Metaphysical: The Pendulum

By Paula Bianchi –

While dusting a display of my mother’s jewelry one day, a gold pendulum fell off its hook. It had a heavy gold ball with a point at one end and a chain loop at the other, hanging on a single chain with a red bead at the top. I picked it up, then heard my mother, who’s on the other side, say I should try it in my head. I had never used one before, but I saw a picture in my head, and took out a piece of paper, so I could draw it.

First, I used a coffee cup to draw a circle. Next, I drew 4 lines through it, so now it looked like a pie with 8 pieces. I labeled the vertical line, Yes, at the top of it, then, I labeled the horizontal line, No. The line to the right of Yes, I labeled, Hello and the line on the left I labeled, Goodbye. On the right-hand corner of the page, I drew a clockwise arrow and labeled it, I Don’t Know. On the left-hand corner, I drew a counter-clockwise arrow and labeled it, I Love You, then, I drew a dot in the middle where all the lines joined in the center of the circle.  

I picked up my Mom’s pendulum and held it between my thumb and forefinger over the dot in the center of the circle. It was hard holding my right arm still so it wouldn’t sway. To help keep it stable, I used both hands pinching the top of the chain between my thumbs and forefingers below the red bead, then, I planted my elbows, to steady my arms and hands, on top of the table, holding the pendulum above the dot again. I said a prayer of protection and surrounded myself with the white light of the holy spirit. I asked that my own thoughts or feelings, wouldn’t come through the pendulum, and I waited.

I felt an energy that started from my fingers holding the chain, then I could see the chain quiver as the energy moved down the chain and it began to swing across the Hello line. It started out slow, but it picked up speed and strength.

“Hello,” I said. “Is this you, Mom?” The pendulum swung up and down over the Yes line. I asked her more questions, until, I was just kind of repeating myself, so I thanked her for the visit and told her we would do this again. I watched the pendulum start to circle counter-clockwise, and I started to cry. “I love you too, Mom.” Then, it swung across the Goodbye line, and just stopped moving. “Bye.” I told her. I waited a moment or two, but she had left.

It was extraordinary what I had just experienced. The energy that surrounds me, when I use Automatic Writing or the pendulum, is sometimes mindboggling. I can never fully explain it in a way that describes how it feels because it’s something other worldly but familiar. The only time I’ve felt that kind of energy, without meditating to connect to the other side, was when I went to Sedona, Arizona, for a Psychic Seminar. I felt this energy all around me, no matter where my friend and I went. Makes me want to move there.

The next day, I called my friend, Cricket, who I introduced to Automatic Writing after her loss, and told her all about my experience with the pendulum. Cricket offered to send me her Ovilus, just like the ones they were using on those ghost hunting shows, to use while I was doing the pendulum.

On the night when it arrived, I set up my pendulum board with crystals at the ends of each line encircling my circle within. I meditated and said my prayers of protection then surrounded myself with white light. This is a very important step, and you should always do this before working with anything that’s going to connect you to the other side.

I turned on the Ovilus, then, I held the pendulum over the center dot. It didn’t take long for it to swing hello. I asked if it was my Mom. It said yes. Then I asked a series of questions about my health. During my inquiry, the Ovilus said, tumors, lumps, and cancer. Yep. I had them in my uterus and in the right side of my thyroid. All I wanted to know is if I’d be alright, to which it swung yes. Luckily, they were all benign, but I still had to play the mind game of, “Do I have cancer again.”

I was running out of questions to ask when I remembered about how my Mom used to wonder if she ever had a sibling from her Dad. Before I could even finish my question, the Ovilus says, “Brother.”

“You have a brother, Mom?” The pendulum swung up and down the yes line. “Is he still on Earth or is he with you?” It swung yes as the Ovilus said, “Here.” So, you’re hanging out with your brother now?” The answer was yes. I asked for his name, but the Ovilus fell silent. My pendulum swung goodbye, and that was it. All was quiet.

Now I wouldn’t just talk with my Mom. I would also talk with my Dad. Sometimes I would ask for one but get the other. I asked why this would happen, and their answer was, “Busy.” So, we have obligations in the afterlife? Yes, it said. I asked if helping me was a job or assignment for them. It swung no, and I was left with the impression that it was more like a fulfillment of an agreement me made in the afterlife.

One night I found out that you should never use a pendulum or do Automatic Writing when you’re upset. I had a bad experience trying to work the pendulum while I was crying and upset over a turn of events in our family, and I wanted answers. I didn’t do my protections right and whoever came through was negative. All the answers were negative and made me more upset. Suddenly, out of the muck, I hear my Mom telling me to try another day, so I gathered up my pendulum stuff and put it away. I learned the hard way that my own energy had to be positive to connect to positive.

It’s easy to overdo something when you know you’re capable of doing it. My visits slowly became further and further apart. You can only ask so many questions before you know all the answers you need, or you’re told you can’t know the answer. Now I’ll talk to them if I need advice on my writing or help with some new dilemma in my life. Most of the time, it’s just for a quick visit.

I was hoping that my contact with them would have shed more light on what life is like on the other side. From the little they’ve shared, I know they have obligations, but they also have recreational things to do as well because of my Mom’s reaction to being able to dance again. All I know for sure is they’re both very happy and content with their new lives in the afterlife, and that makes me very happy.

In my next metaphysical article, I’ll share my experiences at a psychic seminar in Sedona, AZ. What did you think about this article? Would love to hear from you. Bye for now. 


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