Metaphysical: Energy

By Paula Bianchi –

Everything in this world is comprised of energy. The trees, flowers, shrubs, grasses, and every other kind of foliage. Animals are made of energy too. Anything we make not only holds the energy of us making it, but also the energy in the materials they’re made from. The Earth and its weather system are also made from energy, and of course, we’re made of energy too. Our bodies and souls hold energy, and we create energy with our thoughts and deeds, so be careful with them. We can feel this energy if we sit still and clear our minds. Our senses will heighten which will help us tap into it.

With our thoughts, we draw to ourselves what we picture in our minds. If we focus our energy on being fearful or worried about a certain event, we may be attracting this fearful event to us. If we can flip our thoughts to picturing positive outcomes, the chances are greater that we’ll attract a positive outcome. Our prayers are full of energy too, but we have to be careful what we pray for and watch out for our intent behind our prayers. Never pray to hurt someone.

With all this energy swirling around us, we can find it challenging to keep our energy positive. When our souls are living on the other side, we don’t have to deal with negative energy because it simply doesn’t exist in Heaven. We are nothing but pure positive energy while we’re there and every building we see or park we sit in, is made of nothing but energy too. God’s energy. Heaven is his domain.

The goal of our soul is to evolve through many lifetimes here on Earth until we raise our energy levels to the point of being “God like”, so we can join with him never having to reincarnate again. We spend a lot of time planning our lives on Earth because of all the different variables in our lives due to free will. God knows we’re a work in progress, and He shows us nothing but unconditional love and patience in our quest to be just like him.

When God banished Satan from Heaven, Satan and his minions fled to Earth and charged some parts of it with negativity. We can spread his negativity further with our thoughts and actions, or if some of us seek him out. While we’re with God in Heaven, he can’t touch us, but when we come down to Earth, he can screw with us all he wants in his quest to turn us away from God, so we can join him in his domain. Satan is very happy we have free will, and when we’re vulnerable, he’ll use it to his advantage. If we let him.

Planning our next life, is very intricate and complexed. We work with our soul-group, and others as well, as we try to work out our karma (good or bad) with them. We have to account for the positive choices we’ll make and for the negative ones. There’s a game plan for both and also for the people who’ll be involved with any given choice. It really takes a lot of planning to cover all the avenues we can take throughout our lives.

After everything has been charted out for our new life, we anxiously await to join with our ‘human avatar’, who has its own feelings, needs and desires. We try to pick the best time of birth with our zodiac sign, so the human body and mind can be more aligned to our soul’s purpose. Once we join with our bodies, our memories of why we’re here get wiped clean from our minds leaving free will in charge.

We can, and probably will, become products of our environment because we chose our parents and their energy for a reason. Even the bad ones. We tend to emulate the energy we’re raised in. One of the lessons is: can we overcome adversity. We create our own energy based on this fact, and we can choose not to emulate our parents and their negative energy.

As we venture out on our own, we have to make a conscious choice to choose positive influences in our lives. From the people in our lives, to our actions and thoughts about them, our goal is to raise our energy with positive choices and examples. This includes the choices we make to be happy. It’s inevitable though, that we’ll encounter quite a few negative people during our lives, and they were put there, by us, for a reason. To test us.

A lot of times, our energy, or soul, recognizes these people, and we’re drawn to them. The good and the bad. They come into our lives for a reason even when we have our guard up. There are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason.

We have to deal with negative people to balance out the karma between us. All our karmic debt is planned out in our charts with the people who owe us, or we owe them. Now what kinds of debts can we owe or they owe us? Well, murder for one. If you killed a person during a lifetime, let’s say, in the 1800’s, then that person can choose to balance out that karma in a future life by killing you, or because of free will, during that lifetime, he may choose not to take your life, but the debt is still paid in full even if they chose not to kill you. You freely gave them the opportunity and that’s what clears you from that debt.

There are so many kinds of karmic debt that comes from either positive or negative energy we experienced during any given lifetime. Our positive karma is the easiest to keep balanced with loving or caring actions. It’s the negative karma that takes most of our time and energy. Here are some of the endless negative energy we need to balance: cheating, lying, stealing, bullying, humiliating, taking advantage of someone, racism, mistreatment, mental or physical abuse, molesting, rape, and manipulation to name a few.

We have to realize that when we mistreat anyone, we’re opening the door to our own mistreatment. If you steal, you will have stuff stolen from you, or you’ll see the consequences of stealing through your family or friend’s loss. If you lie, you will be lied to. If you cheat, you will be cheated on. It’s an unwritten rule that you have to experience the same energy you’ve put out into the world.

Every day we need to pick and choose our energy wisely because it sets a tone for our lives and what energy we choose to live in. If you want something out of life, but it keeps eluding you, take a closer look at yourself, your actions, and your attitude. Chances are, you’re keeping yourself from what you desire the most with your own thoughts and actions. Don’t be your own worst enemy. Be honest with yourself and correct any negative behaviors. Ask yourself: What can I do to live a more positive life?

In my next Mind Games article, I’ll talk about getting older. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I appreciate your time. Bye for now.


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  1. I love how you describe my beliefs in a way I’ve never described them! I don’t use the word ‘karma’, I use ‘you reap what you sow. I firmly believe that we attract what we project.
    I work with a lot of stressed, anxious, tense people. I counsel them to smile at other people because it releases happy chemicals, they find that it works. I also encourage them to breathe slow and deep – it is relaxing. Some struggle with this, so I tell them to think about their breathing as it relaxes the mind.
    Thank you for this post.I’m glad to meet a fellow weird chick.

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