Mind Games: People/Narcissist

Posting a reblog of, Mind Games: People/Narcissist. Sorry but I’ve been sick. Hope you enjoy.

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By Paula Bianchi –

The Narcissist. We all know one or had to deal with one
sometime during our life. While doing my research about narcissists and
narcissism, I found the subject to be vast and complex. I had never realized
there were so many different types of narcissists in our world. This is all due
to the upbringing and personality traits the narcissist has.

They can’t put their finger on what exactly makes a person
a narcissist, but the idea that we shape and mold our children is so true
especially after being raised in a negative environment. The things they learn,
while living there, can sometimes be to their determent. From the life we lead,
to the words we say around or to them, to the actions we make for or against
them, all these things shape us as children, then, we take what we learned and

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