Metaphysical: Psychic Seminar Sacramento (part 1)

By Paula Bianchi –

While I was exploring the metaphysical, my husband, Alan, has always been very supportive of me, but he tended to lean on the side of skepticism. He would listen to me talking to Cricket and Lily about what came through during my automatic writing, or what I had experienced with my latest meditation tape. Even if he may have thought his wife’s a bit “out there”, he never let it show.

After finishing my latest book, I would share with him what I had learned. I talked about meditating a lot, but he never really showed any interest in trying. I would offer, all the time, to do a card reading for him, but he didn’t see any value in getting one. Then, out of the blue one day, he indulged me and said yes to a reading. I handed him the cards and told him to shuffle them while asking a question about something he really wanted to know. He shuffled the deck while asking, “Will I get a haircut?” I finally got the hint he wasn’t interested in card readings, so I never asked him again.

When I told Alan, I wanted to go to a Psychic Seminar in Sedona, Arizona with Cricket, I’m not sure what he thought, but he supported my desire to go. I called him while I was there, and he could tell, by my voice, I was enjoying my trip.

On the ride home from the airport, Cricket and I shared all of our adventures in Sedona with Alan. We were full of awe and excitement, and I’m sure it showed. I think this was the first time he realized how much I loved this stuff. I didn’t know it at the time, but his skepticism was beginning to wane.

A few years later, Alan and I were deciding where we could take a weekend vacation just the two of us. I jokingly said I wanted to go to another psychic seminar with Tara Sutphen and her husband, Dick, but this time in Sacramento. To my shock and surprise, he said yes. I booked our trip so fast. I didn’t want to give him the chance to change his mind, but what I didn’t know was Alan was feeling more open to the experience now.

We arrived the night before the seminar and got settled into our room which was in the same hotel hosting the event. The next morning, we quickly got ready, so we’d have time to get breakfast before the seminar begins. As we’re sitting at our table waiting to be served, I looked up at the entrance and in walks Tara, her husband, and her two kids. They were seated across the room from us.

I nudged Alan showing him who had just walked in. I told him it was their seminar we’re attending. After we ate, it was time to sign in and get our name badge. When we walked into the room, I noticed there was almost twice as many people here than at the Sedona seminar. Tara and her husband’s popularity had grown.

We quickly found seats next to an older couple and waited for the seminar to begin. Alan seemed a little nervous probably from the fear of the unknown. I told him to relax. All he had to do was follow their instructions. I could see him begin to calm down as he quit shaking his knees.

Tara walked up on stage and took a seat, while Dick took center stage and greeted us. He talked about what we’re going to do, then told us when our lunch break was. People were asking questions and he answered them for a short while. Now it was time for our first meditation. It was a self-exploration meditation, which I had done many times. I decided not to do it. I was more curious about Alan. This would be the first time he’d ever tried meditating. He’s the type of guy that can excel at anything he tries, so I sat, with one eye slightly opened, peaking at him.

I could tell by his body language that this was one more thing he could do with ease. He looked very relaxed. I stopped pretending to meditate and looked around the room. Most of the people looked just like Alan with the exception of a few who were looking around like me.

After Dick brought the room out of their meditation, people started sharing their experiences, and Dick tried to explain the imaging some of the people claimed to see. It was very interesting listening to their stories.

I turned to Alan and asked what he saw. From the look on his face, I could see he was questioning what he saw and trying to decide if it was real or just his imagination. He said he wanted to talk about it at lunch.

Next Tara took the stage to guide us through one of her meditations called, Shaman Journey. It’s a beautiful meditation where she leads you to a peaceful mountain meadow and you meet an Indian Shaman who guides you through rituals to help you on your journey. He also guides you to opportunities and life-changing insights.

When we awoke, it was time for lunch. Alan and I got into our car and drove down the street to the first restaurant we saw. After we were seated, I started questioning Alan about what he saw while he was meditating. First, he mentioned how it made his body feel like it was melting into his chair. He was surprised he could actually ‘see’ what they were describing to him. I asked which meditation he liked the best, and he said Tara’s. I was with him on that. I always seem to go deeper with the sound of her voice and Alan agreed. As we ate lunch, Alan recounted what he saw in his tepee.

Our lunch didn’t take as long as we expected, so we got back to the hotel before everyone, except, the older couple we were sitting next to. We introduced ourselves and the older gentleman perked up when he heard our last name. He was a car enthusiast with a large collection. He told Alan that back in the day they made a car called, Bianchi. He asked for our address because he wanted to send Alan a Bianchi emblem from a Bianchi car. We sat and listened as he shared his knowledge of cars. (Seven days after we returned home, we received a package with a Bianchi emblem in it. It’s one of Alan’s most treasured possessions.) It was a pleasure meeting them.

In my next article, I’ll continue my psychic seminar story in part 2. Thanks for stopping by. Bye for now.


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