Metaphysical: Karma

By Paula Bianchi –

I first became aware of the concept of karma, when I started reading metaphysical books in the 80’s, but of all the ideas that I’ve read, one stood out to me the most, and it’s the concept that Earth, like many other inhabited planets, is a school we come to for our souls to evolve and grow spiritually. With our ultimate goal being, to raise our energy through the choices we make during each lifetime we’re here.

How do we monitor our progress? Through the karma we create with others and for ourselves, or from what others created with us. Karma is our grade so to speak. We either earn good karma or bad, but our main goal is to balance it.

Once you’ve learned all you should, you enter God’s level of being, and you become an extension of Him, while you continue helping others to grow, so they’ll join you there as well, but this can take many, many lifetimes for us to accomplish.    

Now, which one of these schools, based on the lessons we need to learn, would you consider to be the hardest? Earth, of course. Why? You may ask. Because, negativity has its strongest foothold here. Our bodies and minds, which come from the Earth, have a strong propensity of being influenced by this negative energy, which makes our lessons harder to learn. Because we earn more karma points here than any other planet, it’s most often the planet, or school, of choice.

After our soul joins with our human body, or avatar, we try to steer our body and mind towards our most rewarding life, but we’ve placed a lot of hurdles in our way. Hurdles that can make you stray off the beaten path. This leads us through many lessons and obstacles along the way. It falls upon us in how we’ll deal with these interruptions in our lives, and if we can get ourselves back on track again.

Planning out our lives, takes a lot of work and forethought because everyone is in our life for a reason. The things that happen to us, or don’t happen to us, is for a reason. What’s the reason? Balancing our karma.

It can take decades of Earth time to plan our life. When we crossover, one of the first things we do is a life review, but while we are looking at the things we’ve done to the other people in our lives, we also have to feel the pain we caused them with our choices. By doing this, we determine whether we owe someone karma, or if they owe it to us.

People are not the only ones we have to balance our karma with. We also have to balance the karma we owe to the animals in our lives, or how we’ve treated the world we live in. All of this adds up.

We take this into account as we plan, with our guides’ help, our next life on Earth. With their help, we come up with our ultimate life plan as well as many side plans because of all the different choices we can make do to our freewill. We cover all of the bases.

During this meticulous planning, we not only have to decide what we want to do or achieve in our lifetime, we also have to plan out how we’ll repay the karma we owe to all the people in our lives, and we give them chances to repay what they may owe to us.

Now, we come to Earth with the best of intentions and high hopes in accomplishing all the good we mapped out for ourselves, but we can become overwhelmed by our emotions and the actions of others, especially when these things, that have happened, are totally out of our control.

Drugs and alcohol are at the top of the list of things that can throw us off our desired path, but what if we placed this scenario as a test for us to overcome. We know it’s wrong when we let ourselves go down this path. Our voice of reason is always there telling us we need to stop this negative behavior, but for whatever reason, some of us may choose to listen to our addiction instead of what’s good for us. Living this kind of life, can possibly add a few extra lives we’ll have to live, so we can make up for it.

Everything we do in life, creates karma. When we lie, cheat, and steal, we’re racking up bad karma, and a sure-fire bet that one day, we’ll have to experience what we’ve done to others. The phrase, “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you,” is a key statement when it comes to owing or collecting karma. It’s a heads up, but people rarely listen.

If you betray someone, you will be betrayed. If you break someone’s heart, then, yours will be broken too. If you constantly criticize others, you will be criticized. We are being our own worst enemy when we choose to treat others negatively because we’re guaranteeing we’ll suffer the same.    

Murdering someone or harming others, both physically and mentally, are the worst kinds of karma we can create, while being here on Earth. To balance this karma, the two souls who were involved, have to plan a life where the victim of murder, in the past-life, has the right to do the same to their perpetrator in their next life. They do all the planning, and in one scenario, things go as planned and these two souls have now balanced their karma by a death, but let’s suppose right at the moment when this soul was ready to pull the trigger, he decides he can’t do it and lets this person live. Would you consider the karmic debt as still owed?

Nope. It’s still paid in full. The fact that the person we were balancing our karma with, was standing before us waiting to fulfill their debt, is proof they were willing to carry out the planned retribution. By using our freewill to choose not to take a promised life, it accelerates our learning and raises our positive energy because of the way we chose to balance our karma.

So, as we make our way through our daily lives, we need to remember that everything happens to us for a reason because of the plan we challenged ourselves to live through. The hardships we experience are there to help us grow, and how we deal with them, can either make or break us.

Each day, through our actions and thoughts, we create our karma or we owe it. If I could share with you a cheat sheet in life, it would state just one thing. Always choose the positive. Where your thoughts go; your energy flows.

In my next Mind Games article, I’ll talk about betrayal. Thanks for the visit. Bye for now.


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  1. What a fab, easy to understand explanation – thank you. Have you done past life regression or otherwise looked into any of your past lives or soul purpose?

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    1. Omgosh I wrote about my wanting a past life regression in my psychic seminar articles, but my guide would never let me. Maybe writing my blog ‘is’ my soul’s purpose. Thanks for the visit and comment. I enjoyed both. 😊💕

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      1. I’m still bummed about it, but lately I’ve been thinking about trying again. I’ve grown a lot spiritually. Now I just have to wait for Tara Sutphen to give another psychic seminar in Sedona. Hopefully next year, after all this craziness is done.

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