Lucy in the Afterlife: My Funeral (Part 2)

By Paula Bianchi –

Lucy couldn’t believe her eyes. She was surprised to see every pew was packed with her family and friends, so much so, that some had to stand in the back of the room. The sun poured through a stained-glass window sending its colors dancing around the room. What was more shocking to see, was a spectacle only Lucy could see. An audience of the dead. Everywhere she looked, she saw spirits milling around among the living.

Making sure to stay with her family, Lucy followed them up the isle to their seats in the front of the room. She was greeted by the spirits, as she passed them by, with smiles and a welcome back. Some patted her shoulders and others waved to her as she went by. The spirits parted making a path for her to walk through, but her family just walked right through them.

Once they were seated, Lucy stood next to Michael and finally saw the urn, holding her ashes, in the front of the room. Her urn was surrounded by floral arrangements of every size and color, and their fragrance filled the air. Next, she noticed a tripod stand holding a mural of photos from every stage in her life. Pictures of when she was a kid growing up, when she got married, the birth of her kids, all the way to the present day. Seeing this display, brought tears to Lucy’s eyes. It was a stark reminder that she would never be in her family’s life again from this point on.

Looking across the room, Lucy saw her parents, brother, and sister, all sitting together with their families. All of them were wiping their eyes and blowing their noses. The more people she began to recognize, the heavier the energy of grief weighed down upon her. She tried to grab onto the side of the pew, but her hand passed right through it as she tried to regain her balance.    

The room was just beginning to spin, when Lucy’s gaze fell upon a huge cross, with Jesus hanging from it, on the wall in front of her. Looking at this cross, had such a calming affect on her. Why did I have to die? She thought. Her thoughts were quickly interrupted by the Pastor’s booming voice as he began her service, but she couldn’t take her eyes off of the cross.

Suddenly, Lucy could see tiny sprinkles of gold falling down through a bright beam of light coming down through the ceiling. This beam of light surrounded her urn and continued to grow brighter. Some of the golden sprinkles began to grow is size. They expanded until they morphed into a type of spirit that Lucy was unfamiliar with. These spirits were dressed in clinging robes of white that were so bright they caused these spirits to glow.

One glowing woman caught Lucy’s attention. When their eyes met, Lucy instantly recognized her, much younger looking, grandmother floating with the others. For the first time, since her whole ordeal started, Lucy felt happy. “Grandma!” She called out.

Her Grandmother came floating down, smiling ear to ear, and wrapped her arms around Lucy. She felt like she was being wrapped in a blanket of pure, positive energy. Her spiritual body soaked it up, until Lucy found herself hoovering a foot off the ground.

“It’s so good to see you again.” Lucy felt so joyful. “Where did you come from, Grandma?”

“I came from heaven, Sweetie Pie.” Grandma answered, using the name she had called her since she was a baby.  

Lucy could feel the love poring off of her. “Why didn’t I go to heaven?” She asked. “I’m not really sure why I’m still here.” Lucy tugged at the bottom of her navy blazer.

“I’m here to take you if you’re ready to go.” Her grandmother sounded so full of happiness and love as she tucked Lucy’s reddish-brown hair behind her ear like she did when she was alive.

At first, Lucy was elated to hear her grandmother say that, but then, she turned to look at Michael, Emma, and Justin, and she knew she couldn’t go. Not yet.

“I don’t think I’m ready to leave them. The thought of it hurts so much. Is it okay if I stay here for a while?” Lucy couldn’t believe what she was asking, but she felt compelled to stay.

“Of course, you can. The choice is up to you.” Grandma patted the back of Lucy’s hand then gave it a squeeze.

“But what happens if I don’t go? Is this my only chance?” Lucy knew she didn’t want to be trapped here.

“Just in case you decided not to go, someone else came with me who can answer your questions. Here he comes now.” Grandma stepped aside as another golden orb floated towards them, until, it was hoovering right in front of Lucy.

Within a blink of an eye, the orb changed into a tall, slender man wearing a billowing, white robe that looked as if it was blowing in a breeze. He had long blonde hair, and his face seemed like it had been chiseled out of marble. His striking blue eyes were so full of love and compassion as he gazed upon her.  

“Lucy, this is Remy.” Remy nodded, then, grandma continued, “He’s been assigned to you by Saint Gertrude of Nivelles. She’s the patron saint of the recently dead.” Grandma gave Lucy another hug. “I have to leave you now.” She said.

“Why do you have to go so soon?” Lucy asked.

“Don’t worry. I can come and see you anytime you want me to. Just call out to me, but it seems you have a lot to see and experience before you’re ready to join me in heaven. Good luck on your journey, Sweetie.” She began to drift away slowly shrinking back into an orb, so she could float away up through the ceiling.

“Bye, Grandma!” Lucy waved.

Turning back to Remy, Lucy was surprised when the service for her erupted into song. Even some of the spirits sang along.

“Let us go into the next room.” Remy took her hand and led her towards the wall.

“Wait! No! I haven’t gone through…” Before she could finish her sentence, Remy had pulled her through the wall into the adjoining room. It took a moment or two for her new spiritual body to adjust to the after effects of passing through the wall, which included, waiting for the buzzing sound to stop.

Remy ushered Lucy over to one of the benches and offered her a seat, then took a seat next to her, and to her amazement, his robes continued to move from a windless breeze.

“I am sure you have been wondering about a lot of things. What do you wish to know first?” Remy asked her.

“Since I chose to stay, am I stuck here now?” Lucy wanted to know if she had made a mistake in not going with her grandma when she asked her to.

“No, you are not stuck. You can go to heaven at any time because the afterlife is governed by the same rule of free will that applies here to the living.” He explained.

A feeling a relief flowed through her making Lucy feel more relaxed knowing she could still decide for herself.

“Grandma said you were assigned to me. What does that mean?” Lucy wondered. “Do we continue working after we die?”

“Yes, we help with many different jobs here. Right now, I am Saint Gertrude’s helper. She helps the recently dead. First, she sent your grandma to help you cross over, but in case you decided to stay, she sent me to help you. I will be here for you every step of the way.” He reassured her. “I am just a thought away.”

“So, what do I do now?” Lucy asked.

“Only you can answer that, Lucy.” He smiled. “What happens next is all up to you.”

Lucy thought for a moment. She knew she couldn’t leave her family because she would be too worried about them, and she needed to know what was going to happen to them now that she’s gone. She was also determined to let them know that she was alright.

“I guess I’m going home with my family then.” Lucy stood up to leave, but Remy stopped her.

“They already left to go back to your parent’s home.” Remy informed her.

Lucy started to panic. “It’s over already! But we’ve only been talking for a short while.”

How was she going to get to her Mom and Dad’s house? Remy laid his hand on Lucy’s shoulder. At the moment she felt his touch, a calming, peaceful feeling shot through her like a bolt of lightning leaving her all warm and tingly.

“You tend to over-think things, Lucy, just like you did when I pulled you through the wall. Your body has changed, and your mind is capable of so much more than you realize. Everything about you now, is pure energy. You can go to your parent’s if you want.”

“Oh good, but how… wait a minute. How’d you know what I was thinking?” Lucy’s bewilderment hung heavily in the air.  

“Life here in the spirit world is fueled by the energy of our thoughts. We can ‘hear’ other people’s, or spirit’s, thoughts. You just have to act like a radio and tune into the right frequency.”

Lucy was ecstatic to finally be getting some answers to her questions. Things were beginning to make sense now.

“How do I tune into them?” Lucy asked.

“It is much simpler than you think. All you have to do is say to yourself, ‘I want to hear what he/she is thinking’, and your energy does the rest.” Remy explained.

“So, that’s why you told me you’d just be a thought away.”

“Exactly.” He replied, sounding satisfied with her new level of understanding. “Everyone in heaven is just a thought away, and you can join them whenever you are ready, Lucy. The choice is yours to make.”

A feeling of relief washed over Lucy. She felt determined to keep herself from over-thinking about anything else in the afterlife. If she didn’t know something, she felt secure in the fact that help was just a thought away.

“There’s just one more thing I need to know how to do, Remy. How do I get to where I want to go?” Lucy wanted to get to the reception at her parent’s house before she missed that too.

“Well, there’s walking if you’re not in a hurry, or you can just fly to your destination.”

“I’m in a hurry, so I guess I want to fly.” Lucy said, with some uncertainty.

“Think about your destination. Picture it clearly in your mind, then think ‘fly’.” Remy instructed.

After taking a moment to picture her parent’s house, Lucy said, out loud, “Fly.”

All of a sudden, Lucy felt herself shrinking into a golf ball sized orb, then, she shot through the ceiling.

Next week, Lucy goes to her own reception. Hope you’re loving Lucy as much as I am enjoying writing her story. Thanks for the visit. Bye for now.