Lucy in the Afterlife: Greasy Carl

Sorry for the Lucy reblog, but I’m afraid life has gotten in the way. New post next Tuesday for sure.

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By Paula Bianchi –

Lucy stood there waiting for an answer to her question, with Ava and Dobson by her side, but this short and stocky man just smirked at them. His jeans and black t-shirt were thread bare and caked in grease and grime, which matched his greasy shoulder length, dirty blonde hair.

“I want an answer right now.” Lucy demanded, as she stepped in front of this ghostly intruder and towered over him.

Wasting no time, Lucy quickly let herself tune into this unsavory soul. She instantly heard his name, Carl, then, she witnessed some of the horrific things he did to women, while he was alive.

“You need to go right now, Carl.” Lucy informed him. “You’re not welcomed here.”

“I ain’t going nowhere.” Carl snickered. “I found me a pretty little lady who’s missing her Mama something fierce. It’ll just be a matter of time before…

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