Lucy in the Afterlife: I’m Dead

Sorry no new Lucy this week. Life got in the way. Here’s a reblog of Lucy realizing she’s dead. Hope you enjoy. 😊💜

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By Paula Bianchi –

“I don’t feel like I’m dead.” Lucy said, as Ava guided her tall frame over to the staircase.

“That’s because you’re not dead in a spiritual sense. We continue on without our Earthly bodies. This is our true reality.” Ava gently urged Lucy to sit.

The sound of mournful tears echoed through the two story, Victorian, house. Hearing her family cry over her, was more than she could bare. Lucy felt the sound waves with the heavy energy from each tear shed. The emotions of the moment finally caught up to her as she released a dam of tears.

While sitting on the stairs, Lucy bent forward, hugging her knees, until her forehead dropped down upon them, and sobbed. Ava sat down next to Lucy and put her arm around this newbie spirit.

“This can’t be happening to me. I don’t remember any car crash.” Lucy…

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