Metaphysical: My quest begins.

By Paula Bianchi –

Welcome to my life long obsession. In this section of my blog, I want to share all of my adventures into the paranormal, as well as, all the stuff I’ve learned from the Metaphysical books I’ve read over the years. This has been a big part of my life. It started during my mid-twenties, when my friends drifted away from me after I had my twins. The only thing that kept me grounded were my kids, and the books I would read to take my mind off of my problems. I was in search of answers as to why I had to be so isolated because I had no clue, at the time, that I was isolating myself.

As far back as I can remember, I have always had a deep curiosity for the paranormal. Some of my earliest memories are of my Mom doing card readings for her friends, and I loved watching her. I would always bug her to do my cards too, but she would say I was too young because the meaning of the cards would be too hard to interpret for a kid. She later buckled and did my cards for me. She interpreted all the business meaning cards into school related subjects, and I was thrilled.

One day, when my Mom was doing a reading for a close family friend, she predicted a death in his family, and it came true. The friend lost someone very close to him, and he wanted my Mom to keep doing his cards, so she did. On his last visit for a reading, he brought his sister along to get a reading too. Again, my Mom predicted a death, and it came true when this woman lost her husband. This really freaked my Mom out. She never touched her cards again, until, at age 13, I begged her to do mine again, and I wanted her to teach me how to read cards too.

I started doing readings for my friends, and also for myself, using a standard deck of cards and a list of each card’s meaning. After I got married, my childhood friend surprised me a deck of Tarot cards, and a book called, “Tarot Made Easy,” by Nancy Garden. Best present ever!  I still use them to this day. There is a small part of me that is fearful of seeing a death in a reading, but I had to overcome this fear. I had to trust the information coming through was something the inquisitor needed to hear at that time in their lives.

During the days of my Mom doing readings, she had a friend who came to live with us for a short while. One of the things she brought with her was a Ouija Board. At first, my Mom joined her friend when she played, which of course made me curious, so she let me watch. Mom seemed to like it, but then something happened, and she never played with one again. She never said why she stopped though. Her friend kept playing with it, and I found it strange that it still worked with only person playing. Not much longer after that, her friend moved out.

About a year or so later, I started bugging my Mom to buy me a Ouija Board. She was hesitant at first because of whatever had happened the last time she played one, but she caved and let me buy one (I could be persistent!). My best friend bought one too, so we would have one to play at her house, and one to use at my house. We used mine first, and the spirit that came through called himself, Zatoba, and the one that came through her’s called himself, Montezuma. We played with them as often as we could, and it started out being fun, but suddenly it changed.

The boards started giving negative answers to our questions, and the feeling in the room we played in changed. It just felt uncomfortable. Finally, on the same day, they both started swearing at us. We packed up those boards so fast and hid them away. Now I understood why my mom suddenly stopped playing. I may be curious, but I’m not stupid. Whenever someone tells me they’re going to buy a Ouija Board, I try my best to talk them out of it. My friend and I were very fortunate that nothing lingered and bothered us. I would like to think it was because we stopped playing before it could get serious. Nah. We were just lucky and must’ve had someone watching over us I bet. 

I was in the 5th grade, when I ordered my first Metaphysical book called, “Mind Cosmology,” by Anthony Norvell. It was this book that taught me how to meditate.  I was very excited when my book finally arrived in the mail. The next day, I faked being sick because I wanted to stay home from school to read it. Both my parents worked, so I was home alone. I dragged my red beanbag chair out into the Livingroom and started reading. About a third of the way through, I came to a chapter that instructed me to sit back, relax, and do some deep breathing, while I repeated this phrase, “Peace be still, for I am God”, in my head.

After some time had passed, I noticed a feeling like my body was melting into my beanbag chair. I kept breathing and repeating the phrase, then, I couldn’t feel my body anymore, but I kept focused on my breathing and the phrase. Suddenly, I popped out of my body, and I could see myself in my red chair as I looked down at “me” from the ceiling. I remember looking around our house from this new vantage point, and as soon as I began to wonder how I was doing this, I was sucked back into my body. My eyes flew open, and my heart started racing. What in the world just happened to me? I was a little scared at first, but I was left with a feeling of wonder. I tried many times to do it again through the years, but this was the only time I ever left my body.

These events started my love of the metaphysical and the paranormal. This interest has never wavered and has always left me wanting to learn more. Sending me on a quest, for a deeper understanding of my spiritual self and of the world we can’t see.

In my next post, I’ll tell you my ghost story. Hope you enjoy my new category. How do you like my blog so far? Would love to hear from you. Bye for now.

5 thoughts on “Metaphysical: My quest begins.

  1. Your blog is interesting. I recall hearing something about the Ouiji board on Theresa Caputo’s show. Her daughter brought one home and Theresa freaked. She said to get rid of it….to burn it. I can understand why…reading from your blog.

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  2. Sounds like you have some remarkable gifts! I am glad nothing too horrible came from playing with the Ouija board. I had a friend in high school that messed with some of that stuff for kicks and ended up attracting some negative energy. I have oracle cards that I love but more recently I have been interested in reading and learning tarot. Your out of body experience is awesome! That isn’t something that comes easily to most people. Do you still travel this way?

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    1. It was so cool when I left my body and was looking down at it, but it was scary at the same time. I’ve tried and tried to do it again, but it never happened again. 😟

      I love the Tarot! I still use the first deck I bought back in the 80’s. After all these years of using a book to read the meanings from, I’m finally teaching myself the proper way to use them. The book I’m learning from is called: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tarot and Fortune-Telling. Wrap your cards in Silk to keep negative energy away from them. I think you’ll like using the Tarot. The book I was using for quick readings all these years is called: Tarot Made Easy, by Nancy Garden. I love it!!! Great lay outs for readings inside. Using it allows you to start doing readings asap. I highly recommend both books.

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