Mind Games: Racism

By Paula Bianchi –

I know I’m about to tackle a very controversial topic of our times, but I feel compelled to do so because it’s something that the human race has had to endure since the beginning of our time here on Earth. The idea that one group of people are more superior than all the rest has been passed down from generation to generation. It’s something that is taught; it’s not something we’re born with knowing.

If you look at it from a spiritual point of view, it’s a lesson we’re supposed to rise above and overcome, but we’re failing. Now, I said spiritual, not religious, point of view because they are definitely two very different things with their intent.

Some religions have sowed the idea of one group of people being superior over others, whom they’ve deemed, unequal to them. They did this as a way to control the masses. To make us believe that their way is the “right” way, but to me, anything that’s created to justify the mistreatment of others, goes against our spiritual obligation to the human race.

We all know that racism comes from hate, and many who are racist, will never admit that they are. They’ll go out of their way to justify their actions, while dancing around the truth.

Watching videos of people being harassed because of the color of their skin, or the language they’re speaking, is heartbreaking to me. Being harassed while just trying to go into their own home, going shopping, or just have a barbecue in the park, is so ridiculous. This shouldn’t be okay with anyone in our society, and the fact that it is, makes it a hard pill to swallow.

When will we ever learn that it’s never okay to hurt or mistreat anyone? It’s in the bible, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It’s a simple rule. It’s God’s rule, but many choose to ignore it.

People of influence, like some of the rich and politicians, use racism as a way to control the masses. They use the fear from racism to gain followers to help them push their agendas of greed and control.

Looking back throughout history, we can see the many examples of persecution towards people, of different races or sexual orientation, by people who believed they’re superior to them. It has been repeated and repeated over too many generations. The sad truth is, it will continue to be repeated for us, so we can finally learn our lesson. Our generation is being presented with this same lesson again today, and we’ll always be presented this lesson, until, we all choose to treat others equally.

Our biggest hurdle to this lesson is the misuse of our free will upon others. We need to choose the positive over the negative. This can be very difficult since we all live in a place where negativity dwells, and this energy is constantly testing us. Influencing us to choose the negative, while our spiritual self is fighting back trying to get us to choose the positive. It’s up to us to choose which energy we’re going to feed.

If you live a life hating someone, something, or everything, what are you sowing within your own life? The energy you put out into the world is what’s going to come back to you, so choose wisely.

It should never be okay to mistreat, or be mean to, another human being or animal, but to do this, people must come from a place of empathy. To me, this emotion is the key to everything good and positive in our world. It should be taught in our schools like it has been in Denmark. Where they’ve taught empathy, they’ve seen a huge drop in bullying in their schools and more acceptance of each other. If racism can be taught, so can empathy, love, and acceptance.

So many of us sit in silence, not willing to confront the wrongs in the world, out of fear or a desire to not get involved, but our numbers are growing to the point where we outnumber the persecutors and bullies. More of us need to speak out and protect each other before we lose our voices, and our choice to do so.

Prejudice and racism go hand in hand. While we’re out living our daily lives, we have to remember that there are good and bad people in every race here on Earth. You can’t condone a whole race of people because of a few bad apples, and it would behoove us to stay away from those who would.

It’s time to stop repeating the sins of our past. We can do better than this. We just have to use our free will more positively, but it’s very challenging to do when so many choose to propagate hate, fear, and control.

So much of what happens in this world, is totally out of our control. We can only control ourselves and our reaction to it. This can be a daily test on how to use our free will as we choose which energy to feed. 

If you want good things to happen in your life, then, you have to do good things. One good thing we can do is to stop judging people for who they love or the color of their skin. We need to ‘see’ each other as we truly are. Our one common ground that makes us all the same is: We were all created in God’s image, when He created the Human Race. God just decided to wrap us in different packages. If you peeled back our skin, we would all look the same.

In my next Mind Games article, I’ll write about assuming. Thanks for the visit. Bye for now.

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17 thoughts on “Mind Games: Racism

      1. You are welcome Paula. I know how you feel about what yo said comes out of you. My mind opens ups and my heart opens in concert to write. The compliment is very welcome and nice and thoughtful Paula. You are also !

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  1. Wishing you all best, Paula. Thank you for visiting my blog and for offering your kind words—medicine for the soul! 🦋 I sincerely appreciate your support and feedback. Be well😊

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      1. A kind invitation, thank you. I do have some thoughts on racism…written about it in poetry in past posts. Sure, I’ve experienced it growing up in America with Ukrainian parents. Both ways. Yes, some lessons are harder to learn, eh? Can’t we all just get along? 😊

        But, I am hopeful that brighter days are still ahead.

        Certainly don’t like to see how racism is making the headlines constantly…but again, it offers a chance for dialogue so that’s a good thing.

        I hear what you are saying about hate—hate is a poison—one of many deadly emotions that destroys a person from the inside out…

        Keep writing, Paula…from one weird chick to another. 😊

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      2. Sounds like you still have more to write and share. Never too late to reconsider your retirement. Just a thought. Now, you’re officially a member of the WCC. The Weird Chick’s Club. 🙂


  2. Hi,
    I just discovered your blog and I really enjoyed this piece! If we are ever to solve racism, it is imperative that we (White people) not be afraid to have these conversations, to challenge our own biases, and to hold each other accountable for actions that contribute to racism’s continuation.

    Your piece prompted a few thoughts for me, and I hope you don’t mind that I share them here.

    We all know that racism comes from hate,
    I’m actually not so sure. I’ve read a lot about the origins of race and I absolutely believe that some of the horrific acts committed in the name of race do stem from hate. But, I also believe there’s a big part of racism that stems from greed. Whether it’s the economic benefits of slavery or the societal benefits of white privilege. You did touch on that in regards to rich and influential people, but I think even us “regular folk” have a lot of denial and apathy even if we don’t consider ourselves racist. Maybe that stems from what we might lose if things were truly equal. In other words, even if one doesn’t have hate in their heart, they often contribute to racism, albeit somewhat passively. Either way, the outcome is the same for those being oppressed.

    If you want good things to happen in your life, then, you have to do good things. One good thing we can do is to stop judging people for who they love or the color of their skin. We need to ‘see’ each other as we truly are. Our one common ground that makes us all the same is: We were all created in God’s image, when He created the Human Race. God just decided to wrap us in different packages. If you peeled back our skin, we would all look the same.
    I just wanted to repeat this here because I love it so much!

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    1. I’m so happy you found me and that you liked my article. 😊 Thank you for your comment and for sharing your example, which makes total sense to me, about how racism is also driven by greed. Once I read it, I knew it to be true. Now, others will too. I enjoyed our visit. Hope to see you again soon. 🌺💜 It sure feels good, when someone quotes your work. 💖

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  3. Loved your article on the volatile issue and you have brought some excellent points. We need to have those conversations in a respectful manner and begin from there. I thank you for your recommendations and your thoughts.

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