of life. They connected me to my spiritual-self bringing a deeper understanding of why I’m here. I suddenly realized why people come and go in and out of your life, and how it’s best to let them go with light and love.

Now, later in life, I’m so grateful for that period of my life which led me to metaphysics and meditating. Without knowing it at the time, I was setting up a channel to the other side that would enable me to still have a relationship with my parents after they died. Not only do they give me signs, but I get to enjoy their company through automatic writing and my pendulum.

Because I listened to so many guided meditations, I was able to come up with my own meditation for grounding myself or when I wished to visit my parents. I can pretty much just say, “Hit it’, and I’m totally relaxed. I can do it at any place or any time I want to feel like I’m in an altered state. Then, in my mind, I recite a prayer I learned while watching “Paranormal State”. It goes like this:

The light of God surrounds me.

The love of God enfolds me.

The power of God protects me.

Then I say: “Dear God and Jesus; Dear spirit guides and loved ones who watch over me. Please surround me with the white light of the Holy Spirit and make me shine. Protect me from all those who mean me harm and protect me from harming myself or others. Amen.”

Visualization is really important when you ask for things. It’s simple. If you can close your eyes and ‘see’ your bathroom, you can ‘see’ yourself surrounded by white light, like you’re inside a big white bubble. This will also help to keep your aura healthy and strong mending any tears it may have.

I credit my days of self-exploration for giving me the strength to quickly get to the heart of my problem when I had to deal with my past trauma of being molested. Going through therapy, made me realize I already held the key to my healing. It was me. While working with my therapist, I figured out the method to her therapy and understood how she was redirecting my thoughts. I never questioned anything she told me to do. I followed her instructions to the letter. Now, I can talk about being molested and nothing about it bothers me anymore. I’m free.

I highly recommend meditation because it’s so good for your overall health (stress) and spiritual well-being. It’s simpler than you think it is. Why not give it a try? Just close your eyes and take a deep breath in, filling your lungs, on a count of 4, hold it for 4, and release it on count of 4. Repeat 3 times while you say 3 words over and over in your mind. Any 3 words you choose. Mine are: security, peace, and happiness. Try to sit quietly repeating your words for at least 5 mins. Or you can repeat a phrase like: Peace be still, for I am God. That’s the phrase I used when I was 11 and left my body. If your mind wanders, just gently bring it back to your words/phrase.

If that doesn’t work for you, maybe start with a guided meditation CD. (There may even be an App you can buy.) Here’s a link to Tara Sutphen’s store: She has a lot of different titles to choose from. I’m sure there are other CD’s out there, but I like Tara’s CD’s because they work for me. Her Automatic Writing CD is my favorite one because I can ‘see’ and ‘feel’ my parents when we visit.

If it’s all just in my imagination, I’m good with it because I love how it makes me feel. I grieve for my parents, but I know our time apart is just temporary, so I don’t let it overwhelm me. It’s through meditation that I know they’re okay and in a beautiful place. I like to think of it as; they moved to a place that I can’t afford to travel to, so for now, we talk on the “spiritual phone” while I’m saving up ‘time’ to join them.

In my next metaphysical article, I’ll talk about Auras, and how to take care of them. Thanks for the visit. I appreciate your time. Bye for now.


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