Mind Games: Your Destiny

by Paula Bianchi –

At some point during our lives, we question why we’re here. We wonder what our destiny is or if we even have one. The answer to that is yes. We do have a destiny and it’s all intricately written out in our life’s plan.

There’s no doubt that we’ve come here for a reason when we enter this Earth school. That’s a given. Some of us are blessed with knowing from a young age what their destiny is, and they do everything that’s right to get themselves there.

Other’s may know what their destiny is but the circumstance’s in their lives have drawn them away from their desired path by sending them on a detour.

Then there are those who choose to avoid their destiny. They end up sabotaging themselves at every turn in their lives. They may do this out of spite and a desire to hurt someone, usually a parent, but they only end up hurting themselves.

Some may be denied their destiny due their alternate skewed path in life because for whatever reason, they chose to stay on that path even if it means they’ll lose out on their destiny.

I know it all sounds so complicated and that’s because it is. Life is full of complications here on Earth. It’s for this reason that our souls choose to come to this school, so we can learn the lessons we need to learn. We also come here to balance our karma with other people in our lives with our actions or inactions and choices.

Earth is the hardest school we have to choose from when we’re in heaven with our guides planning out our next lifetime. Learning while we’re in heaven’s school, is a piece of cake compared to what we have to face here.

We can spend an inordinate amount of time planning our next life. There’s a lot to consider when we’re mapping out the lessons and karma we need to learn and balance with the people we’ve chosen to be in our lives.

The first thing we plan out is our destiny or life’s work. Our most desired outcome. That’s the easy part. From choosing our parents, siblings, friends and significant others, we map out our path to our desired destination. This is all well and good, but the one thing we can’t control is other people’s motives, actions or reactions.

It’s the things that are out of our control that send us spiraling towards an alternate path which needs to be planned out in detail as well.

Let’s say you were born with the voice of an angel, and your parents support you because they realize their child has a gift which they understand is his or her destiny. They send their child to the best schools to help cultivate their child’s talent, and they find a highly recommended mentor who will guide their child towards his/her singing career, but little did they know that this mentor was secretly a monster who ends up molesting their child.

Being naïve to the perils of this world, their child suffers in silence because he/she believes their molester’s lies that no one will believe their truth. After suffering through years of abuse, the child may feel that the only way they can save themselves is to give up on their dream, and they abandon their destiny for self-preservation which leaves their parents puzzling why.

Now this child is going down a different skewed path and ends up being a drug addict as they try to numb themselves from their past which is ever present in their mind even if they’ve been away from their molester for years. The monster will always rent space in their heads until the child chooses to evict him through therapy.

Once the monster is gone from their mind, they choose to quit their addiction and put themselves back on the right path again. The path of being a successful singer.

But let’s suppose the child didn’t choose to overcome their addiction, and instead they fall deeper into that lifestyle and possibly die because of it. This only happens when you give up on your destiny. For whatever reason, this scenario usually occurs because the child feels they can’t endure the rollercoaster ride that will make them feel better, so they choose to give up and not follow their dream or destiny.

This is just one small example of the infinite possibilities that we plan out for ourselves while we’re in spirit on the other side.

We place so many hurdles and roadblocks in our lives, but it’s the people in our lives that can complicate everything. It’s our relationships and our motives, actions or reactions to them that drives us forward or holds us back in life.

People come and go in our lives for a reason which is usually because they bring the lessons we planned to learn, and we use our free-will in how we’re going to choose to deal with them.

Placing these people in our lives at the exact moment they need to be there, takes a lot of planning on our part which can take decades of Earth’s time to plan out with our guides, and we try to cover every scenario possible in our life’s plan.

Free-will is a powerful thing. No one can take that away from us no matter what. This is why the future is so hard to predict with so many possible outcomes, but the thing to remember is we can always get back on track to our destiny no matter which path you end up on. It’s just a matter of choice.

If your persistent with your positive choices, your free-will will lead you to your destiny or your life’s plan. People will only continue to hurt you if you let them, and you can stop them by making the hard choices you need to make for a better life. 

So, quit that job if you’re being harassed by someone. Move away from the nasty neighbor who won’t leave you alone, dump the fake friends who use you, and stand up for yourself with your family because sometimes it’s your own stubbornness that keeps you trapped in a vicious negative cycle so never let yourself continue being a victim. It’s okay to cut the negative people out of your life.

This is your life so make the choices that will make it better and bring happiness to you. Be the star of your own story not the supporting character. You deserve more than that. It’s good to step back and take stock of your life. Try to see the lesson that each person brings and never jump to conclusions without all the of the facts.

Remember: Where your thoughts go; your energy flows. Keep it positive.

In my next Mind Games article, I’ll talk about healing your wounds. Thank you for your visit. Bye for now.

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  1. Very insightful. I’ve found that many distractions along the way that take you off course, the stronger you become in dealing with those distractions throughout your life, the easier it is to get back on track. I love reading your articles! Thank U.

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