Lucy in the Afterlife: Justin’s Changed (Part 2)

By Paula Bianchi –

Lucy tugged on the bottom of her navy-blue jacket, then, she tucked her hair behind both ears, as she tried to calm the emotions that were threatening to take over. Once she felt more composed, she took her seat on the couch, and waited for Remy to answer, what he deemed, her right questions.

“I must warn you first. You will not be happy with all I am about to say, but you must listen with an open mind.” Remy stated.

“Okay.” Lucy understood what he was asking her to do. “If I have any questions, do I have to wait until you’re all done to ask?”

“No. As long as you don’t interrupt me, I can answer your questions as soon as you ask.” The light around him grew brighter, when, Remy’s heavenly smile stretched across his handsome face.

For a moment Lucy was taken aback, by the beauty of this man. Looking at him, filled her with wonder. His long blonde hair waved in an unseen breeze along with his white robe, while, his aura undulated with a lifeforce of its own, but it was his chiseled face that made it hard for her to concentrate because his smile was infectious.

“So, let’s start with, was Justin supposed to be a drug addict?” Lucy repeated her first right question.

“Yes. Justin, along with his guides, wrote this possible life choice in his chart.” Remy answered, then he fell silent.

Lucy knew this meant she should ask another question. She paused for a moment too, as she kicked into lawyer mode, so she could, hopefully, ask more of the right questions.

“What chart?” Lucy felt she should keep it simple.

“Every soul, when it is born, comes with a chart they have to work on throughout many lifetimes on Earth or any other planet we choose to live on. We even plan the lessons we are supposed to learn during our in-between lifetimes in heaven.” Remy explained. “We are always perfecting our charts.”

Feeling a bit puzzled, Lucy asked, “Why do you call it a chart?” She needed this point of reference to better understand his statement.

“We call it a chart because we, as souls, chart out and plan each lifetime we live based on the lessons we need to learn for our soul’s progression.” Remy answered. “Our charts contain our Akashic Records, which consists of: every thought we have, every word we speak, and every deed we have done, from every lifetime we have lived, and it is all written down on a continuous scroll that is kept in an immense, Romanesque library on the other side.” He shared.

“So, Justin put being a drug addict in his life, but why?” Lucy couldn’t understand Justin’s choice. She had always felt, as did Michael, that he would either pursue playing professional basketball, or that he would pursue his talent with music.

“What is unfolding in your son’s life has been written in his chart including basketball and music.” Remy read her thoughts again. “But of late, due to the choices he has been making, he has to deal with, and learn from, his time of being an addict. There are many off ramps on this road that would put him back on track again. The choice is up to him. He can change his course at any time.”

“Well, it’s kind of hard for him to change his course with Lori attached to him, influencing him to go deeper into the drug life.” Lucy finally found her opening to address her most concerning dilemma; Lori’s spirit being attached to her son.

“She’s filling his thoughts with her own. During these past weeks, since I’ve been following him, every time I tune into his thoughts, I hear Lori’s thoughts too.” The sound of her despair lingered in the air.

Lucy waited for him to respond, but Remy just sat there.

“Nothing to say about that?” She asked.

“I am waiting for you to ask me another question.” Remy sat patiently.

“Why do spirits attach to the living?” Lucy condensed her most pressing question.

“Now, that is an excellent question!” Remy’s joyous voice boomed. “To answer that in its simplest form, we do it because we can.”

“I’m afraid you’re going to have to explain this point a little better, please.” Lucy did not feel like this was an adequate answer. In her opinion, this open-ended response was full of holes. “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

“You are right, Lucy, but it is still a choice for us to make.” Remy pointed out.

“I don’t understand why we would feel the need to attach to anyone.” Lucy felt confused again.

“Because of freewill, and our never-ending quest to perfect our charts through our lessons in life and in the afterlife, but each soul has their own reasons for attaching to the living. Some choose to do so for positive reasons to add to their charts, while others may choose to attach for negative ones.” Remy paused again, but this time it was to see if she was understanding him.

Lucy collected her thoughts for a moment, while she searched for the right questions. It didn’t take her long to find one.

“You’re saying Lori has a lesson to learn, and the only way she can learn it is through my son?” Lucy concluded.

“No, but attaching to your son was one of the many choices available to her.” Remy confirmed.

“Did Justin plan, in his chart, on having Lori attached to him?” Lucy was hoping he didn’t.

“There are some souls, who are very meticulous in their planning, that include this test of spiritual attachment in their lives, but Justin did not. He is a victim of circumstance by being in the wrong place at the right time.” Remy explained.

Lucy felt a sense of relief, but it was short lived, when, she had a sudden realization.

“I know now, what you warned I wouldn’t be happy to hear.” Her tears were threatening to fall. “There’s nothing I can do to get Lori out of Justin, is there?” Lucy stared into Remy’s pale blue eyes, and she saw his answer before he could convey it.

“I am afraid you are right.” Remy confirmed her worst fear. “Justin is the only one who can make her leave. Lori will choose to leave when he quits using drugs, and he has placed many opportunities, including the people who will help him, in his chart.” He shared with her.

“How can I help him?” This was what Lucy wanted to know the most. To be able to see and interact with the living, made her feel like there was something she could do.

“You can continue to be his voice of reason. The living can hear and feel us around them. Pray for him and send him your positive energy.” Remy instructed. “You can also send words of warning to Emma and Michael, but ultimately in time, Justin will be revealed by his own actions.”

Lucy gave a little sigh as she finally allowed herself to accept the circumstances, and outcome, of her son’s choices. She accepted the fact that this was his lesson to learn. She could only be his spiritual cheerleader.

What surprised her even more, was her sudden acceptance of Lori’s role in all this, but it still didn’t make her happy knowing this spirit was influencing her son.

“So, I just have to let things play out for themselves, right?” This time it was Lucy’s smile that was infectious.

“You are gathering much wisdom, Lucy.” Remy’s grin out beamed her own, as he stood up to leave. “Was our time together helpful?” He asked.

“Yes.” Lucy jump up. “It was very helpful. Thank you for coming and answering all my questions.” Do ghosts blush? She wondered to herself.

“Remember. I am just a thought away.” As soon as those words left his lips, Remy transformed into an orb floating up towards the ceiling.

“Bye.” Lucy waved as Remy’s orb hovered for a few moments, then he drifted out the house.

Suddenly, the sound of the front door opening, then slamming shut, spun Lucy around in time to see Emma, hugging her books to her chest, as she ran through the foyer and up the stairs, in tears. At the same exact moment, when Emma slammed her bedroom door, a figurine, that was sitting on a table in the foyer, flew off and crashed against the wall.

Emma’s door slamming shouldn’t have caused that to happen. Lucy thought. As she stood staring at where the figurine once stood, to her surprise, she could see a gray misty cloud taking shape, about the size of a soccer ball, and it was hovering just above the spot where the figurine sat on the table.

When Lucy started to move towards the cloud, it disappear.

“What the hell was that?!” She exclaimed.

Come back next Tuesday for my next installment of Lucy in the Afterlife, as Lucy discovers what’s going on with her daughter, Emma. Thanks for the visit. Bye for now.


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