Lucy in the Afterlife: Not My Son (Part 1)

By Paula Bianchi –

Lucy’s orb shot across the starry sky so fast; she looked like a shooting star. She had only one thing on her mind. Her son, Justin. After everything she’d just witnessed on her tour, she knew she had to do whatever she could to save Justin from Lori attaching to him.

As Lucy approached her house, she didn’t care about doors anymore. She flew right through it materializing in the foyer. The night was in its zenith, and she was on a mother’s mission to protect her son.

“Ava! Ben!” Lucy called out as she searched the kitchen and living room for them. Just as she was about to go up the stairs, two orbs came floating down the staircase changing their form with each step.

“Whatever is the matter, Dear?” Ava rushed to her.

“Where is she?” Lucy couldn’t hide her agitated state. “Where’s Lori?”

“Haven’t seen hide nor hair of her since your funeral, Ma’am.” Ben answered.

Ava guided Lucy into the Livingroom and gestured for her to have a seat on the couch, then, she sat down beside her.

“You’re in such a frightful state.” Ava took Lucy’s hand. “Now, tell me what is going on and where have you been?” She asked, with much concern.

“While I was at my parent’s home watching everyone, who came to my reception, I met a tall, slender gentleman named, Keith, in the backyard. He took me on a tour around the neighborhood to show me how earthbound spirits live. The most shocking thing he showed me was how spirits attach themselves to the living. Did you know about that?”

“Of course, we do. Can’t be dead for as long as we have, and not know.” Ava said.

“What I saw was terrible. Once I learned how to really look at the living, I could see almost everyone has a spirit or two, maybe even more, attached to them.” Lucy hated what she had seen in just her parent’s neighborhood. Was she the only one, in her new world, who felt this was a bad thing for spirits to do to the living?

“We just see it as a fact of life. Most spirits do this, but there are a large number of us who choose not to.” Ava spoke as if it was no big deal.

“Well, Keith told me Lori was trying to attach herself to Justin, and there’s no way in hell I’m going to let that happen.” Lucy informed them.

“I don’t know how you can stop it, Dear. This is our way of life.” Ava turned to Ben. “Do you know how to stop Lori?”

“I surely don’t. Never heard of someone tryin’ to stop’em from attaching, but I don’t get ‘round much these days.” Ben pulled a handkerchief out of the bib of his blue coveralls and wiped his face, then, he shoved it back into his pocket.

“How are Michael and the kids?” Lucy asked Ava, as she finally allowed herself to think of them because when she did, she felt nothing but a deep feeling of guilt for leaving them.

“They’re not taking your death very well, and poor Michael is so deep in his grief, he doesn’t know how to help Emma and Justin with theirs.” Ava tilted her head with sadness.

It was worse than Lucy had hoped. The more she let herself think of them; the more connected she felt. Suddenly, a tremendous wave a grief washed over her. She could tell whose grief it was by the frequency of their energy, and she realized she could tune into each one.

“Do you guys feel that energy?” Lucy asked, looking back and forth between the two of them.

“Yes, but we can’t feel it as strongly as you since you have shared their energy in life. You’ll always be connected to them.” Ava explained.

With just a thought, Lucy found herself standing next to Michael’s bed. He was sound asleep, but it wasn’t a restful sleep. He was tossing and turning clearly having a bad dream.

With one thought, Lucy was tuned into Michael. She wanted to see what he was thinking. The moment she connected to him; she was flooded with all of his grief. She heard a thousand questions spinning in his head, but the thought that stood out the most was him trying not to think about how she died. Thinking about how she died, haunted him throughout his days now, but she didn’t want to see her own death, so she quickly shut down her connection to him.

When Lucy sat on the bed next to him, he quieted down and seemed to be calmer. She tried to run her fingers through his hair, but her fingers disappeared with each stroke of her hand. It felt strange to touch him now because it caused so much static electricity. All she wanted to do was hug and kiss him. She wished she could let him know that she was alright. With that thought in mind, she leaned forward and kissed his forehead. To her surprise, he smiled, which made her feel really good.

Seeing she still had an effect on Michael, made Lucy feel a little more confident in her new spirit body. Next, she wanted to see how their kids were doing, so she got up and floated through the bedroom door, when, she saw Dobson hop out of the door to Emma’s room at the same moment.

“Why were you in there?” Lucy asked him.

“That used to be my room when I lived here.  I’m always in there.” Dobson told her.

Because of everything Lucy saw with Keith, she was worried that Dobson was trying to do the same thing as Lori and attach himself to Emma. This thought put her guard up, but she didn’t want to make Dobson aware of it.

“Ava said Emma and Justin aren’t doing very well. What have you seen?” Lucy asked him.

“Emma isn’t eating much. She hasn’t been to school yet, and she doesn’t want to go back. I hear her talking to herself all the time, and she talks to you too.” Dobson answered.

Hearing how Emma was suffering, made Lucy feel so helpless. They had a very close relationship. More like best friends than just mother and daughter. Emma confided everything to her, and they loved to do things together. Lucy could feel the huge hole in Emma where she used to be.

“Tell me how Justin’s doing.” Lucy felt anxious to hear. “A spirit told me Lori was trying to attach to him. Do you know anything about attachments?”

“I know a lot about them. A long time ago, I attached to the owner’s son, of this house, while they were living here. It took me awhile to figure out that I wasn’t helping him. I was keeping him from living his own life, so with Ava’s help, I left him.

“I know Lori wants Justin. She told me she’s in love with him. Now that he’s using drugs, like she did when she was alive, his energy is going down, and she’s waiting for it to match hers, so she can attach to him.” Dobson related.

This news hit Lucy hard. No parent wants to learn that their child is using drugs and knowing that she was going to be able to see everything he does, felt chilling to her. She knew she had to figure out a way to let Michael know, so he could help their son.

“Have you seen Lori? Ava and Ben told me she disappeared.” Lucy wondered how she could find a spirit in hiding.

“Yep. I just saw her before I went into Emma’s room, but you’re not going to like where she is.” Dobson looked quite anxious.

Lucy didn’t need to hear anymore. She rushed into Justin’s room and was horrified by what she saw. Justin was sleeping on his side in bed, and Lori was spooning him from behind with her face buried into his neck.

“You leave him alone! Get off of him!” Lucy screamed, as she tried to pull Lori away, but every time she tried to grab her, Lori sunk a little more into Justin, until finally, she disappeared.

Lucy felt frantic. If she had a heart, it would be racing. She was filled with hopelessness, and she didn’t have a clue about how she could get Lori out of her son.

Out of shear desperation, she heard herself yell, “Remy! Please help me!”

Come back next Tuesday to see if Remy can help Lucy’s son. Thanks for the visit. Take care, and bye for now.


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